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The Scene Approach: How to Really Learn Language Through Movies


That little skeptic in your head is getting to you.

It’s telling you that you can’t learn a language through movies.

It sounds like a myth, like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Well, let me give it …

The Unabbreviated Guide to the CEFR: The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


At your cafe table, you hear somebody nearby bragging.

“Oh me, I’m slightly fluent in German.”

You were minding your own business. Taking pictures of your latte, hoping that one of the pictures is worthy of your prestigious Instagram …

3 Eclectic Ways Spotify Meets Your Language Learning Needs


YouTube is only for watching cat videos.

Amazon is all about buying Stephen King books.

And Spotify is just for music.

None of these statements are anywhere near the truth.

If you’re a fan of cat videos and Stephen King, …

The 15 Best Apps to Learn Languages on the Digital Market


Our smartphones and tablets can distract us from the world around us.

Yup, they can even be addictive—even dangerous.

But, when used in moderation, these gadgets can be valuable tools.

They’re phones, messengers, televisions, internet browsers, travel companions, maps, …

What Is Language Acquisition? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!


Can a dog tell another dog a joke?

Or can a cat (other than Garfield) describe an experience so vividly that it makes the other cats feel like they just ate the same lasagna?

Language. It’s an exclusively human condition. …

Dive into the Science of Language Learning to Accelerate Your Studies


Science and discovery go hand in hand.

And it all starts with Curiosity.

Not, not NASA’s Mars Rover—though that Curiosity is pretty cool too—but the raw curiosity that compels us to study things and seek out answers.

What if …

What’s the Most Fun Path to Fluency? 5 Addictive Language Learning Gamification Sites


“Quit playing that game and do your homework!” your mother would always say.

But what if I told you that you really don’t need to turn your games off?

What if I told you that you can actually play more

How to Remember a Language You Forgot: 13 Super Practical Tips


Got a language zombie kicking around in your memory?

If you’ve ever learned a language that you later forgot, then you might not realize it—but you’ve got some walking dead up there.

Don’t be freaked out. It’s not going to …

The Only 6 Language Textbook Sources You Need


Textbooks are too academic!”

“If you want to learn how to swim, you need to be in the water—not sitting in the shade, reading some book about swimming.”

“Textbooks lack real-world, real-life flavor, which makes them less useful for …

3 Mindsets That Fire Up Your Motivation to Learn a Language


It’s hard to stick with learning a language.

Like cooking, dancing, knitting, martial arts, archery or any other skill that needs practice to emerge, a language requires focus and devotion.

And devotion of that level requires real commitment.

Maybe …