7 Great Podcasts That Can Improve Your ESL Teaching


Every so often, ESL teachers need to roll up their sleeves and do a bit of learning of their own!

And what better way to do that learning than by listening to ESL podcasts just for teachers?

Podcasts are entertaining …

8 A+ English Language Lab Ideas to Supercharge Your Teaching


I was originally opposed to the concept of language labs.

I thought they were impersonal, outdated and not as effective as having actual face-to-face instruction time. I thought of the language labs I knew as an early ESL teacher and …

6 Great ESL Activities Inspired by Pokémon GO


What do you get when you combine the world’s hottest mobile game with ESL?

Pokémon ESL!

Let your students build confidence and communication as they learn, create and hunt Pokémon.

Pokémon ESL activities not only promote active learning in the …

4 Steps to Make ESL Role Play Work in Your Classroom


One of the most flexible, effective ESL tools we’ve got is role play.

Role play is food for the imagination and an amazing exercise in complete English immersion—yet it too often goes overlooked!

When was the last time you …

Teaching ESL as a Career: How to Start and Make the Most of It


With the world becoming a more connected place, the demand for English speakers is at an all-time high.

This also means there’s a higher demand for skilled English teachers to teach people how to navigate the English-speaking world in various …

Take a Bite Out of Dull ESL Classes with Apples to Apples!


Teaching and apples have gone hand in hand for far longer than any of today’s teachers have been in the classroom.

The classic picture of an apple on the teacher’s desk is one we all know, and odds are that, …

6 Dazzling Movies for ESL Students with 12 Targeted Activities


Reading, writing and ‘rithmetic might traditionally go together.

And of course there’s that other great combo for the ESL classroommovies and books.

In native speaking classrooms, many teachers start with students reading a book and then …