6 Awesome Online Resources to Put ESL Geography on Your Classroom Map


Take your students around the world in one class period!

By using highly-engaging online ESL geography resources, you can map out culture and exciting destinations in English.

Let your students explore the majestic corners of the earth from their desks …

How to Teach False Beginner ESL Students Successfully


Ever had a student who can quote any episode of “How I Met Your Mother” but can’t conjugate irregular verbs?

How about a student who can send text messages in English but clams up when it’s time to speak?…

Examples of the Best Feedback for Any ESL Class


Have you ever watched “American Idol”?

You know, the show where the singer performs in front of a crowd and is judged on the spot by a panel of experts.

Talk about terrifying!

Performing for a large audience is already …

Find the Perfect Books for ELL Students of Any Level


I had that nightmare again last night.

The one where I’m standing in front of my ELL class with a huge, horribly dusty old textbook.

No one is paying attention. No one turned in any homework. I say to myself, …

6 Powerhouse Online ESL Resources That Bring Variety to Your Classroom


Want to strike lesson planning gold?

Well, you’re in luck. You won’t even need to set out on a treasure hunt.

A massive trove of ESL materials, lesson plans and activity ideas are just a few clicks away.

In …

The Heat Is On: 6 Fun and Fabulous ESL Warm-up Activities


When you look around your ESL classroom, do you see students ready to nod off to sleep?

Do you hear a choir of groans when you ask your students to open their texts?

Are your students focused on anything besides …

6 Modern ESL Writing Projects That Students Can Actually Relate To


Writing projects that ESL students actually enjoy are more elusive than Bigfoot.

You might have stopped believing that they actually exist.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I know they’re out there.

In fact, I have the evidence that …