22 Awesomely Useful Slang Words for ESL Learners

Hey there, star student.

You’ve aced (done well on) your English exams. Your grammar is flawless.

So why does your spoken English still sound like it’s from a school textbook?

Maybe you just need to relax and be …

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The 8 Best Interactive Websites for Adults to Learn English

So you want to learn English?

Well, talking to real people is the best way to practice English, but for many reasons that’s not always possible.

Online websites and mobile apps, however, are much more available (easy to find …

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What Your ESL Teacher Didn’t Tell You About “How Are You?”

Want to avoid awkward conversations with native English speakers?

Then it’s time to make sure you know how to react when someone asks “How are you?”

Sounds easy, right? Don’t you just tell people how you feel?

Not always.

Every …

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9 Simple Strategies for Real-world English Conversation Practice

Do you get nervous when you have to talk to people face-to-face?

Even if you love to talk in your native language, speaking English can make a simple conversation much more challenging.

Far too often, English students do not look …

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6 Great TV Shows to Improve English Listening Comprehension

It’s cool that your English textbook came with a CD full of listening activities.

But after a while you’re going to get bored.

Tired of hearing the same accents, vocabulary and conversation topics?

I can’t blame you.

No matter how …

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ESL Vocabulary: The Language of Luck

What do horseshoes, the number seven, and pots of gold all have in common?

They’re lucky!

Well, in the English language at least.

Every language and culture has superstitions to push out the bad and bring in the good; …

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Awesome Color Idioms That Will Improve Your English Fluency

Like any language learner, you’re probably wishing you could sound more like a native speaker.

Textbook English vocabulary will paint your language in black and white.

Learn to express yourself with a whole rainbow of rich English vocabulary!

You’ll sound …

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