Learn English with the Radio: 13 Great Shows + 4 Steps to Use Them?


It’s always cool to be a little retro.

When you’re retro, you’re bringing back a fashion or trend from the past.

You’ve probably seen it before:

People are wearing clothes from the last century.

They’re buying classic cars.

They’re …

No-stress English Learning! 5 Chat Robots That’ll Never Judge You


We’d all love to have our own, personal robot.

A machine to handle our most annoying chores.

Do all of our errands.

Cook fresh, delicious meals for us every day.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

For now, we humans are mostly …

Life of the Party! 40 English Party Conversation Phrases for Fun, Easy Chatting


Where have you had the most interesting discussions?

For me, it was at parties.

Where have you sat through the most boring chit-chat?

For me, it was also at parties.

Party conversations can go either way.

Sometimes you talk all …

Type to Learn: 12 ESL Typing Practice Resources and Games


Do you know the difference between something “basic” and something “easy”?

When something is easy, it can be done without much effort.

Something basic, on the other hand, comes from the term “base.” A base is the bottom of something. …

Supercharge Your Writing with 4 Advanced English Grammar Skills


In English, there is one well-known saying that holds incredible power.

One simple sentence that gives a sense of potential and opens up endless possibilities for all:

“The pen is mightier than the sword.”

This saying means that writing and …

Go Ahead, Play with Your Phone! 13 English Improvement Apps


Are you addicted to your phone?

It seems that many people are.

According to one study, Americans check their phones 46 times per day.

Another study found that a third of citizens in the UK start using their …

Learn English for International Tourism with 16 Modern Concepts


Imagine working as a tour guide in a theme park.

It could be Disney Land. Or maybe Jurassic Park.

Although these are two very different places, both require English for tourism and hospitality.

Even if you don’t want to …