Step Up Your Language Game with These 12 English Grammar Lessons


You know that bad feeling you get when you avoid doing something?

Like taking out the trash, ironing your clothes, writing an assignment or cleaning the house?

It’s an uncomfortable feeling, isn’t it?

You might be sitting on the couch

8 Top-notch Resources for English Grammar Exercises


Let me share a secret.

Learning a language becomes significantly easier once you know the grammar rules.

Of course, other things, like a strong vocabulary set and good speaking skills, are important, but once you know and understand how

7 English Pronunciation Apps to Speak Clear, Confident English in 2020


Have you ever discovered that you’ve been pronouncing a word incorrectly?

You know the feeling: you hear a native speaker say a word that you thought you knew how to say. It’s a word that you use all the time. …

Free English Learning Apps That Make ESL Practice Convenient and Cheap


If I can teach myself a language for free, entirely with nothing but a smartphone, then so can you!

Nowadays, with the variety of language-learning apps available, there’s really no excuse to not know English well.

Whether you’re a …

English Verb Tenses: Everything You Need to Know to Master the Topic


Did you see the new movie everyone is talking about?

You know the one. Have you seen it?

Had you seen it before it was available on Netflix?

But you are going to see it, right?

People who ask

Soar to New Heights with 50 Common English Verbs


Do you know how to learn English verbs?

Study flashcards. Work hard. Travel to America, if you want.

Verbs are everywhere.

To be able to form a single sentence in the English language, you’ll probably need to know at …

How to Have an English Conversation at a Restaurant: 7 Common Scenarios


You probably look forward to going to a restaurant in your hometown.

Food, drinks, fun atmosphere and time with friends and family. What’s not to love?

But when you visit a restaurant where you have to speak a foreign language, …