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How to Improve Language Listening Skills: 5 Secrets for Success


Listening is the mother of all language skills.

Okay, so traditionally it’s been treated more like the under-appreciated younger brother of language skills. But it should be the mother of all language skills.

Remember at school, when you were supposed …

Can You Truly Learn a Language by Watching Movies and TV?


Think over this familiar scenario:

You finally put together a great and useful phrase which will enable you to get around in another country or communicate with a foreign colleague. Something along the lines of, “Excuse me, could you

9 Imaginative Tips for Absorbing Vocabulary Like a Sponge

8 imaginative tips for absorbing vocabulary like a sponge

Language learners of all levels share one thing in common.

Every last one of y’all needs to learn more vocabulary.

That’s right—even you, Ms. Almost Fluent.

Whether you’re still stumbling over putting a sentence together or you’re pretty much speaking