How to Choose Your Own French Learning Tools


These days, life seems busier than ever.

It can be extremely difficult to find time for anything we elect to put on our wish list!

Unfortunately, things like learning a new language start slipping through the cracks only to …

Introducing the Unassuming, Utterly Useful French Infinitive


Learning French is like learning a musical instrument.

In either case, you start with the basics.

In the case of music, you start with notes that you’ll later be able to put into melodies.

In the case of French, …

Practice Your French with These 8 Outstanding Vloggers


We all know French movies are a great way to learn French.

But sometimes, they’re hard to find, or maybe you just don’t have time to watch a two-hour movie.

Don’t get me wrong, movies are great for practicing

6 Favorite French Songs for Learning Fluent French


“Pourquoi philosopher alors qu’on peut chanter ?”

This question means, “why philosophize when we can sing?”

Georges Brassens, the beloved French singer who posed this question, might have a really good point.

Whenever we think of famous French figures

Regular French ER Verb Conjugation: A No-mess, No-fuss Walkthrough


Regular French –er verbs are classic as PB&J.

Okay, so peanut butter and jelly sandwiches aren’t very French.

And they may be classic to Americans only because they’re cheap and a cinch to make.

But they’re also a good …

49 French Vocabulary Essentials for Your Daily Morning Routine


Cocorico !

If you didn’t know, that’s the French rooster’s answer to the English rooster’s “cockadoodledoo.”

Bonjour (good morning).

Time to wake up!

The weather’s not bad, is it? Did you see the news last night?

And how are …

Learn French Through Audio: The 13 Best Tools for Listening Your Way to Fluency


“I can’t study French. I’m way too busy.”

Does that sound familiar?

Does it sound like something you’ve heard a colleague, friend or family member tell you?

Even worse, does it sound like something you’ve told yourself?

Well, …