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Body Language in Different Cultures: 10 Ways to Speak Volumes Without Saying a Word

body language in different cultures

Did you know that, in some cultures, making the “thumbs up” gesture that Facebook is so famous for can get you “unfriended” really fast?

The culprit is body language!

Contrary to what you might think, body language isn’t universal. Gestures …

Welcome to Fuzzyland: The Difference Between Language and Dialect

difference between language and dialect

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, palms sweaty, breathing heavily as if coming up from a drowning nightmare, asking yourself: “God! What’s the difference between a language and a dialect?!”



But do you …

Memrise vs Duolingo: Which of These Popular Language Learning Programs Is Right for You?


Tesla or Edison?

Coke or Pepsi?

Superman or Batman?

Marvel or DC?

The world is full of tough choices.

And in the field of language learning, in this clash of titans, which should you pick: Memrise or Duolingo?

Mango Languages Review: A Practical and Comprehensive Look at the Program

mango languages review

How about a language learning software that learns you instead of you learning it?

Adaptive algorithms: that’s the Mango Languages promise.

Mango Languages is an online and mobile learning resource that’s said to evolve with you as you progress through …

Innovative Language Review: Is It Worth the Cost?


There are just no two ways about it.

Hands down, Innovative Language is the best there is.

(Or so they say.)

For the longest time, Innovative Language has been touting itself as the “fastest, easiest and most fun” way to …

Interpret This! 3 In-ear Translators for Language Learners


Imagine a gathering of the United Nations in New York.

All the different countries are represented—Russia, Japan, South Korea, the United States, etc.

China’s representative is giving an important speech… in Chinese.

So how can Russia’s representative understand what his …

5 Photo Translator Apps That Are Magic for Language Learners



Did you hear that?


There it is again.

That’s the sound of your language learning excuses getting flushed down the toilet, one by one.

Because today, we’re looking at a piece of language learning technology so cool, …

Better, Cheaper and More Fun! 7 Rosetta Stone Alternatives


When it comes to language learning, there’s no one-size-fits-all option.

It fact, it’s easy to get stuck with a learning program that doesn’t suit you.

Popularity and expense aren’t guarantees that any software, website or book will work for …

6 Twitter Strategies for the High-flying Language Learner



It sounds innocent enough.

But the staggering view from your timeline will show you it’s anything but.

And regular use will have you so addicted you’ll soon be checking it from the remotest areas where you can get service.…

6 Awesome Ways to Hack Discord for Language Exchanges


Once upon a time, the streets were filled with kids.

Sweaty, smelly and dirty creatures.

Running alongside others their age, their squeals of delight echoing throughout the neighborhood.

They played hopscotch, tag and hide-and-seek, and reluctantly said their goodbyes with …