20 Great Resources to Help You Learn English for Hospitality

Do you want to meet people from all over the world?

Are you friendly, outgoing and polite?

Are you also thinking about your future job or profession?

If so, a career in hospitality—the business of welcoming and helping guests—may …

Understand Everything: 8 Steps to Improving Your English Reading Skills

Did you read anything in English this past week?

How much of it did you understand?

Even if you read 15 English books every week, this doesn’t help your learning much unless you actually understand all those books.

Understanding what …

14 Awesome Websites for Learning English Grammar Online

Why is grammar important?

Just take a look at the cover of this magazine about celebrity Rachael Ray. The texts says:

“Rachael Ray finds inspiration in cooking her family and her dog”

Of course, what the sentence is supposed to …

Intonation for English Learners: When to Change It and How to Learn It

Two people just walked by you, speaking in a foreign language.

You didn’t understand a word, but you still somehow know what language they were speaking.

How can that be?

All languages have their own distinct melody, or music. To …

8 Essential Tips for Clear Communication in English

“Huh? What? Can you say that again?”

Does that sound familiar?

We’ve all heard those words before, and we’ve all said them.

No matter where we are or what language we speak, sometimes we have trouble communicating.

Communication is a …

Do You Think in English? Here’s Why You Should, Plus 6 Steps That Show Exactly How to Start

Do you have an important decision to make?

Don’t think about it in your native language—think about it in English!

Studies have shown that thinking about things in a foreign language makes your decisions better and more rational.

Better decision-making …

#learnenglish: 6 Cool Ways to Learn English on Twitter

Do you tweet?

Tweet is the sound a bird makes, but it’s also the name of messages on the social media website Twitter.

Twitter has over 300 million users, and if you’re not one of them, you …