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All You Need Is Love! Say I Love You in English with These 25 Romantic Expressions


It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re on a quiet beach at sunset.

The waves are rolling gently up to the edge of the sand, then slowly rolling back out to sea.

You can feel the sand between your toes as …

15 Unique English Words That’ll Make You Sound Like a Genius


Have you ever heard someone say an English word you didn’t understand?

A word that left you flummoxed?

If you have, you’re not alone!

English has a ton of unique words that you may not be familiar with yet.

But, …

No Time? 12 Very Short English Stories You Can Read in Less Than 12 Minutes

very short english stories

In our busy, busy lives, we may not always have time to sit down and read a book.

That’s okay! If you don’t have the time to read a book, you can always read a short story (or 12), instead.…

15 New Words in English to Freshen Up Your Vocabulary (With Meanings and Examples)


Fancy a froyo, anyone?

Or a squeeze of sriracha on your hamburger?

But please, whatever you do, don’t ghost me.

I want you to stick around for the awesome post I have here for you today.

What am I

How to Form the Plural of Any English Noun: 6 Simple Rules (with Examples and Exceptions)


Imagine living in a town with only one bookstore.

You walk in to see one lonely book sitting on the only shelf.

Hungry, you walk down the street to the only fast food restaurant in town. Strangely, there’s only …

Disney Fluency! The Best Movies and Songs to Learn English with Disney


I say you can never be too old for Disney.

Do you remember sitting at the TV with a bowl of cereal, watching your favorite Disney cartoons when you were a kid?

Now as an adult, maybe you’re sitting with

How to Speak English with Kids at Home: 6 Fun Ideas for Daily Learning


If you speak English, you’re able to communicate with 20% of the people on Earth.

That’s 1.5 billion people!

Now that’s a lot of potential new friends, connections and employers.

Why not give the kids in your life such amazing