How to Use the English Past Continuous: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

english past continuous

The policeman came in.

“What were you doing on the night of the murder?” he asked.

“I was studying English grammar, Sir.”

“Oh, were you? Can you prove it?”

“I can indeed. My mom was watching a series on

Can I Learn English Myself? How to Successfully Teach Yourself English

learn english myself

Meditating in your bedroom.

Reading an exciting book.

Sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and listening to the rain.

Some of the best things can be done by yourself.

So, what about learning English?

We always hear …

How to Learn English with Music Videos and Songs: Tips and Tricks to Get Started

learn english music

Do your English lessons have you singing the blues (feeling sad)?

Do you wish you could whistle a happy tune (enjoy yourself) as you learn English?

Well, you can.

Make your English study sessions more fun by learning English with …

Fall Head Over Heels for These 30 English Idioms About Love

english idioms about love

Did you know words like crush, fall and smitten can mean positive things?

Or that a triangle can be dangerous?

Have you ever been the apple of someone’s eye?

Idioms are crazy. Crazy fun!

They add flavor to the

Classroom Chats: Your Guide to Conversations Between Teachers and Students

conversation between teacher and student

Learning conversational English is an important part of the fluency journey.

But, the way you speak to a friend in a coffee shop is very different than the way you speak with a teacher in a classroom. There are different …

He, She or It? Master Gender in English with This All-in-one Guide

gender in english

How many times have you heard that English nouns have no gender?

How many times have you been lied to, then?

Your teacher may have told you this just to make things easier for you. Or maybe they were just …

Learn These 10 English Idioms About Age While You’re Still a Spring Chicken!

english idioms about age

I know what you’re thinking: A spring chicken? What is he talking about!?

As an English native, I’ve been learning idioms since I was knee-high to a grasshopper!

A knee-high grasshopper, what!?

But for non-English speakers, idioms can be …