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It’s Good to Be Popular! 7 of the World’s Most Studied Languages


You loved that band before they hit it big.

You were a regular at that bar before the hipsters found it.

Yeah, yeah.

It’s great to be ahead of the curve.

But sometimes going mainstream is underrated.

Take language learning.

The Ultimate Guide to Translation Exercise Sites, Apps and DIY Ideas


Have you ever Googled a question but, surprisingly, never found an answer?

You’re not the first one.

Yet, if you could just dig deeper, you probably could find an answer…

You just might have trouble reading it.

There’s a wealth …

Your Future Self Will Thank You: Learn One of These Fastest Growing Languages


In early 2018, The Guardian asked, “have we reached peak English?”

There’s no doubt that English is a widely spoken and studied language across the world.

But its standing is challenged by other rapidly growing languages.

As new global markets …

How to Keep a Language Journal: 6 Ideas for Endless Entries


What did Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Mark Twain have in common?

Well, besides the hideous facial hair.

They all kept journals! They wrote regularly about their thoughts, plans and experiences.

And it’s safe to say they were all …

No More Aimless Scrolling! How to Learn a Language on Instagram


Did you know that Instagram has over 800 million users?

800 million. That’s a ton of photos, captions and epic hashtags.

And it’s all available in more than 30 languages!

With so many windows into other cultures, Instagram …

Sustainable Language: 7 Recyclable Learning Challenges That Stay Fresh Every Day


We try it every New Year.

This year, I’ll make use of that gym membership.

This year, I’ll finally clean out the garage.

This year, I’ll learn to cook something besides toast.

You know the rest of the story.

By …

The Simple 5-step Guide to Successful Language Shadowing

language-shadowingodus) fighting

Ever had a parrot?

Even if you haven’t, you know what they’re famous for: repeating what you say, for better or worse.

Depending on the conversations you have at home (or just to yourself) this could be enlightening, hilarious …

How to Learn a Language by Watching Movies? By Avoiding These 10 Common Pitfalls


Everyone wants the picture-perfect movie ending.

You know the one—the music swells, the main character smiles, the credits roll as you pick the razor-sharp popcorn hulls from your gums.

But to get to that picture-perfect ending, the main character had …

4 Convenient Ways to Keep a Language Learning Log


Studying a new language? You could learn a thing or two from Harriet. 

Who’s Harriet?

She’s the titular character in “Harriet the Spy,” an award-winning kid’s book written by Louise Fitzhugh. The book was published in the sixties, …

Get More from Your Kindle with a Built-in Foreign Language Dictionary


Sick of running into roadblocks while you read?

It’s exciting to start a book in your target language, but every new word or strange expression can halt you in your tracks.

If you have to flip through a dictionary …