The Guide to the Spanish Pluperfect Tense You Had Been Wishing For


Did you know that there are over 50 thousand kanji in the Chinese language?

Or that the chance of winning the National Lottery jackpot is one in over 50 million?

Have you heard that there are 22.4 trillion digits

Cardinal Numbers in Spanish: The No-fuss Guide to Counting from 0 to 10,000


“Oh, right! My trip to Madrid! That happened in…”

Full stop. Freeze.

Now how the heck do you say “2015” in Spanish?

Even worse, how will you tell a Spanish speaker about that iconic event that happened in your country… …

All Natural: 70 Nature Words in Spanish for Down-to-earth Learners


Oh, nature!

It surrounds us, it amazes us… It even terrifies us sometimes.

No matter our nationality, gender, religion or anything else that might set us apart, nature unites us.

That is why anyone learning the language of Cervantes should …

Find the Drive to Learn with 9 Spanish Language Courses for Any Learner


Many of us drive nearly every day.

The act of driving has become second nature over the many hours of practice.

Think back to the first time you ever drove a vehicle. Most of us had a teacher awkwardly fidgeting …

Panamanian Spanish 101: English-isms and Basic Panamanian Phrases


Be careful: If you ever visit Panama, you might be seriously tempted to stay there forever.

Don’t laugh. The expat community in Panama is huge and grows every year. It’s an incredible place!

The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel …

Found in Translation: How to Become a Spanish Translator in 4 Steps


“If you do what you love, then you will never work a day in your life.”

We have probably all heard that sage advice many times.

Sometimes, it can seem like living your dream is perpetually just out of reach.…

Start Learning Honduran Spanish with 6 Common Words and Phrases

honduran spanish

Cada vez que ríes, un clavo es removido de tu ataúd. (Every time you laugh, a nail is removed from your coffin.) — Honduran proverb

Laughter really is the best medicine, and travel can give us plenty of things to