25 Delicious Phrases for Talking About Food in English


Oh, no—I opened Instagram before lunch again.

Big mistake.

All my friends’ pictures of giant sandwiches, colorful soups and chocolate chip cookies are seriously making me hungry.

I should’ve known! Food is one of the biggest topics of

How to Start Talking About Money in English Better Than Your Banker


Some say that music is the universal language.

That might be true.

But it is the language of money that is universally understood.

No matter where you go and why you go there, you will need to talk about money.…

14 Digital and Print Magazines Made for English Learning


You know what’s sad?

The fact that we think magazines are all about gossip and celebrity photos.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

Take it from Maya Angelou. She said, “In a magazine, one can get—from cover …

Journal Time! How to Master Intermediate English Grammar with Just Your Journal


Having trouble with intermediate English grammar?

Do you ever sit in English class and feel completely lost when the teacher talks about grammar?

That is how I felt when I was learning Spanish.

Every time the teacher would …

6 English Exercises Designed for Tourism and Hospitality


There’s a reason Hollywood loves to make hospitality movies.

I mean, the world of tourism is definitely not boring.

You see exciting places. You meet new (sometimes wild) people all the time. There’s a lot of drama and a …

9 Components That Will Help You Master the Art of Informal English Conversation


Whatsapp me the time, would you? 

Gonna. In a jiffy.

Is this how you sound when you speak English?

Maybe you don’t, but you should know that other people might.

Native English speakers among them.

During my first few days …

Talk Clearly and More Confidently with 7 Basic English Conversation Courses


Do you feel nervous and forgetful when talking with English speakers?

When I was studying Spanish, basic conversational skills were the hardest thing for me to learn.

Whenever someone asked me a question, I would freeze up and forget how …