8 Fantastic Sites for Endless French Video Lessons


How’s your French learning tool belt?

Let’s take a look.

I’m seeing some dictionaries, some translator apps, some conjugation guides

That’s all awesome, but with the technology available today, you’ve got to get some fun digital tools in …

French Quizzes for Beginners That Won't Bore You: 5 Sites to Check Out


What’s even better than learning French?

Putting your French knowledge to the test!

Even if you haven’t been learning French for very long, an assessment of your skills can be very beneficial.

It can help you understand where …

3 Quick Applications for the French Past Participle


Carpe diem.

Seize the day!

True, one should absolutely live in the present, but things can’t always be so perfect.

In fact, sometimes they’re rather imperfect.

See what I did there? Ba dum tssshhh.

Really, though, the …

A Diverse Dozen: 12 Bilingual French-English Books to Try Now


In “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” earthling Arthur Dent is able to instantaneously understand alien languages with the aid of the Babel Fish in his ear.

Imagine reading a classic work of French literature cover to cover—and not stumbling

7 Faithful French Language Tutorial Sites You Can Count On


You know the old saying, right?

Friends don’t let friends slack when it comes to improving their French.

Okay, maybe I misheard it…

But either way, I’m here to help you, friend!

Today I’d like to introduce you …

7 Cool Places for French Beginners to Learn with Videos


Hey, you!

Is your French learning still in its infancy?

Maybe you’re still crawling around looking for the best learning tools out there.

Or maybe you’ve already gotten savvy about online French courses and French immersion.

You may …

How to Choose Your Own French Learning Tools


These days, life seems busier than ever.

It can be extremely difficult to find time for anything we elect to put on our wish list!

Unfortunately, things like learning a new language start slipping through the cracks only to …