All You Need Is Love! Say I Love You in English with These 25 Romantic Expressions

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’re on a quiet beach at sunset.

The waves are rolling gently up to the edge of the sand, then slowly rolling back out to sea.

You can feel the sand between your toes as you walk hand in hand with that special someone.

You’re trying to think of the words to tell them how you feel about them

But nothing comes to mind.

Telling someone you love them is easy if you only know the right words to say, don’t you think?

So that’s what we’re going to be doing here today.

I’m going to teach you how to say “I love you” in English. No, not just those three words, but 25 creative expressions you can use to bring color and excitement to your message of love.

But before we get to those expressions, let’s take a quick look at why learning different ways of saying “I love you” in English will impress that special someone even more.

Why Learn How to Say “I Love You” in English?

English is a language rich with sayings, quotes, books, songs and movies about love and romance. If you want to understand the many romantic references you come across, you’ll need to expand your vocabulary.

As you well know, love itself is a universal language spoken everywhere in the world. This means you simply can’t learn the English language without learning how to say “I love you.”

Of course, if you keep using only these three words to express your love, it could get boring very quickly. The good news is that there are lots of creative and indirect ways to express love.

As you travel along love’s many highways, there are plenty of different romantic expressions you can use to reflect the mood and depth of your relationship at any point in time.

To get an idea of this, check out the video below to see the many, many different ways of saying “I love you.” The different ways to say the same thing make English a challenging yet exciting language to learn, and knowing them makes you sound more fluent.

One of the best ways to learn these native expressions and the different speaking styles is to learn with native content. If you’re after videos like the one below that highlight exactly how to use English content to your advantage, then subscribe to the FluentU English YouTube channel.

So, today I’ll start you off with 25 expressions you can use to say “I love you” to spice things up (make them more interesting). You’ll be surprised at how sweet and simple many of these expressions are.

Ready? Let’s get started.

All You Need Is Love! Say I Love You in English with These 25 Romantic Expressions


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Expressing Your Interest in Someone

1. I’d like to get to know you better.

This is a great expression to use when you first meet someone interesting and would like to find out more about them, what they like or what the two of you have in common.

2. I have a crush on you.

If you’re very attracted to someone, tell them you have a crush on them. But, you might want to be careful with this saying because a crush is a strong liking for someone that sometimes may not last very long.

3. I think you’re cute.

Attracted to someone’s good looks? Think they’re beautiful? This is a playful way to tell them.

Expressing Your Love in the Most Direct Way

4. I love you.

You already know this basic phrase. This is the most direct way of expressing your love for someone. You might also recognize this as a general expression that’s often used with family and friends, which is okay too.

5. I’m in love with you.

This expression sounds similar to the previous one but is actually very different in meaning. When you tell someone you’re in love with them, you’re expressing a special, deeper kind of romantic love, not the kind of love you have for family or friends. So, use this only in romantic relationships.

6. I’m crazy about you.

Are you madly in love with someone? This expression would be perfect for telling them. You could also say, “I’m head over heels in love with you.”

Telling Someone You Miss Them

7. I wish you were here.

Even when you love someone, it’s not always possible to be together all of the time. Sadly, there are times when you have to be apart. Maybe you’re traveling for work or in a long-distance relationship, living and working in different places, and don’t get to see each other very often. Tell that special someone you wish they were there beside you instead of so far away.

8. I miss you like crazy.

This is a creative way of saying you miss someone so much that it’s making you go crazy.

9. I’m lost without you.

Sometimes not being with the one you love can make you feel like you’ve lost your way. If that’s the case, then use this phrase.

Telling Someone You’re Thinking About Them

10. I can’t stop thinking about you.

When you’re apart and you’re constantly (always) thinking about the other person and wishing you could be together, tell them with this very direct expression.

11. Not a moment goes by when I’m not thinking about you.

Want to get a little creative? This is another great way to say you’re always thinking about someone.

12. I want to be with you every minute of the day.

Try telling someone that you wish the two of you could spend every minute of the day together.

Telling Someone How Much They Mean to You

13. You mean so much to me.

As your romantic relationship grows stronger, you want your loved one to know they’ve given your life a new meaning. This phrase offers you a simple way to let them know.

14. You’re everything to me.

Tell someone how important they are to you with this expression. You could also say, “You mean everything to me.”

15. You’re the light of my life.

Feeling romantic? Want to sound like a poet writing about love? This saying means that the person is like a light that brightens up your life and fills you with love and happiness.

Telling Someone How You Feel When You’re with Them

16. Every time I see you, my heart melts.

Here, you’re saying that when you’re with that special someone, they make you feel so soft and warm inside that it’s like your heart is melting.

17. You rock my world.

When someone is a lot of fun to be with and you’ve enjoyed a great time together, this is the perfect thing to say to them.

18. You leave me breathless.

This tells someone that you’re so impressed by their stunning beauty, personality or love that you actually forgot to breathe. So romantic, don’t you think?

Telling Someone Your Love for Them Has Grown

19. I love you more each day.

Over time, as you get to know someone better, you may want to tell them that your love for them continues to grow deeper and deeper every day. This is the perfect phrase to do so!

20. I can’t live without you.

Use this expression when someone is so important to you that you just don’t know how you could live without them.

21. I can’t imagine my life without you in it.

This expression has pretty much the same meaning as the previous one, but it sounds a bit more creative.

Taking Your Love One Step Further

22. You’re the only one for me.

This is a great way to tell someone they’re the only person in the world you’ll ever love.

23. No one can take your place.

This tells someone they’re so important to you that no other person in this world could take that special place in your heart.

24. Where have you been all my life?

Once a special person is a huge part of your life, you just don’t know how you ever lived without them before. Expressing this idea as a question adds a nice, creative touch.

25. You’re the one I want to spend my life with.

This one says it all: that they’re the only person in this whole world you want to be with for the rest of your life. This is a great expression to use when proposing to the person you want to marry.


So there you have it: 25 creative ways to say “I love you” to that special someone. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Of course, there are lots of other ways to tell someone you love them.

Be sure to look out for more expressions like these in the books you’re reading, the songs you’re listening to or the movies you’re watching. Add them to your list, practice saying them in front of the mirror and then you’ll be all set for Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year when you’re feeling romantic. Good luck!

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