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Bye Bye Bye: How to Say Goodbye in Spanish with 16 Different Words and Phrases


Saying goodbye correctly is important.

After all, your closing is the last impression you make on someone before you part ways.

Depending on your goodbye, you might make someone regret your departure or rejoice that you’re gone.

Heck, if you’re …

Get Your Grammar On: 7 Spanish Grammar Apps for Engaging Learning


Four-letter words—we each have our favorite.

They’re the offensive words that your elementary school teachers warned you about using.

They’re the words that flow seamlessly from your mouth when you stub your toe on your dresser or when a …

Spanish Verbs Flashcards for Commanding Conjugations and Mastering Meaning


Is your dream power super speed?

Do you love action?

You do not need to be the Flash to combine all your favorite things. All you need are flashcards.

Okay, they might not have quite as much adventure and spandex …

Equatorial Guinea Spanish: Everything Spanish Learners Should Know


African Spanish is like the unicorn of the Spanish language family.

You might not believe it even exists.

After all, it is rare, and most people will not encounter it in their lifetimes.

But the fact remains that it is …

6 Simple Ways to Regain Your Motivation to Learn Spanish


Watch any detective drama and you’ll learn a few things.

First, nothing is as simple as it first looks.

Second, dead bodies turn up in the darnedest of places.

Finally, everything always boils down to motive.

Detective dramas and learning …

Hands-on Learning: 9 Online Interactive Spanish Lessons for All Levels


Textbooks can be great for at-home learning but they’re not very interactive.

Classroom study is interactive, but you can’t always do it at home.

There’s only one solution that gives you that sweet “you got chocolate in my peanut butter”-style …

Be a Chatterbox: Spanish Dialogues with Real-world Conversation Examples


It requires some give and take.

Going in prepared can relieve a lot of stress.

And a few tips can make things much easier.

No, we’re not talking about your relationship with your favorite Starbucks barista. We’re talking about Spanish