Survival Belgian French: 10 Essential Things to Remember


Can your French pass the travel test?

Sure, it may hold up in the classroom or in your local French language meetup, but what about abroad?

If you’ve been learning French, it’s likely that you’ve been learning Parisian …

Unlock French with 3 Keys to Learning French by Immersion


Imagine walking down the cobblestone streets of Paris, the Eiffel Tower standing loftily in the distance.

You pause for a moment to buy a croissant from the corner boulangerie (bakery) before continuing your stroll along the river Seine.

As you …

How to Self-study French with 5 Super Effective Online Tools


Ever come across an artsy French movie and thought, “geez, I wish I could speak French and watch this beauty in its original language?”

Or how about those French vloggers that you love watching? Wouldn’t it be great …

6 French Video Resources to Make You a Conversational Superstar!


If you’re like me, then you spend hours a day glued to your phone, laptop and tablet scrolling through video after video of the latest news, snippets of recent comedy sketches and previews of new box office hits.…

Suffixer-upper: 12 French Suffixes to Upgrade Your French


Imagine you possess a sleek, modern living space.

Your day-to-day existence feels smooth and effortless.

You have everything decorated the way you want.

You have all the appliances and furniture you need.

Having the right tools and organization to build

7 Resources That Make It Easy to Learn French with Videos


There are billions of views on YouTube videos every day.

That’s astonishing, isn’t it?

Video has completely changed the way we live, let alone learn foreign languages like French.

If you haven’t checked out the best YouTube channels for learning

14 French Prefixes for Taking the Lead with Your Learning


I love being up to date on all things French.

But staying ahead of the French game isn’t just about listening to the news.

It’s not just about racing to fluency with the latest French music, movies and …