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How to Type French Accents: A Guide for PC, Mac and Linux Users (Plus Online Keyboard Resources)


Bonjour, je veux apprendre le francais. (Hello, I want to learn French.)

See the problem here?

I will give you a sec. Found it?

We write français not francais!

That little appendage on the “c” is an accent, and …

The Top French Level Tests in 2020 for Students, Teachers, Translators and Visa Seekers

french level test

What if I told you that your French could make you money, get you into a great university or even allow you to live and work in another country?

You might think I’m crazy, but your French is valuable

Let’s Put Pen to Paper and Master Written French

written french

You’re sitting in a cafe in Paris, pencil in hand.

You came to France to write the next great French novel. The paper’s there facing you, waiting to record your masterpiece.

Now is the time and the place …

Learn French on… Discord? How to Hack This Gamer Chat for Language Learning


Welcome to a virtual world of non-stop French learning.

A French Discord server will connect you instantly with French speakers and students.

You might already think of Discord as a place for gamers, but you would be surprised how …

What’s the Best French Android App? Meet 15 Heavyweights in the Google Play Store


Google Play store making you dizzy?

I get it.

There a ton of French Android apps to choose from.

And who wants to spend time sifting through app reviews when you could actually be learning the French language?

That’s why …

Learn French on YouTube: 20 Info-packed Channels in 2020 for Classroom Quality Language Lessons

french 3

Isn’t YouTube a destination for mindless distractions?

Actually, non!

YouTube is a French learner’s paradise.

On YouTube, French learners can find hundreds of free channels and videos to—you guessed it—learn French.

So when it’s time to learn …

Don’t Just Translate Your Resume! How to Structure and Write a French CV Like the Locals Do


If only there were some magical way to make job hunting less awful.

Especially for those of us looking for jobs in a foreign language.

Talk about stress!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a stress-reducing potion or a crystal ball …