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Moods in French: The Ultimate Reference for Learners at Any Level


No, we don’t mean “happy” or “sad.”

Moods in French are a little bit more complicated.

You probably already know that they have to do with French grammar

You might not be sure what they have to do with

The 3-step Guide to French Liaisons: When They’re Needed, Forbidden or Up to You


Sometimes it feels like French has more silent letters than pronounced ones.

Remember the first time you tripped over the word etaient (were), only to discover that it has just two syllables?

French is famous for its tricky pronunciation—and …

Une conf call, L’IT, Mi-temps: Talking About Jobs in French


Time to get to work talking about… work!

While the French may be famous for their 35-hour work week, they do work on occasion.

Actually, a 2015 report even showed that the French were the seventh most productive …

Master 50 of the Most Common Irregular Past Participles in French with This Guide


The French love to live for the present.

That must be why they made talking about the past so difficult!

French learners spend months sorting through the differences between the imperfect and composed past… only to face the myriad …

Wondering How to Have a Good French Accent? 5 Tips to Follow


Let’s be honest.

Is there anything sexier than a French accent?

Not only will mastering the French accent get you loads of dates, it’s also an essential part of learning to speak French fluently.

That’s right, we’re not …

Be on Top of Your Preposition Game: The Ultimate Guide to French Prepositions of Place


Would you say you’re on the bus or in it?

That depends on which language you’re speaking.

Prepositions connect words and describe their relationship in space or time (for instance: in, under, during, etc.). Different languages speak about space and …

Texto Hero: 5 Steps to Effortlessly Text in French Like a Native


Ta oublié de me donner l’adresse de la teuf ce soir !

DSL! Je te l’envoie tt suite

TKT c bon A+

This isn’t some strange military code, but rather standard language for texting in French!

Can you figure out