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A Guide to English Grammar Reference Books


What do you do when you have a grammar question?

You might check online—but many times you’ll find a few different, conflicting answers, which might just confuse you more.

You might ask a professor or a native English …

Where to Find the Best English Readers: 7 Incredible Sources for Endless English Reading Practice


Step 1: Get an English reader.

Step 2: Relax and float away with a wonderful story.

English readers (also called graded readers) make it so easy to practice English reading. English readers are books that have been adapted specifically …

Learn Excellent English with Songs from the Top 100


You already know how amazing music can be.

It can cheer you up or energize you.

It can make you feel strong emotions.

And it can make your feet want to dance on their own!

What you might not …

An English Learner’s Reading Guide (Story Suggestions Included)


You might have heard that reading is a good way to learn English.

After all, you’re here now, reading this!

And you’re definitely on the right track.

Reading is one of the best ways to learn English, and …

Beyond YouTube: 15 Websites to Learn English with Videos


Want to learn English with videos about insane science experiments?

Or how about hilarious English comedy videos?

Maybe you want to take the relaxing route with an English nature documentary.

Well, it’s all possible.

There’s an incredible variety of English

5 Common English Errors That Can Totally Change What You’re Trying to Say


“Hunters please use caution when hunting pedestrians using walk trails.”

Show this sentence to native English speakers, and they’ll laugh.

Why? What’s wrong with it?

It’s missing punctuation marks!

Marks like the period and the comma make language clear

The 10 Best Academic English Courses You Can Take Online


Are you planning to go to college soon?

Are you already a student, and having some trouble with your college-level English?

It might be time to improve your academic English skills.

Academic English is a bit different from everyday