Say "What" in Spanish and Always Know What's Cooking


Here is an important recipe for you.

You will need five farm-fresh vocabulary words, a dash of determination and a heaping spoonful of curiosity.

What’s cooking? Your Spanish skills!

In today’s post, we are sharing the recipe for asking “what” …

The Spanish Social Scene: 7 Conversational Spanish Courses for Social Butterflies


Humans are social creatures.

Sometimes, that means hanging out together to pass the time.

Sometimes, that means comforting each other when we’re down.

And sometimes, that means posting pictures of what we’re eating all over social media. The human species …

Spanish Dialogues Between 2 Friends: 8 Resources for Chatting with Your Chums

spanish dialogues between two friends

Everyone needs some friends in their lives.

They’re the people who keep you calm when life gets intense.

They’re the people who help you move your couch in exchange for a few slices of pizza.

They’re the people who come …

Ningún vs. Ninguno and Their Relatives: The Simple Trick to Learning the Difference


There is a group of words that includes everything and everybody in the world.

I bet you would not be able to name an object or person that is not included in this group.

Beyoncé? She certainly is!

A cup …

Anyone Can Make the Spanish rr Sound (And Here’s How You Can, Too)


When you ask English speakers what the hardest part of learning Spanish is, you’ll get a few responses over and over again:

Verb tenses. The subjunctive mood. The two forms of “to be” (ser and estar).

But …

The Ultimate List of 24 Spanish Synonym Groups for Every Occasion


How many different ways can you say the same thing?

What number of methods can you use to communicate the same idea?

What is the count of the total varieties of phrases you can use to disseminate the same information?…

1 Day at a Time: 7 Spanish Word of the Day Resources to Build Your Vocabulary



It is so much more than your favorite component of Microsoft Office Suite and/or a colloquial agreement.

In fact, the humble word is the pillar on which languages are built.

It may seem simple, but knowing the right …