Want to Learn Korean? Think Like a K-pop Star!


Unless you’ve got some seriously sweet dance moves and a radio-ready voice, you probably don’t think you have much in common with Korean superstars like PSY, BoA and Rain.

Well, if you’re a Korean student, you actually share a

Knowing News Is Good News: How and Where to Learn Korean Through the News

learn korean news

Have you heard the saying “No news is good news”?

If so, I have some bad news for you: When it comes to learning languages, it’s a lie!

The truth is, if you’re hungry for some topical learning material that …

Glitzy, Glossy Language: Learn Korean with These 7 Magazines


Hipster fashion, travel tips, mountain climbing, campus life, luxury brands.

Korean magazines have it all.

As it turns out, glitzy, glossy magazines are the perfect gateway to discovering the Korean language.

That’s because in addition to curating a diversity …

6 Powerful Immersion Software Programs for the Steadfast Korean Learner


Sure, it would be great to jet off to Korea and do all your language learning there.

But we all know that’s not so easy.

So what’s the next best thing?

Luckily, there’s an at-home Korean immersion solution that’s not …

5 Steps to Learning Korean Online in Your Pajamas


Let’s face it. There aren’t a lot of brick and mortar places to study Korean outside of Korea.

And you probably can’t wear your pajamas to any of them.

So what to do? Learn Korean online!

Today, there …

11 Korean Songs to Strengthen Your Vocal Cords and Language Skills


Music is a crucial aspect of any culture.

Which is why it makes plenty of sense to use it as a way to learn a language—especially Korean!

That’s right.

Have an addiction to wild K-pop music and dramatic music videos

8 Simple Steps That Will Improve Your Korean Language Skills Forever


Feel like you’re hanging on for dear life?

Learning Korean can often feel like an arduous climb.

Even once you’ve managed to get started, you may get frustrated when you seem to be struggling and not making much progress.…