Time for a Movie Break! 7 Awesome Movies to Stream in Spanish!


We need to relax.

That’s right.

We all lead ridiculously busy lives. Sometimes, too busy.

We could all do with a bit of down time—but make no mistake , “relaxing” means more than just putting our feet up and turning …

Spanish Typing Games: The End of Your Spanish Typing Woes


Fed up with your Spanish typing?

Never got around to installing a Spanish keyboard on your computer?

Never learned shortcuts for creating accent marks?

Still super slow at typing anything in Spanish because you don’t get any practice and …

Only the Best! 9 Killer Apps for Kids to Learn Spanish


Kids and Spanish?

A perfect combination for language-learning success.

Add an excellent app—or two—and you’ve just increased the chances of reaching fluency exponentially!

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) ranks Spanish a category one language, which means it’s one of …

12 Wildly Addictive Spanish Spelling Games for the Inner Word Nerd


Listen, we all know that learning a new language has challenges. Lots of them. Spanish is no exception.

One of the biggest hurdles? Spelling. It’s a skill that takes time, patience and a whole lot of practice to master.

Some …

Beginner’s Luck: Where to Find the Best Online Spanish Courses for Beginner Learners


Your search is over.

You can kick your feet up and relax.

No more swimming in a sea of Google results.

No more sifting through recommendations from well-meaning friends.

We’ve got all the best online Spanish beginner courses right here

Spanish Training: 7 Exercises to Strengthen Your Spanish Vocabulary


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It is such a frustrating feeling.

Like losing all the screws and nails before you assemble a shelf.

You know what you want to say, but you are …

6 Spanish-language Vloggers to Get You Hooked on Spanish


Time to confess.

YouTube—it’s addicting, no?

Especially if you tune into one of those incredible Spanish vloggers, right?

They turn YouTube into an immersive language experience—and it definitely doesn’t feel like coursework, does it?

If you’re a fan of …