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Wanna Learn Spanish with Audio? These 30 Audio Resources Rock!


Is there an auditory equivalent of hindsight—hindhearing, maybe?

If so, I suppose it’s also 20/20.

Audio was my best Spanish learning tool, and I didn’t even realize it until long after becoming fluent in the language.

I naturally …

The Gritty Experience: A Review of the Unique Gritty Spanish Learning Program


You’re packed like sardines on the train with smelly passengers.

This traffic jam is lasting forever, and it’s driving you nuts.

Your friends are telling dirty jokes and doing some friendly smack-talk over your fifth round of beers.

Your favorite …

Spanish Fish Names: 30 Words for Our Gilled, Googly-eyed Friends


For thousands of years, humans have turned to rivers, lakes, seas and oceans for sustenance.

Believe it or not, we’re all dependent on fish for nourishment, wealth and ecosystem health.

We need those floppy, googly-eyed water creatures to survive.

No …

Fluent in 3 Months: How “Why Spanish Is Easy” by Benny Lelucwis Will Revolutionize Your Study Routine


You’ve probably heard people talking about how “easy” Spanish is.

“It’s much easier than English!”

“It’s so easy to pronounce the Spanish vowels!”

“You can basically add a Spanish ending like -ción, -ista, -o or -a to English words, and …

15 TED Talks in Spanish You’ve Been Missing Out On


Are you stuck in the infamous “English bubble”?

Do you find yourself digesting information primarily in English, even when you ought to be tuning into Spanish?

Well, I’ve got a way for you to pop that bubble, expand

8 Cool Beginner Spanish Sayings About Day-to-day Life


Así es la vida.

You’ll have many a Spanish speaker shrug and pitch this classic “that’s life” line at you when something goes wrong or your plans come crashing down around you.

As a learner, it’s only natural that you …

How to Learn Spanish from Authentic Videos on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and FluentU

spanish videos

Videos are our window on the modern world.

It’s not like the olden days when we just had a lifeless snapshot, and perhaps an observer’s biased opinion to give it meaning.

Oh, no. The Internet has spoken, loud and …