Let Your Students' Creativity Flow with These ESL Role Plays for Kids


Have you heard the expression “all boy”?

It fits my son to a T. He’s “all boy,” all right—rough and tumble, never stops moving, loves swords and superheroes. Oh, and one thing I never would have expected from him: …

Presidents' Day for ESL: 5 All-American Activites


I cannot tell a lie—Presidents’ Day is an incredible opportunity for ESL teachers.

You can teach interactive English lessons and discuss American history in one fell swoop.

Not to mention, American presidents are fascinating, important figures for students to learn …

Mind the Gap: 5 Exciting ESL Filler Activities for Any Spare Moment


What two items would you bring if deserted on an island?

Your favorite book? Smartphone to send an S.O.S.? Your pooch?

This question is a favorite among native English speakers, and it’s a wonderful ESL filler activity that keeps your …

All Together Now! How to Handle Different Levels of ESL Students in the Same Class


Imagine walking into a room full of ESL students on your first day teaching a new class.

The first student greets you in nearly fluent English, enthusiastically welcoming you.

You think, “Wow, this is going to be great!”…

7 Weirdly Fun ESL Role Play Ideas That Students Love


How many times have you done that same old restaurant role play?

How about the one where people are waiting in line? The post office one?

Role plays help your students overcome the stage fright they experience when using English. …

6 ESL Groundhog Day Lessons to Chase Away the Winter Blues


Are you a fan of Bill Murray?

“Zombieland”… “Ghostbusters”… “Lost in Translation”…

You’ve got plenty of movies to choose from when picking from the best this seasoned actor has to offer.

One of my favorites just happens to resurface …

The Only Tool You Need When Teaching Multilevel ESL Classes


Can you picture an NFL quarterback and pee-wee football players on the same team?

Sometimes teaching a multilevel English class can feel like that.

And as teacher, you have the job of being coach to all, bringing out the …