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How to Conquer the 4 Top Foreign-language Speaking Fears


Arachnophobia: The fear of spiders.

Coulrophobia: The fear of clowns.

Xenoglossophobia: The fear of foreign languages.

Okay. We’ll be the first to admit that foreign languages aren’t half as horrifying as a massive spider or an angry clown (or a …

3 Amazing Stories of Language Learners Who Changed the World


Some people say that it takes some secret talent to learn languages.

But would they say that about someone who can sing, play an instrument and keep rhythm?

Using a language is really just a skill like any other, and …

Want to Avoid Forgetting a Language? Do These 9 Things


There are plenty of ways to learn a language.

There are just as many ways to let it fall into disuse and become like an abandoned building in your mind.

Stop using it.

Stop studying it.

Fill up so …

Language Learning On a Shoestring: The Cheap Fluency Guide


It’s hard to separate languages from money.

All around the world, people are paying top dollar for access to language education.

In most places, that means English classes—anything from English immersion preschool to business English refresher courses.

In the English-speaking …

What’s Your Type? How to Type in Another Language


Learning to type?

Unless someone printed this article out and posted it to you by, I don’t know, carrier pigeon, you probably already know how to type.

But what about in your target language?

Well, if you plan to do

6 Ways to Keep Your Language Study on a Roll After Duolingo


There are always a few cool kids at school.

You know the ones.

They wear the latest sneakers, watch R-rated movies and enjoy a steady diet of the finest Lunchables.

And among language students, Duolingo certainly has a reputation as …

Certified! Your Guide to Language Certificate Success


Picture it.

A large, shining (yet tasteful) trophy.

The plaque reads “World’s Best Language Learner.”

And underneath? Your name.

A language certificate is a lot like a sports trophy.

You can have a wonderful time playing sports—or learning languages—without ever …

Family Time! 8 Easy Tips to Learn a Language as a Family


Family can be the greatest gift you ever receive.

It can also be the reason you have to ask what the puddle in the corner of the living room is (please say apple juice, please say apple juice) and who …

14 Easy Language Study Tips to Take for a Spin Right Now


They’re faster than a brisk drive in the country.

They’re easier than a connect-the-dots puzzle of a twig.

No, they’re not some unique but remarkably disinteresting and ill-conceived superhero team—they’re quick, easy language study tips!

While they might not save …

Fluency Unwrapped: 6 Ways to Answer “Am I Fluent?”


It’s a question that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time.

Okay, maybe the beginning of time is a bit of an exaggeration.

But it’s a question that’s probably plagued mankind for the last 50,000 to two million years