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How Do You Become a French Translator? We’re Sharing Our 6 Steps to Career Success


When I was first learning French, I never thought of it as a potential income.

But one day I read about the requirements to become a French translator, and everything changed.

I was able to harness my French knowledge

Practice Your French with These 8 Outstanding Vloggers


We all know French movies are a great way to learn French.

But sometimes, they’re hard to find, or maybe you just don’t have time to watch a two-hour movie.

Don’t get me wrong, movies are great for practicing

6 Free Online Games for Addictive French Learning


We can all agree that games are a fun way to learn something, right?

But you don’t have to be a video game lover to enjoy and benefit from online games.

That’s because there are small online games geared specifically …

So, What’s the Deal with French? Is it Easy to Learn?


The floor is open for inquiries.

Today, we’re taking questions from prospective French learners.

Regardless of how they ask, new language learners always want to know one thing: Is this going to be hard?

There are as many answers to …

10 French Video Games for Active, Authentic Language Learning


Feeling restless when it comes to learning French?

Having trouble concentrating on that page in your textbook?

You’re not the only one.

Hey, we’re living in a digital, tech-savvy age, and you don’t want to learn French like your parents.…

The AP French Language and Culture Exam in a Nutshell


Just say “AP” and you’re likely to send shivers down a high school student’s spine.

Next to college admissions, it’s the most important academic challenge for teens in the United States.

Thinking about taking the AP French Exam?

Not …

Decades of Dialogue: 15 Classic French Movies to Develop Your Speaking


Do you know the equivalent of “Casablanca” or “The Wizard of Oz” in the French world?

France has impacted world cinema just as much as Hollywood, and their classics are so worth watching.

From the first time the Lumière brothers …