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The Art of Listening: 13 Dynamic Sources of Spanish Audio for Impressive Results

listen to spanish

Listening is an art.

By listening to colorful voices and opinions, we can gain a better perspective, understanding and respect for the people and world around us.

We can humble ourselves to see a different point of view and gain …

8 Supercharged Podcasts for Blasting Through Intermediate Spanish

intermediate spanish podcast

Being at an intermediate level of Spanish sure has its perks.

Imagine: You’re running around the park, waiting for an appointment or sipping on a latte. At the same time, you’re learning Spanish. Sounds appealing, huh?

Welcome to the wonderful

80+ Common Spanish Phrases to Help You Rock Any Social Situation

common spanish phrases

Making friends, chit-chatting and carrying on smooth conversations can be hard enough in your native language.

It might seem totally unrealistic to expect smooth, non-awkward conversations while learning Spanish.

Yet, you find yourself longing to connect to people, or …

10 Best Nontraditional Websites to Learn Spanish Online

best websites to learn spanish

According to Forbes, there are now over 3 billion of us whizzing our way around the world wide web.

That’s compared to just under 400,000 in 2000. Quite a leap, right?

Apparently, a high percentage of this amount …

9 Flexible Spanish Learning Tools for Your Online and Offline Existence

spanish learning tools

So, how are you going to learn Spanish?

Easy, just immerse yourself, right?

But what do you need in order to achieve immersion?

If traveling to a Spanish-speaking country is out of the question, then you’ll just have to…

Turn Your Netflix Binges into Spanish Learning Sessions with Subtitles

subtitle image

Do you watch Netflix on a regular basis?

Ever binge watch an entire season (or three) of your favorite series?

Do you sometimes feel guilty that you’re using up valuable time that could be focused on learning Spanish?

Well, …

6 Useful Tips Guaranteed to Help You Learn Spanish Faster

lightspeed spanish 5 top tips on how to learn spanish faster

Are there days when you feel like you’re getting nowhere with Spanish?

Does it feel like one long road ahead?

Yeah, we hear ya.

You might be finding it hard to find the time to learn. Alongside everything else …