“How Did You Learn English?” We’re Sharing Our 7 Successful Techniques to Get Fluent


Don’t write in English, they said, English is
Not your mother-tongue. Why not leave
Me alone, critics, friends, visiting cousins,
Every one of you? Why not let me speak in
Any language I like? The language I speak,
Becomes mine,

Howzit! 17 Uniquely South African English Words and Phrases


When you visit South Africa, don’t be confused about the robots in the road.

You won’t see a human-like machine walking past the cars.

“Robot” is simply the South African English term for “traffic light.”

There are lots of …

The Longest Word in English Is Hiding a Powerful Vocab-learning Trick



No, that is not a typo.

That is actually the longest word in the English language.

I know, trying to understand that word (let alone pronounce it or spell it) sounds terrifying.

And what the heck does

15 Fun and Challenging Tongue Twisters for English Practice That’s Never Boring


Let’s play a game.

Say the following sentence out loud.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Did you have trouble?

It definitely isn’t easy!

Tongue twisters like the one above are a lot of fun to try and …

How to Learn English Grammar with Nothing but Your Android Device


Apps make learning easy.

I mean, they are designed to hold your attention!

As wonderful as a good grammar textbook can be, it is not exactly the same. There are no colorful cartoons, fun songs or addictive games in a …

17 Commonly Mispronounced Words in English: How to Say Them Correctly (With Video)


English can be so weird.

Why are there so many words that look completely different than they sound?

English pronunciation can be so complicated that even native speakers go their whole lives mispronouncing certain words.

There are probably at least …

How to Learn English with the Latest CNN News (Listening and Reading)


An incredible English learning resource has been hiding in plain sight for 40 years.

It provides reading and listening opportunities to increase English fluency.

It even teaches you about American culture.

Think you know what I am talking about? Well, …