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You Say “Tomatoes,” I Say “They’re My Tomatoes!”: The Beginner’s Guide to Spanish Possessive Adjectives


An anarchist communist friend in Spain tells me that someday we’ll all live together joyously without any concept of private ownership.

What’s mine will be hers, and yours, and theirs, and ours.

So, I asked, does that mean I can …

How to Use Spanish Demonstratives to Talk About This, That, These and Those


At some point in your travels to Spain or Latin America, you’re going to be reduced to pointing to explain yourself.

Instead of accompanying that pointing with just wordless blubbering, you can class it up with a bit …

How to Form the Spanish Present Progressive in 3 Steps


What are you doing right now?

What’s happening around you?

To answer these questions in Spanish, you’re going to need a tense called the present progressive (a.k.a. the present continuous). It’s the tense you use when you want to …

19 Gestures for Talking Spanish with Your Hands


Sure, maybe you’ve got some Spanish coming out of your mouth.

But what are your hands doing?

Are they still gesticulating like they belong to an English speaker?

Or, even worse, are they just hanging there uselessly?

When Spanish speakers

Master the Near Future with the Spanish Form “ir + a + Infinitive”


Ready to travel through space and time?

The Spanish verb ir (to go) can be used—as can its English sibling—for talking about moving through space and through time into the immediate future.

This makes ir an enormously useful verb—it’s …

Spanish Infinitive Verbs: 5 Usual Uses of Spanish’s Most Vanilla Verb Form


Using Spanish infinitives is like opting for basic vanilla instead of triple chocolate.

It’s like dancing bachata without spins, or sticking with the trusty old margarita pizza.

Infinitives are the plain, basic forms of verbs—but they’re also highly useful to

9 Spanish Verb and Preposition Combinations That Are Infamously Tricky for Learners


Prepositions: Those vile linguistic critters crawling through just about every Spanish sentence.

They can seem tiny nuisances, but one false step with your prepositions and your Spanish gets very silly sounding, or, even worse, is rendered meaningless.

We have …