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No Budget, No Problem: How to Learn Languages for Free

learn languages for free

As the saying goes, the best things in life are free.

Of course, you understand that the ability to speak another language is one of life’s wonderful hallmarks, a gift that helps you connect to all kinds of people …

Don’t Panic! Here’s How to Learn a Language with Ease

how to learn a language

Are you interested in learning a language, but feel that you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge?

Learning a foreign language may seem scary at first because it’s completely new and unfamiliar.

However, it’s not as intimidating as you …

Open New Worlds: Learning Words in Different Languages

words in different languages

Speech. The phonic frontier.

These are the adventures of aspiring language learners.

To explore strange new words. To seek out new terms and verbal expressions.

To boldly use idioms from around the world!

Why Learn Words in Different Languages?

As …

Body Language in Different Cultures: 10 Ways to Speak Volumes Without Saying a Word

body language in different cultures

Did you know that, in some cultures, making the “thumbs up” gesture that Facebook is so famous for can get you “unfriended” really fast?

The culprit is body language!

Contrary to what you might think, body language isn’t universal. Gestures …

Take the Leap! Learn a Foreign Language and Change Your Life


There are pivotal moments in every life.

You’re familiar with the ones that are life-changing, of course: graduations, marriage, births.

These are events to be celebrated and remembered.

But did you realize that learning a foreign language can also be

Is Passive Listening Language Learning Possible? How to Learn with Music

passive listening language learning

It’s a demanding world out there.

How many times have you heard the following cries for attention?

“You’re just not listening.”

“Everything I say goes in one ear and right out the other.”

“Aren’t you paying attention?”

“What did I …

Want to Learn a Language Fast? These 6 Steps Will Get You There in a Flash


“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”—Zig Ziglar

It’s a solid truth: To reach the finish line, you must begin the race.

For language learners, the goal—or finish line—is clear. …

The Best Way to Learn a Language Online: FluentU’s Authentic Lessons

learn a language online

Language learning is full of hurdles.

You want to study a language, but you don’t have time to take a class.

You’d like to practice your existing language skills, but authentic resources are still too advanced.

You’re hoping to …

How to Learn a Language by Watching Movies with Your 7 Favorite Websites

how to learn a language by watching movies 3

They give you a break from reality.

They take you on exciting adventures.

They show that true love can overcome any barriers.

But can they really help you learn a language?

Learning a language with movies is undoubtedly one of …

Learn a Language Through Songs with These 9 Groovy Tips


You hum them while you work.

You belt them out in your car.

You dance to them when no one is watching, and sometimes, even when everyone is watching.

Songs are an integral part of your life, so why shouldn’t …