Learning English with Music: 17 Hot New Songs for English Learners


You know what brings us all together?

Music does.

Music is called the “universal language” for a reason.

“Universal” refers to something that is true for or applies to everyone. Every human being has a certain understanding of rhythm and …

Got Your Headphones On? Good! Now Learn English by Listening!


Unnerstandin’English’skindahardsometimes, yaknowhaddamean?

Did you get that?

No, it’s not the super-long name of a city in Wales.

It’s just the way that a native English speaker might say the phrase “Understanding English is kind of hard sometimes, you know

The Top 19 American TV Mega Hits for Learning English


Have you heard of the phrase “idiot box?”

It is generally used to refer to a TV set.

For example:

Are you really going to spend all afternoon staring at that idiot box?

The common idea is that TV shows …

20 Delicious English Idioms to Spice Up Your Conversations


Would you like a pizza without any toppings?

No meat, no onions, no cheese!

How do you think it would taste?

Not very good, I’m sure.

What if we topped it with chicken, pepperoni, corn, mushrooms, bell peppers and mozzarella?…

Become a Star! 5 Websites to Learn English from Movie Scripts


Don’t you just love to sit back, grab some popcorn and read a good movie?

Wait, what?

Aren’t we supposed to watch movies…?

Well, normally, yes. But with movie scripts—which provide all the dialogue from a movie—you can …

Feel the Rhythm of English and Improve Your Pronunciation!


Want to improve your pronunciation?

Then put down that textbook and learn to feel the rhythm of English!

Many English learners focus on improving their vocabulary and grammar without thinking much about rhythm—even though this is just as important …

8 English Word Stress Rules to Promote Clear Communication


When you speak English, do you say the words evenly or do you sing them?

You should be singing!

No, I’m not talking about karaoke.

What I mean is that your intonation and pitch should fluctuate (go up and …