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3 International Languages to Learn Before You Go Traveling


Do characters like Jason Bourne and James Bond make you jealous?

Okay, so maybe you’re not interested in gun fights and a constant fear of death.

But do you love how they can go almost anywhere and start speaking with

50+ Language Exchange Topics to Keep the Conversation Flowing for Days


Oh no… what do I say now?!

Avoiding awkward silences can be tough enough in your own language, let alone a language exchange.

Sometimes, you’re scrambling for a polite response.

Sometimes, you’re not sure you actually understood what your conversation …

What Languages Are Spoken in Asia? A Learner’s Guide Through the Family Tree


Language learners have the best kind of problem.

There are just so many wonderful languages out there, all beautiful and challening in their own way.

How could you ever possibly choose which ones to focus on?

It’s a …

3 Ways to Put a Stop to Translating in Your Head


It’s like grasping at straws at the beginning of learning a language.

You’re trying to make sense of anything.


The strings of sound coming at you are difficult to decipher.

Been there, done that.

Albeit exciting, there’s a lot …

The Scene Approach: How to Really Learn Language Through Movies


That little skeptic in your head is getting to you.

It’s telling you that you can’t learn a language through movies.

It sounds like a myth, like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

Well, let me give it …

Funny, Not Funny! 12 Humorous Errors and Mistakes in Language Learning to Avoid


You never see them coming.

They get you LOLing and even ROFLing.

Let’s face facts: sometimes messing up is the highlight of your day.

While some language mistakes are funny, if your goal is fluency, you’ll have to work …

These Mutually Intelligible Languages Will Make You Do a Double Take


Sometimes a foreign language makes you do a double take.

There’s something familiar about it you just can’t place.

You haven’t studied it, but you’re able to understand a little.

What’s going on?

Well, so-called “foreign” languages aren’t always as …

We’ve Got the Magic Bullet! How to Learn a Language with a Bullet Journal


I’ve got a secret.

It’s a good one, too.

Curious? Of course you are, so I’m going to spill it.

There’s a new BFF for language learners—a method to intensify, organize and customize language learning.

Anyone can do it, it’s …

The Ultimate Guide to Learning Slavic Languages: Tips, Tricks and Important Stats


Countries across Central and Eastern Europe have a lot in common.

And we’re not just talking about an overwhelming fondness for pickled and fermented foods.

In fact, the Slavic language unites countries across the region under a banner of …

How to Speak 10 Languages While Staying Sane and Motivated


Is it an addiction?

Maybe it’s just insanity.

Nobody knows.

The result is the same either way you look at it. Once you learn one language, you’ll want to learn another.

And another. And another.

Here’s a little secret: …