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Don’t Just Study Abroad: Live Abroad in Spain with These Culture and Language Tips


Looking forward to jamón ibérico, scorching beaches or meandering chats after class over tapas and vino (snacks and wine)?

Or… maybe you have no idea of what to expect from your study abroad trip to Spain. Does your mind …

All Aboard! Important Vocabulary for Spanish Train Travel


I’ve always found train travel to be a delight.

Whether I’m rolling along the Costa Brava on a small cercanías (local suburban train) and gazing at the waves, or hurtling between the cosmopolitan heartthrobs Barcelona and Madrid on an AVE

No Need to Shout: All About Negative Commands in Spanish


Do you feel bossy today?

Do you feel like telling someone what to do?

Or—better yet—what not to do?

I certainly hope so, since today we’ll talk all about how and when to use negative commands in Spanish.

Let’s not …

Here’s Looking at Yo: All About Spanish Verbs with Irregular Yo Forms


Love talking about number one?

There’s one little quirk of Spanish that might get in your narcissistic way—those pesky Spanish verbs with irregular yo forms.

The Spanish yo form is what you need to talk all about me, myself

Spanish IR Verbs: Your First Guide to Conjugating and Using Them in Sentences


Spanish verbs have three possible endings: –ar, –er and –ir.

Here we’ll shine our spotlight on the regular –ir verbs.

If that’s what you’re interested in now, you’ve probably already slogged through the regular …

How to Tame the Crashing Waves of Spanish’s E-to-I Stem-changing Verbs


The waves of incomprehensible muck are coming at you, lapping at your ankles, picking up—

Hold up.

That’s no way to think of irregular Spanish verbs!

Rather, these guys are fun, lovely waves of muck which—however messy—can be sculpted …

Bachata + Spanish: The Best Songs for Winning Some Ravishing Lingual Skills with the D.R.’s Sultry Dance


Dancing is like flirting or joking:

If you know how to do it well, you can charm people into tolerating your terrible Spanish for longer, and get in some great practice.

Bachata—which originated in the Dominican Republic—is …