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Like, Quoi? How to Learn French Through English


Can you understand this sentence?

Then you’ve got a secret weapon for learning French.


These two languages have been intertwined for centuries, creating lots of overlap that language learners can use to their advantage.

But they’re not …

Make Learning a Community Affair with These 6 Fabulous French Language Forums


Teachers, language exchange partners, tutors and study partners.

Any one of these French language aficionados can help you learn French better.

Learning French is certainly easier and more fun when you’re surrounded by passionate people.

And being able to have …

Supercharge Your French with 6 Stellar Online Exercise Sites


You’ve heard all the old sayings.

Practice makes perfect…

You play the way you practice…

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice…

Well, that’s all fine and good if you’re learning to pitch strikes on the ball …

How to Start Learning French from Scratch! 11 Tips for Beginners


Greetings, future Francophone!

If you’re ready to start learning French, you’ve taken one small—but important!—step on your exciting journey through the universe of French learning.

It’s like you’re about to be beamed up into an alien spacecraft and begin …

Great Resources and Strategies to Incorporate Daily French Practice in Your Routine


Your French skills are pretty good, but there’s more to explore.

You’re feeling pretty confident about your French expertise, and it’s easy to think that there’s nothing left to discover.

But there is!

Make every day an adventure by …

6 Programs Across Canada for Immersive French Learning


How about a little poutine with your French lessons?

Heading to a country where French is spoken is one of the best ways to learn French.

Not only do you get an immersive learning experience, you also get …

Practice Your French with These 8 Outstanding Vloggers


We all know French movies are a great way to learn French.

But sometimes, they’re hard to find, or maybe you just don’t have time to watch a two-hour movie.

Don’t get me wrong, movies are great for practicing