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Learn the Best of Spanish Slang with These 9 Dictionaries


Does your Spanish vocabulary not quite fit your lifestyle?

Are the words and phrases you’ve learned too drab, formal and colorless for you?

Regardless of what kind of job you have, how you dress or where you’re from, we’re willing …

Spanish Phone Conversation Shortcuts: 21 Versatile Phone Phrases


You don’t want to phone in learning Spanish.

But you do probably need a little phone (vocab) in your Spanish learning.

After all, you never know when you’ll need to make or receive a phone call in Spanish.

While phone …

5 Ways to Watch Movies and Learn Spanish!


In movies, anything is possible.

The action gets your heart pounding.

The romance gives you butterflies in your stomach.

The humor cracks you up.

The festive atmosphere gets you in the holiday spirit.

The dialogue helps you …

5 Online Spanish Dictionaries to Define Your Learning


Spanish dictionaries.

The very phrase might make you run for cover as your arms hurt at the thought of lugging around such huge, cumbersome volumes.

As you imagine melodramatically dropping to the floor, exhausted and despondent, you ask yourself, “Isn’t …

10 Magically Great Sites to Find Skype Spanish Teachers


Learning through online video chat can feel like finding a magical unicorn in your backyard.

It’s exciting! It’s captivating! It’s so majestic!

How could such an amazing thing be real?

The bad news is that your doubt of the existence …

Learn These 40 Spanish Legal Terms to Totally Rule in the Courtroom


Have you ever thought you might want to work in the legal field?

Do you dream of courtrooms, pressed suits, jury boxes and gavels?

Maybe you’ve imagined yourself in front of the judge or behind a typewriter or perhaps behind …

Learn How to Speak Spanish Fast: 5 Essential Study Methods


You’re a speed demon.

You like life in the fast lane.

You drive the slickest sports cars.

You only eat instant pudding.

So naturally, when you decided you wanted to learn Spanish, you wanted to learn it fast.

When …