7 Awesome Bilingual Websites for Parents and Language Learners


Being bilingual is a huge source of personal pride—something nobody can take away from you.

Are you a parent in search of practical ways to raise a bilingual kid?

Or are you a language learner wanting to be bilingual

Everything Learners Need to Know About the Foreign Language Institute (FSI)


Ever wonder how diplomats get their language groove on?

Citizens sent abroad to represent the United States need to navigate important diplomatic affairs with cultural awareness, and often they need to survive among a population that doesn’t speak English

Hurtle Yourself Through Advanced Language Lessons with This Guide


The first real hurdles of taking on the language challenge are behind you.

But the finish line still lies ahead—tantalizingly in sight.

Trouble is, you might be running out of steam after leaping over so many hurdles to get this …

A Busy Person's Guide to Learning Language the Fast Way


So, you want to learn a language.

Makes sense. Only good things can come from being bilingual, trilingual or straight-up poly.

There’s just one problem.

You can’t find the time.

You’ve tried and tried and just can’t seem to …

Start Reading in a Foreign Language Today with Graded Readers for All


Language learners want to soar.

We dream of reaching new levels of fluency, flying high like an eagle and straight into foreign language nirvana.

We imagine heart-to-heart chats with locals in faraway lands, reading foreign novels, navigating …

Know Thyself: Asking the Right Questions to Decide Which Language You Should Learn


Wish you had a map and compass to guide you to the perfect language?

All you have to do is follow your heart.

Choosing a language to learn is a deeply personal process. There’s no one absolute best language …

4 Brilliant Interactive Resources to Use in Your Language Learning


Humans need to interact.

In our daily lives, we send each other pictures, text, chat, meet up for coffee and plan get-togethers.

So why should language learning be any different?

Books are great, but sometimes you need to add

How to Build Your Personalized Foreign Language Audio Library


Got a pair of headphones?

Then learning your target language is about to get a whole lot easier.

Plus a little catchier.

Did you know the simple act of listening to your target language can help you take huge strides …

The Secret to Learning Languages Is Right in Front of You!


Which class was easier for you in high school: trigonometry or gym?

How about chemistry or driver’s ed?

If you’re like most students, you probably struggled most with those math and science classes. And even if you loved the idea …

4 Language Learning Support Resources That Will Come to Your Rescue


No language learner is an island.

We all need others to succeed.

But who are these “others,” and how do we find them?

It’s easy. You won’t need a ship, a plane or even a phone.

As long as you …