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Kickstart Your English Learning Program with These 7 Free Online Courses


I once taught myself an entire language from scratch, for free.

No, it wasn’t my native language. And nobody who lived near me spoke it. Still, I was determined to learn. I looked all around the internet for courses, eBooks, …

14 Useful English Apps for Beginners


If I can learn an entire language on my own from scratch, with just the help of a few apps, then so can you.

And in this post, I will teach you how.

I’ve always enjoyed doing things independently and …

200+ Riddles in English to Puzzle Your Way to Fluency


What is something that belongs to you but that everyone else uses?

Hint: It’s not something you can see, touch or hold.

The answer?

Your name!

Your name is something that “belongs” to you alone, but everyone else “uses” it …

The 8 Best Unconventional English Vocabulary Apps (iOS and Android)


Growing your English vocabulary is like growing a garden.

It takes time and effort every day.

You need the right strategies to be successful.

And if you do it well, the results are so rewarding.

In this article, we’ll help …

The 7 Best English TV Sites Made for Language Learners


As a kid, I loved to watch TV—especially English cartoons.

But there were often words and phrases I didn’t understand.

So, I would guess at the meaning from the context and the reactions of other characters. Sometimes, I would …

Gymglish Review: Is This English Language App Worth It?

gymglish review

I’ve always liked learning things on my own, at my own pace.

So when I first decided to learn a new language, I naturally turned to the internet. By being dedicated, setting deadlines and—importantly—using the right language programs

Top 12 English Listening Practice Audio & Tests to Improve Comprehension


Let’s face it: you won’t get fluent without English listening practice.

When I was a new language learner, I mistakenly thought that speaking correctly was all that mattered.

I poured over vocabulary books and grammar guides. I could easily introduce …