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10 Best English App Downloads to Start Using Now


I remember trying to haul several textbooks on my walk to and from school every day.

It was impossible to practice my schoolwork at a coffee shop or at the park because the books were just too heavy to take …

6 Incredible Benefits of Learning English

teaching english vowels

What if I told you that one thing can completely change your approach to language learning?

This one important thing is the key to learning English.

Do you want to change the way you think about learning?

If you are …

Watch and Learn! The Top 8 English TV Android Apps for Language Learners

english tv app android

“It’s the greatest teaching tool since the printing press.”

Can you believe this quote, from a famous American businessman, is about TV?

Most people associate TV with relaxation or even laziness.

But you actually can learn a lot

These English Vocabulary Lists and Lessons Will Teach You 1000+ New Words


Some sources say there are 600,000 English words.


Worried that you will never be able to learn all the words you need to communicate in English?

Do not worry.

Learning English vocabulary does not have to involve

English Around the World: How Many Countries Actually Speak English?


If you speak English, you can communicate with people on six continents.

There are English speakers to be found from the northern tip of Canada to the southern tip of Africa, and everywhere in between.

That is great news for …

English for Daily Life: Tons of Free Resources for the 5 Most Common Situations


Sometimes, basic English conversations are the most complicated ones.

In daily life, English speakers talk quickly. They use lots of slang. They make jokes and cultural references that you might not understand.

Suddenly, your English classroom seems like a comfortable, …

Need an English Dictionary for Android? 8 That Go Way Beyond Simple Definitions


Do you carry a dictionary in your pocket?

Probably not.

You would need pretty big pockets.

…Or would you?

Instead of carrying a huge paper dictionary, you can keep thousands of words in your pocket with an English dictionary app