The History of the Spanish Language: From Origin to Romance

history of spanish language

Spanish is a beautiful, lyrical language. It’s music to the ears of those who listen to it and sweet on the tongue for those who speak it.

Have you ever wondered where, exactly, does Spanish come from?

Just how much …

What’s Up with the Spanish Upside-down Question Mark? The Mystery, Explained

upside down question mark

For English speakers, Spanish punctuation is pretty standard.

A period is still a period, even if it’s called a punto.

A coma (comma) still shows a division of ideas or a pause in dialogue.

So, no news in the Spanish …

Señorita vs. Señora: Learn the Difference and Mind Your Manners

senora vs senorita

Are you thinking of visiting a Spanish-speaking country?

Did you just get a job in a workplace with Spanish-speaking coworkers?

Maybe you’re just wondering how to say hello to the Spanish-speaking woman who moved in next door?

In …

Ña, Ñe, Ñi, Ño, Ñu! 23 Spanish Words That Start with Ñ You Never Knew Existed

spanish words that start with ñ

If Nyan Cat were a Spanish creation, would we spell it Ñan Cat? Well.. yes, actually!

After all, the search option lists 13,589 Spanish words containing the letter ñ.

Plus, over 350 of them actually start with this …

The Spanish Tan vs. Tanto: Master Comparisons of Equality Like a Poet

tan vs tanto

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?


Shall I teach you how to make comparisons in Spanish so that you do not have any more problems with tan and tanto?


Then sit down and relax. It …

110 Common Spanish Words and Phrases to Supercharge Your Vocabulary

common spanish words

Are you meeting someone new?

Trying to locate your hotel or a restaurant in a Spanish city?

Nearly any Spanish conversation calls for an understanding of basic vocabulary.

No “fancy” language, involved terminology or four-syllable words are needed for …

On the Case: Spanish Cases in Grammar and Their Role in Spanish Sentences

spanish cases

It was a dark and stormy night.

The distinction between subjects, direct objects, possessive pronouns and the like was driving me crazy.

I just knew I’d have to learn all about the case.

The Spanish case.

All kidding aside, why …