10 Amazing Quotes in Spanish for Literature Lovers and Language Learners


Do you want to fall in love, deeply in love?

If that’s a yes (and we hope it is!) then get ready to fall head-over-heels with Spanish as you make your way through some of the most striking, moving and …

It’s About Time! Your Complete Guide to the Spanish Future Perfect


Have you ever wanted to travel in time?

Would you like to see what the world will look like in 200 years?

Unfortunately, that is not something I can help you with, sorry!

However, I can help you

Learning Spanish is in Season! Your Guide to the Seasons in Spanish


Last September I took a trip from my home in Spain to the Santa Cruz department of Bolivia.

The weather on the Mediterranean was already mild, so I didn’t think much about it.

As soon as I walked out of

The Quick and Easy Guide to Writing Letters in Spanish


Snail mail is dead. Right?


Although emails are our favorite way to communicate nowadays, there are still a ton of reasons to write letters in Spanish: from responding to an invitation to your friend’s wedding in Seville, …

Spanish Transition Words Made Easy: The Guide to Connecting Your Thoughts Like a Pro


Transition words are the knots that hold sentences together.

Imagine a world where all we have are one-verb, simple sentences.

We would say things like:

Ayer me partí una pierna. No puedo ir a la escuela hoy. (I broke …

Shadowing Spanish: 3 Excellent Resources to Hone Pronunciation and Intonation



They have so many dark connotations. And even though they’re just areas of darkness that occur when a light source is blocked by a solid object, they still sometimes seem scary, don’t they? Creepy. Maybe even sinister.

But language 

87 Professions in Spanish to Work Your Language Skills


According to Reference, there are over 5 billion jobs in the world.

That is a whole lot of jobs!

Just for fun, I tried to find out how many different types of jobs and careers there are in the …