The 4 Best Language Exchange Apps for Rapid Language Acquisition


So, you want to learn a new language

…and you want it bad.

Let me tell you something that will utterly blow your mind:

You are not alone.

That’s right! Believe it or not, there are others out there …

The Top 15 Language Learning Podcasts for Curious Multilingual Minds


What’s on your mind when you’re getting ready for bed each night?

Are you thinking about the coming day? Excited or nervous for what lies ahead?

Are you making lists and plans to chart out what you’ll get done?…

The Best and Brightest Online Language Courses


Weighing one online language course against the many others.

Spending hours sifting through facts and making comparisons.

Only reading positive reviews that don’t tell you the real ins and outs of each course.

Wondering about scathingly negative reviews that …

3 Bold Language Study Techniques That All Lead to Victory


We all get wrapped up in figuring out how to learn something, right?

With so many language learning resources available online and off, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of questions about different learning methods.

“Should I …

The Essential Guide to Finding Intermediate Language Lessons You’ll Love


Singin’ the intermediate blues?

Don’t worry, it’s a familiar tune to most language learners.

Once you’ve outgrown your beginner-level resources (congratulations—that’s an accomplishment!), it can be hard to find more advanced resources that suit your specific needs. While there’s a …

The 7 Best Online Language Learning Resources for Kids


Looking for the best online language learning programs for your kid(s)?

Good for you!

Whether you’re a language learner yourself or just an awesome parent, giving your offspring access to the joys and endless benefits of acquiring a new language

7 Bilingual Websites for the Language Learner’s Soul


Being bilingual is a huge source of personal pride—something nobody can take away from you.

Are you a parent in search of practical ways to raise a bilingual kid?

Or are you a language learner wanting to be bilingual

Chat Like a Diplomat: How to Learn Languages with the Foreign Service Institute (FSI)


Ever wonder how diplomats get their language groove on?

Citizens sent abroad to represent the United States need to navigate important diplomatic affairs with cultural awareness, and often they need to survive among a population that doesn’t speak English

The Determined Learner’s Guide to Advanced Language Lessons


The first real hurdles of taking on the language challenge are behind you.

But the finish line still lies ahead—tantalizingly in sight.

Trouble is, you might be running out of steam after leaping over so many hurdles to get this …

The 8 Fastest Ways for Super Busy People to Learn a Language


So, you want to learn a language.

Makes sense. Only good things can come from being bilingual, trilingual or straight-up poly.

There’s just one problem.

You can’t find the time.

You’ve tried and tried and just can’t seem to …