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How to Add Spanish Subtitles on Netflix (Updated for May 2024)

In this post we’ll be sharing exactly how you can combine your love of Netflix with your love of learning Spanish!

Keep reading to find discover how to learn Spanish from Netflix, what shows you should be watching in Spanish and why learning this way is so effective!


How to Add Spanish Subtitles on Netflix

If you’ve already chosen something to watch and are in the middle of streaming, you can alter the audio and subtitles settings within the video player.

Simply hover over the icon that looks like a speech bubble on the bottom right-hand side and change the audio and subtitles from there.

You can even customize your subtitles’ color, font, size and background. This can be found on the “subtitle preference” page. 

spanish subtitles netflix

How Watching Netflix with Subtitles Can Boost Your Spanish


As we all know, movies and TV shows are filled with phrases and one-liners that are common in everyday conversation.

By simply throwing on some Spanish subtitles, you could be picking up on new phrases, as well as reviewing vocabulary you’ve already learned.


You may find that there are certain words in Spanish that just don’t roll off the tongue very easily.

By watching your favorite show in Spanish, you can listen to how words are supposed to be pronounced and practice saying them the same way!

Visual Aids

It’s been said that employing visual aids is often the best method for learning.

By adding a visual and auditory element to your learning, you’ll be reinforcing what you learn and making it more memorable, potentially speeding up the learning process.

Listening Skills

Watching Netflix shows with Spanish subtitles will help you hone your listening skills. You’ll always know exactly what you heard spoken since it’ll be written right there for you!

Tips for Learning Spanish With Netflix

1. Search for movies with Spanish subtitles

You’ll be happy to know that there’s a vast selection of  TV shows and films on Netflix with Spanish subtitles.

Use the Netflix search function to filter results by subtitles to see what’s available.

2. Practice saying the subtitles out loud

By doing this, you’ll not only be drilling Spanish words into your head, but you’ll also be gaining confidence in actually saying them out loud.

This will help you remember new vocabulary, phrases and pronunciation you may pick up from the show.

3. Change the language on your profile

A good way to subtly immerse yourself is to change the language on your profile to Spanish. 

This is a good addition to your daily life that will have you practicing your Spanish in an unexpected way.

4. Watch Spanish movies and shows

You can find plenty of options for movies and shows that were produced originally in Spanish.

Not only will this allow you to hear native speakers, but also pick up on some cultural aspects of Spanish.

5. Watch your favorite movie or show in Spanish

The brilliant thing about Netflix is that it has many shows available in many languages, so you can use old favorites to learn a new language!

By watching a movie you already know in Spanish, you will already know what’s going on and be able to focus more on the Spanish.

6. Watch with English subtitles and Spanish audio

This will allow you to hear the Spanish but use the subtitles to help you figure out what’s going on.

By connecting the Spanish sounds to the English meanings, you will strengthen your understanding.

7. Watch with Spanish subtitles and English audio

Similar to the last tip, this will allow you to connect Spanish words with their English meaning.

8. Watch with Spanish subtitles and audio

To bring it all together, you can watch a movie entirely in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

The subtitles are there to help you connect Spanish words to how they sound.

9. Try to focus on listening to the words

Overall, I’d recommend trying to listen to as much as you can in Spanish and focus on understanding.

Subtitles can be a great help, but you will improve your Spanish more if you focus on listening comprehension.

Netflix Shows with Spanish Subtitles

Here are some recommendations for shows that aren’t originally Spanish, but have options to turn on Spanish audio and subtitles:

“Stranger Things”

spanish subtitles netflix

This edgy sci-fi series follows a group of pre-teen school friends as they battle supernatural forces invading their town and wreaking havoc on the very fabric of the universe. 

I love this for Spanish learning because the dubbing is very professionally done and most vocabulary is simple. 


spanish subtitles netflix

This series follows the story of infamous drug smuggler and cartel leader Pablo Escobar as he builds an empire of wealth and influence.

Although the series is predominantly in English, the Spanish characters also speak Colombian Spanish throughout the show.

Plus, you can switch on Spanish audio and subtitles for the entire series for that extra input if you’re a more advanced learner. 

If you’ve seen “Narcos” before, you’ll be familiar with the hypnotizing theme song: “Yours” by Rodrigo Amarante.

This song is part of the FluentU video library, meaning you’ve got a chance to learn (and understand) the lyrics before you watch another episode.

“Peaky Blinders”

spanish subtitles netflix

Set in a post-WWI Birmingham, “Peaky Blinders” follows the rise of Thomas Shelby and his family as they navigate the underworld of business and crime.

The highlights of this series are the fantastic Birmingham accents and incredible acting performances.

I’d recommend this show for a beginner who wants to dip their feet into the world of Spanish subtitles while still watching the series in the original English audio. 

“Headspace Guide to Meditation”

spanish subtitles netflix

Relax, take a breath and let your mind settle into Spanish learning mode. 

The speaking is super clear, the speed is manageable and I was practicing something that I love.

Plus, the benefits of meditation, such as higher levels of concentration and focus on the present moment, tend to go hand in hand with language learning!


When it comes to learning Spanish with subtitles, it really is up to you and how you like it. Whether you want to start a new Spanish series with English subtitles or go total immersion with a Spanish series with a Spanish dub, the choice is yours!

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