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Be a Chatterbox: Spanish Dialogues with Real-world Conversation Examples


It requires some give and take.

Going in prepared can relieve a lot of stress.

And a few tips can make things much easier.

No, we’re not talking about your relationship with your favorite Starbucks barista. We’re talking about Spanish

At Your Leisure: Discuss Hobbies in Spanish with 50+ Terms


Everyone has a hobby, whether you enjoy normal, run-of-the-mill pastimes like playing sports and making music, or something a little more uncommon like carefully manipulating aluminum foil into shiny balls.

And chances are, there is someone out there who …

The Telenovela Method: The Most Dramatic Way to Learn Spanish


A long-lost relative returns.

A big wedding brings big drama.

And as all this happens—cue suspicious, darting eye glancesyour Spanish skills soar.

While telenovelas (Spanish-language soap operas) may be full of secrets, it is definitely no secret …

Learn with LOLs: 6 Spanish Meme Websites for One Amusing Study Sesh


Love to LOL?

Wish you could ROFL right this minute?

If you are a Spanish student who cannot resist a good laugh and loves flexible Spanish learning tools, Spanish memes might be just what you need to inject some

How to Learn Spanish on YouTube: 7 Easy Steps for YouTube-based Learning


Life is full of choices.

You know you should hit the gym but those video games are calling out to you.

You know you should eat a healthy snack, but all that candy looks so sweet and delicious.

You know …

Listen and Learn: 6 Online Resources for Watching Spanish News Live


This just in! 

Clever Spanish students are using an innovative technique to master their language skills and stay abreast of what’s happening in the world.

Okay, so maybe that won’t pop up on the scroll bar of your favorite 24-hour …

Learn the Best of Spanish Slang with These 9 Dictionaries


Does your Spanish vocabulary not quite fit your lifestyle?

Are the words and phrases you’ve learned too drab, formal and colorless for you?

Regardless of what kind of job you have, how you dress or where you’re from, we’re willing …