Starting’s Half the Battle: Learn Spanish for Beginners with These 9 Resources


On your marks, get set, go!

The starting shot has been fired but you freeze up.

You want to start, but you just do not know how!

I know. Learning a new language can be really daunting.

A language is …

11 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish for 11 Types of People


Do you know why so many Spanish learners don’t make it to fluency?

They’re missing that one key ingredient that no number of textbooks or flashcards can substitute:


If you don’t have an internal drive to keep practicing every

Learn with LOLs: 6 Spanish Meme Websites for One Amusing Study Sesh


Love to LOL?

Wish you could ROFL right this minute?

If you are a Spanish student who cannot resist a good laugh and loves flexible Spanish learning tools, Spanish memes might be just what you need to inject some

Want a Family Vacation That Never Ends? 5 Immersion Programs to Travel and Learn Spanish


At first, it seems like a typical day.

You wake up, wash your face and put on a pot of coffee.

You call for the kids to get out of bed.

You pick up the paper and start reading the …

Home, Sweet Home: 6 Spanish Homestay Programs Around the World


Have you ever driven past houses and wondered what went on beyond the closed doors?

Or maybe you’ve walked down a city sidewalk after sunset, glanced up at a high-rise apartment and tried to imagine what the tenants were doing …

Learn Spanish with “Narcos” and Add Some Parlache to Your Vocabulary


Ladies and gentlemen, you decide.


…or action-packed?

Action-packed may not be the word you would normally use to describe your Spanish studies.

But with “Narcos,” it can be.

Sit back and learn palabras (words) with Pablo thanks to …

How to Learn Spanish on YouTube: 7 Easy Steps for YouTube-based Learning


Life is full of choices.

You know you should hit the gym but those video games are calling out to you.

You know you should eat a healthy snack, but all that candy looks so sweet and delicious.

You know …