15 Stupendous Spanish Online Courses for a Super Structured Study Sesh


What do we want?

To learn Spanish!

When do we want it?


How do we want to do it?


I am pretty sure you have heard about the “what do we want” meme. It is almost everywhere!…

Make Learning Exciting with 9 Spanish Novels for Beginners

spanish novels for beginners

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.”—George R.R. Martin

Reading is an adventure.

Are you looking for a new fantasy to sink your teeth into?

Or maybe just a …

Learn Spanish with Movies on Hulu: 9 Fun Flicks for Film Fans


Can you imagine anything better than making popcorn, curling up on the couch and streaming a great movie?

Well, how about doing all of that and practicing your Spanish at the same time?

Online streaming services like Hulu make it …

9 Easy Spanish Short Stories (and Story Compilations) for Bite-sized Learning


“A short story is a different thing altogether—a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger.”—Stephen King

Bestselling author Stephen King has it right: Novels and poems might have their own values but short …

Movie Night! 6 Spanish Movies on Netflix Perfect for Language Learning


“Netflix completely shook up the world.”Steven Van Zandt

Netflix definitely did shake up the world.

I mean, does anyone remember Blockbuster?

Those days when you had to physically walk out to get your movie fix?

And if …

Learn Spanish by Yourself Using Apps, Online Resources, Books and More!

learn spanish 2

We all know not to “look a gift horse in the mouth.”

But do we know why we say that? Or what it even means?

If you listen to an episode of “A Way with Words,” you can see how …

Looking for Spanish Stories with English Translations? Check These Sites Out!


If you’re a bibliophile who’s learning Spanish, chances are you’ve already discovered the beauty of using Spanish literature for language practice.

Reading in Spanish can help you improve your grammar and sentence structure and it can introduce you to …