5 Fun Little ESL Games That Students Look Forward To


They say you should write what you know.

But what about playing with what you know?

Getting playful with the English language is the best way to introduce, review and reinforce your ESL lessons.

By letting students test their …

10 Fun ESL Activities You Can Do with Just One Song


What’s your favorite song?

If it’s a popular hit, there’s a good chance your students will understand the lyrics.

A shocking study discovered that the majority of popular music is written at a third-grade reading level or below.

Let me …

Leap into Learning with 5 Easy ESL Games for Beginners


All work and no play makes Jack a dull ESL student.

If you want to really get your students excited and engaged with the language, it’s all about the games.

Beginner students need to deal with a huge amount

ESL Lesson Plans for High School: 4 Ideas for Teaching Teens English


A promising future for your ESL high school students starts right now.

Build confidence and communication now, and they will have all the skills they need to succeed later on.

They will be able to not just picture the …

The 5 Top Types of DIY Homework Assignments That ESL Students Love


Did you ever have that one teacher who went the extra mile?

When I had a teacher who devoted their time to developing exciting material, I was much more engaged in the learning experience.

The lessons and homework …

5 Star-studded Activities for Advanced ESL Students


Too often, the quantity of English speaking time is given priority over the quality of the speaking time.

While it’s important to get your ESL students talking, it’s even more important to get them talking well.

But how do …

A Sparkling Gift for You: 7 Simple ESL Exercises You Can Use Anytime


Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future.

Do you ever feel like I do? Like there are too few hours in the day (or night)?

Like there isn’t enough time to do everything you want or need