29 Vegetable Names in English to Quickly Grow Your Food Vocabulary

vegetables name in english

Did you know that there are around 20,000 types of edible (something you can eat) plants?

Before you freak out and think, how in the world am I going to master 20,000 vegetable names in English, you should know that …

Blimey! 21 British Expressions to Help You Sound Like the English

british expressions

“It was a dench time,
It was a minging time,
It was the age of swots,
It was the age of wallies,
It was the epoch…”

Okay, I will stop.


Well, that was a British slang version (written by …

The Secret Power of the 4 English Language Skills: Speak, Write, Listen and Read Better with 19 Tips

english language skills

Do you want to hear a secret?

How about four?

Ready? Here are the four secrets to language learning:

Speaking, writing, listening and reading.

If you want to become fluent in English, you’ll need to work on all four skills:…

40 Common Prefixes in English: The Smartest Way to Improve Your Vocabulary Quickly

prefixes in english

Work smarter. Not harder.

Have you ever heard this English expression?

Basically, it means that hours and hours of hard work aren’t always the right way to achieve a goal.

Sometimes, it’s a better idea to think about a …

The Storyteller’s Guide to the English Preterite (Past) Tense


“Yesterday, I went to the beach, and…”

“You loved Pokemon as a kid? I did, too!”

“I grew up in Spain. My favorite part was…”

Look at the sentences above.

They’re the beginnings of good stories. They’re the beginnings …

11 Unique English Love Dialogues (With Videos!) from Movies and TV Shows


On my first date with my now-husband, I spilled guacamole down the front of my dress. How embarrassing!

I thought our romance was over. Luckily, he just laughed and we continued dating.

Love can look very different for different people.

What’s the Difference Between To and Too? A Too-simple Guide to Mastering These Important English Words

difference between to and too

Sometimes the littlest problems seem the most annoying.

Like when you have an itch you can’t scratch.

Or when you accidentally drop a pen behind your bed, and you just… can’t… reach it.

Or when you use “to” when you