Be a Chatterbox: Spanish Dialogues with Real-world Conversation Examples


It requires some give and take.

Going in prepared can relieve a lot of stress.

And a few tips can make things much easier.

No, we’re not talking about your relationship with your favorite Starbucks barista. We’re talking about Spanish

Sounds Good! Learn Spanish with Spotify and Treat Your Ears (and Your Mind)


If you use Spofity, you know how amazing the service is for finding and listening to awesome music.

What you might not know is how amazing the service is for learning Spanish.

Chances are, you’re not making full …

At Your Leisure: Discuss Hobbies in Spanish with 50+ Terms


Everyone has a hobby, whether you enjoy normal, run-of-the-mill pastimes like playing sports and making music, or something a little more uncommon like carefully manipulating aluminum foil into shiny balls.

And chances are, there is someone out there who …

More Than Just Spanish: 6 Intriguing Languages Spoken in Spain


Did you know that only 72 percent of Spaniards speak Spanish as their first language?

Don’t panic: nearly all of the remaining 28 percent speak it as a second language, so your Spanish will still serve you well.…

Por Versus Para: 20 Expressions to Enrich Your Everyday Convos


Are you a master of disguise?

Can you pass as a native Spanish speaker?

Could you write with such great Spanish that even your Spanish teacher would be fooled?

If you have answered “yes” all of these questions, congratulations!…

The Telenovela Method: The Most Dramatic Way to Learn Spanish


A long-lost relative returns.

A big wedding brings big drama.

And as all this happens—cue suspicious, darting eye glancesyour Spanish skills soar.

While telenovelas (Spanish-language soap operas) may be full of secrets, it is definitely no secret …

Why Disney Movies with Spanish Subtitles Are Amazing Learning Tools


What’s your favorite Disney movie? 

No matter how old you are or where you live, chance are you have a favorite.

Even if you don’t, you’ve probably watched at least one Disney film in your life.

Want to turn your