Game-ify Your German: 8 Sweet Sites for Online German Games

Any gamers out there?

Can you imagine sitting down for a game of “FIFA” or “Call of Duty” and playing as the announcers and characters spoke in German?

Well, that would certainly be a perfect world and you can actually …

9 German Music Videos That Teach Language with the Power of Rock and Roll

Remember when MTV was cool?

You know, when they actually played music videos instead of shows about teenage pregnancy?

Ah, those were the days.

That is, the days in which the music video quickly became an art form, …

7 Completely Effective German Immersion Courses in the United States

If you’ve ever played the old computer game “RollerCoaster Tycoon,” you know how fun it is to use the “magic fingers” to pick up employees or patrons and drop them in other places throughout your theme park.

Imagine if that

The Must Watch List: 8 Classic German Movies to Teach You Classy German Lessons

“Casablanca.” Check.

“Gone with the Wind.” Check.

“The Wizard of Oz.” Check.

Most of you should be able to check off all of Hollywood’s classics from a list of must-watch movies.

However, you might be missing out on the

Holy Smokes! 10 German Exclamations for Startling Situations

Bikes! Busybodies! Berghain!

When you’re visiting Germany’s gritty capital, chances are you’ll witness something surprising.

Berlin is a place where anything can happen, and anything probably will happen.

But let’s be honest: Visiting another culture and country is always …

5 Friendly German News Sites That Are Just Right for Learners

Flüchtlinge (refugees). Anschlag (attack). Helden (heroes).

These are just some of the words I learned from reading and listening to German news when I was slowly but surely slogging through A1 German.

Keeping up with the news in a foreign …

Don’t Settle! Read What You Love in German on These 9 Websites

Reading provides access to a Weltanschauung (worldview) rooted in both language and culture.

The moment you’re able to read in a new language, your whole universe expands.

Languages shape thought. Once you master a language, you’ve mastered a new way …