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French TV Live Streaming Online: Everything You Need to Know


There’s an immense well of French video content that’s often overlooked.

Not your standard funny internet videos—luckily, just about everyone knows about those.

Not music videos—while these are great, they’re not on the agenda today.

Not even your

Where My Native Speakers At? Top 3 Ways to Learn French with Les Français


Think ahead five years.

You’ve been diligently studying French and finally you’ve put your skills to the test.

You’re in France! You hop off the plane at Charles de Gaulle airport and you need to get to Paris.

But …

Flex Your French! 6 Translation Exercises for a Language Workout


What if there was a way you could turn your passion for French into cold hard cash?

I couldn’t believe it either, but it’s true!

And not only that, but you’ll also put your French into overdrive by doing …

Literature + Language Skills: 9 Classic Short Stories for French Learners


Come for the free-flowing wine and crunchy baguettes with cheese.

Stay for the captivating classic literature.

If you’re like most French learners, your love of the language is partly due to the enticing French lifestyle and culture.

But …

How to Learn Authentic French on YouTube: 6 Diverse Resources for All Levels


Do you have a spice in your cabinet that you use all the time?

Or a tool in your toolbox that makes any job easier?

How about a French learning resource you can always count on?

I know I’ve got …

60+ French Cognates You Can Count On (Plus Fake Ones You Can’t)


Did you know you already use French words every day?

And we’re not just talking about the obvious ones like cliché and à la carte.

We’re talking about essential, everyday vocabulary that you can pick up from English …

Like, Quoi? How to Learn French Through English


Can you understand this sentence?

Then you’ve got a secret weapon for learning French.


These two languages have been intertwined for centuries, creating lots of overlap that language learners can use to their advantage.

But they’re not exactly …