30 Exciting Audio Resources for Learning Spanish Through Listening


Is there an auditory equivalent of hindsight—hindhearing, maybe?

If so, I suppose it’s also 20/20.

Audio was my best Spanish learning tool, and I didn’t even realize it until long after becoming fluent in the language.

I naturally …

7 “Text-cellent” Apps That Will Help You Learn to Read Spanish


Want to boost your Spanish reading skills?

You’ll need some practice.

You’ll need some snacks (fuel is always important).

You’ll need books, of course.

And you’ll also need… your smartphone?

That’s right. With Spanish reading apps, you can …

Rekindle Your Passion for Learning Spanish with a Kindle


The first book I read in Spanish was Che Guevara’s diary “Diarios de motocicleta: notas de viaje por América Latina” (The Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American Journey).

I chose it because I thought it would be a fun

The Gritty Experience: A Review of the Unique Gritty Spanish Learning Program


You’re packed like sardines on the train with smelly passengers.

This traffic jam is lasting forever, and it’s driving you nuts.

Your friends are telling dirty jokes and doing some friendly smack-talk over your fifth round of beers.

Your favorite …

Go Gratis: The Penny Pincher’s Guide to Learning Spanish for Free


So, there’s this crazy myth that you must be rich to learn a language fluently.

Crazy though it may be, it’s worth addressing. After all, it’s everywhere.

And it’s known to cause the very serious problem of foreign language

The 12 Most Common ER Verbs in Spanish, and How to Conjugate Them


Inquiring minds want to know…

Why are ER verbs so frustrating?

I bet you want to scream every time you hear, “Oh yeah, that verb is irregular.”


You’ll hear that a lot when it comes to ER verbs, so …

7 of the Best Spanish Translator Apps for iPad


Spanish is the apple of your eye.

But then again, so is easy-to-use, interactive technology.

If you didn’t know better, you’d be getting distracted every few minutes by app notifications and messenger services.

Luckily, you can combine the awesome …