A couple has a romantic kiss under palm trees at sunset

I Love You in English: 200+ Romantic Phrases

If you love someone… tell them!

In this post you’ll find well over 200 ways to say “I love you” in English.

Learn how to express your love in any situation, from the cutest and most romantic ways to tell your significant other how you feel about them, to the best ways to tell your friends that you appreciate them.

We’ll also include romantic nicknames, some dreamy quotes about love from famous books and movies, the words to get flirty and more.

Read on to explore how to share your love with the world!


Romantic Ways to Say “I Love You”

A selection of heart candies  with romantic messages on them

You probably already know this basic phrase:

I love you.

This is the most direct way of expressing your love for someone. You might also recognize this as a general expression that’s often used with family and friends, which is okay, too.

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But English is a beautiful language and there are so many other romantic ways to say “I love you” beyond these three words.

Here are more ways to tell your significant other that you love them:

Cute Ways to Say “I Love You”

A couple stops to have a kiss while on their bicycles at sunset

If the mushy romantic stuff isn’t for you, you might prefer these adorable expressions, instead.

Flirty Love Expressions in English

A couple flirts with one another on a European street

When you’re not ready for declarations of love, but you want to show your interest in someone, it’s time to pull out some flirty phrases.

These phrases are great for situations where you’re trying to get closer to someone. And who knows, maybe someday you’ll be ready to say those three important little words.

For now, let’s get flirty!

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How to Ask Someone to Be Your Partner and Propose Marriage

A man hides a bouquet of flowers from his girlfriend behind his back

At some point, the flirtation leads to you or your partner wanting a serious relationship. When that day comes, you can use these phrases to ask:

How to Tell Your Family and Friends “I Love You”

A group of friends has a picnic in a park

You don’t have to be in love with someone to love them. We love our friends and family, too, but you wouldn’t want to use a romantic phrase to avoid an awkward family reunion!

Instead, use these phrases to tell your loved ones that you love them… in a friendly, platonic (non-romantic) way.

How to Say “I Like You” in English

A group of friends talks and laughs on the beach at sunset

Telling someone that you like them is a step toward love. It might seem easier but it can be just as difficult to say!

Here are some sweet expressions to tell someone that you really enjoy their company. These phrases might be a stepping stone toward more serious love, or they can even be shared between friends.

How to Tell Someone You Miss Them

A couple embraces in front of the setting sun

Have you ever loved someone so much that being away from them almost hurt? These expressions are for those moments when you wish you could be closer to your loved one.

Romantic Nicknames and Terms of Affection

A couple embraces in a wine vinyard

When you’re in love with your partner, sometimes their name just isn’t enough to express your love. So you have to invent romantic nicknames to call them. Here are some of the most common in English:

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Love Quotes from Books and Movies

A neon-lit cinema at night

Love is a universal topic that exists in every generation and age. Of course, that means you can find meaningful quotes about love in many different forms of art.

Here are our favorite beautiful quotes about love from books:

And here are some from movies:

How to Break Up with Someone

A couple has an argument in a park

Let’s face it. Sometimes love and relationships don’t last. When that happens to you, here are some easy ways to end it:

How and Why Learn How to Say “I Love You” in English?

As you saw in the last section, English is a language rich with sayings, quotes, books, songs and movies about love and romance. If you want to understand the many romantic references you come across, you’ll need to expand your vocabulary.

As you well know, love itself is a universal language spoken everywhere in the world. This means you simply can’t learn the English language without learning how to say “I love you.”

Of course, if you keep using only these three words to express your love, it could get boring very quickly. The good news is that there are lots of creative and indirect ways to express love.

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The video below shows you scenes from different romantic movies to illustrate the many, many different ways of saying “I love you.” 

Be sure to look out for more expressions like these in the books you’re reading, the songs you’re listening to or the movies you’re watching.

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The different ways to say the same thing make English a challenging yet exciting language to learn, and knowing them makes you sound more fluent.


You’re ready to go out there and tell your loved ones how you feel! Take your pick from over 180 sweet ways to say “I love you” in English and you’ll be all set to share your love in any form that it takes.

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