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Need an English Dictionary for Android? 8 That Go Way Beyond Simple Definitions


Do you carry a dictionary in your pocket?

Probably not.

You would need pretty big pockets.

…Or would you?

Instead of carrying a huge paper dictionary, you can keep thousands of words in your pocket with an English dictionary app

The 11 Most Fun English Games You Can Download Now and Play Whenever


Does English learning feel like a chore?

It should not!

Today I will be sharing a list of English game downloads to help you practice English and have fun while you are learning.

Games are a great way to

Easy as ABC! The Best Tips and Resources to Learn the English Alphabet


Why do English speakers say “easy as ABC?”

It is not always that easy!

The English alphabet seems simple at first glance.

But then you realize that each letter can have many different pronunciations—including some that might not exist …

Get More from English Videos! 8 Subtitled Sites and YouTube Channels


English subtitles are like a bridge.

They’ll take you from “What are they saying?!” to“I can totally understand this!”

They’ll help you understand English speech while you watch movies, TV shows and videos—until one day you cross the …

The 5 Best Sites for Beginner English Reading Practice (With Answer Keys)


Who doesn’t love to get lost in a story?

With great books you can explore magical worlds, travel backwards or forwards in time or simply see the world from another person’s perspective.

…But only if you understand the words …

Will, Would, What!? The Simple Guide to Modal Verbs in English


Everybody can use a little help now and then!

That goes for English verbs, too.

Sometimes, one verb alone just won’t cut it.

A modal verb can help the main verb do its job.

Modal verbs add more meaning