Disney Fluency! The Best Movies and Songs to Learn English with Disney


I say you can never be too old for Disney.

Do you remember sitting at the TV with a bowl of cereal, watching your favorite Disney cartoons when you were a kid?

Now as an adult, maybe you’re sitting with

The Guide to English Sentence Structure That’s Easier Than You Expect


Are your English sentences a little shaky?

Do they wobble like a chair with one short leg?

Good sentence structure is the key to strong, effective communication in English.

If you don’t know the parts of a sentence or how …

Become a Chatterbug! 7 Top English Speaking Practice Apps for Conversational Confidence


Ever heard the term chatterbug?

It is someone who can talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk…

Maybe you are a chatterbug in your native language—but when speaking English, all the words leave your mouth.

Or …

Flip Flops or Sandals? Clear Up English Clothes Confusion with This Vocabulary List


Look at you!

Snazzy. Fresh. Fly. 

In other words, you look good!

But do you know what you’re wearing?

English clothes vocabulary can be pretty confusing. Some words are super specific, while others are used for all kinds of clothing …

The 4 Best English Picture Dictionaries (Plus a Personalized Bonus)


Ever been in a maze?

It’s a puzzle where you have to escape, but the route is twisted and blocked at every turn.

Mazes can be fun, or they can be terribly frustrating.

Any English learner knows this!

English learning

Get More from English Videos! 8 Subtitled Sites and YouTube Channels


English subtitles are like a bridge.

They’ll take you from “What are they saying?!” to“I can totally understand this!”

They’ll help you understand English speech while you watch movies, TV shows and videos—until one day you cross the …

Love Watching Netflix? Learn English at the Same Time with These 8 Shows and Movies


You should do the laundry…

But you watch Netflix instead.

You should do your homework…

But Netflix is so much more interesting.

We all use Netflix to procrastinate (avoid hard work).

What if we could watch Netflix without feeling guilty?