7 Cute and Funny Commercials to Learn English with on YouTube


When you are watching TV, do you spend a lot of time thinking about the commercials?

You probably just wait for them to end so you can get back to your favorite show.

Well, today, we are going …

The Ultimate Guide to Learning English in Canada


Did you know that 50 countries speak English as one of their official languages?

That means there are lots of options for English learners who want to travel and improve their language skills.

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7 Super (and Free!) Ways to Practice English Online

Businessman with pilot hat

Imagine you had unlimited time and unlimited money.

Would that make it easier to master English? I would argue that it wouldn’t.

To understand why, you have to look closely at one particular English word: easy.

Even if …

Learn Excellent English with Songs from the Top 100


You already know how amazing music can be.

It can cheer you up or energize you.

It can make you feel strong emotions.

And it can make your feet want to dance on their own!

What you might not …

Learning English for Professional Purposes: Do These 5 Things Now


Imagine that a person who works in a restaurant in the Czech Republic wants to order salmon from a supplier in Norway.

Which language do you think they’ll use in their conversation: Czech or Norwegian?

That was a trick question! …

Speak English Naturally with 37 Common English Idioms


Have you been dreaming of speaking English so well that it’s second nature to you?

“Second nature” means that it comes easily or naturally, so much that it feels like an instinct—something you can do without thinking.

This doesn’t have …

English for Academic Purposes Made Easy: How to Tackle the 4 Biggest Obstacles


Do you talk the same way in a bar as you do in an office meeting?

Do you speak to your childhood friends and your mother-in-law with the same tone?

Probably not.

No matter what your native tongue is, you …