15 French Vloggers to Follow in 2024

The world of vlogging and YouTube has exploded in recent years.

Every day more video content is posted, available for free around the world.

Among those garnering millions of followers are some popular French vloggers posting on a variety of topics, from video games to travel adventures. 

Any French speaker or language learner looking to be entertained can find plenty of French content from these vloggers on YouTube and social media. 

Here are 15 popular French vloggers you may want to consider following.


1. Squeezie

Starting off at the tender age of 15 posting video game tests on YouTube, Lucas Hauchard, or Squeezie, is now one of France’s most prominent and beloved YouTubers with over 18 million followers. He’s a frequent poster and along with video game tests, he also shares travel adventures, horror stories and much more—a little something for everyone!

His channel, known for its energetic and entertaining style, spans various genres, including Let’s Plays, comedy sketches and vlogs. He’s garnered a colossal following with his captivating videos, humor and insightful commentary. 

2. Cyprien

Cyprien has distinguished himself as one of the most popular French YouTubers with over 14 million followers. With a career spanning over a decade, Cyprien has garnered a massive following for his witty sketches, satirical commentary and engaging vlogs.

His channel offers a blend of comedy, social commentary and relatable life experiences, resonating with viewers of all ages. Cyprien’s charismatic on-screen presence and ability to address a wide range of topics have made him a beloved figure in the French YouTube landscape, with millions of subscribers eagerly awaiting his next video.

3. Michou 

Michou (real name Miguel Mattioli) has close to 9 million followers on YouTube, and his gaming channel “MichouOff” has another 4.5 million. He first became known thanks to his gaming videos for video games like “Clash Royale” and “Fortnite.” 

Since then, he’s expanded his content and now shares a variety of humorous and entertaining videos. He’s also a musician and released his first EP, My Life,”  in 2020. He also participated in season 11 of Danse avec les stars (Dancing With the Stars) alongside French dancer Elsa Bois.

4. Aximem

Aximem (real name Maxime Chabroud) is a popular French vlogger and content creator. With a passion for technology, video games and gadgets, his YouTube channel is a hub for tech enthusiasts and gamers. His videos regularly garner more than 2 million views. 

Aximem also shares content related to travel, lifestyle, personal experiences and challenges. He’s a popular “reactor,” often reacting to pictures and videos he finds online. With a charismatic and relatable style, Aximem connects with his audience, offering insights into his daily life and adventures.

5. SEB

SEB (Sebastien Frit), also known as Seb la Frite (Seb the Fries) has a large following of over 5 million on YouTube. His videos range from comedic skits to longform stories about well-known celebrities and much more.

In addition to his vlogging, Sebastien is also a musician and actor. He’s appeared in multiple TV series and released his first EP “Crash Test” in 2021. He has a passion for rap music and in 2016 released a short documentary called “RAP STORY,” a history of the genre, which garnered well over 6 million views. 

6. Natoo 

Nathalie Odzierejko, or Natoo, is a humorist whose YouTube channel spans a wide range of topics, from comedic sketches and social commentary to vlogs and personal anecdotes. She covers subjects such as pets, dating and travel, among others.

Natoo is celebrated for her diverse content and witty humor, which has garnered her over 5 million followers (and got her on our list of funny French songs). Her charismatic on-screen presence and sharp wit have endeared her to a massive and loyal following.

7. FastGoodCuisine 

Charles Gilles-Compagnon is a prominent French YouTuber with a decade-long career in the culinary world. His channel, “FastGoodCuisine,” has attracted a global audience with delightful dishes and engaging charisma.

FastGoodCuisine isn’t just about food; it’s a dynamic channel where Charles and his friends push boundaries, captivate audiences and spark intriguing conversations. Many of his videos feature fellow YouTuber Hugoposé and go well beyond traditional cooking videos. Charles has also opened his own restaurant called Pepe Chicken, with a menu inspired by American fried chicken.

8. Joueur du Grenier

Literally “attic gamer,” Frédéric Molas, a.k.a. the Joueur du Grenier, is the authority on retro video game reviews in France. His hilarious presentation of some of the least successful video games in history has garnered him well over 3 million followers on YouTube.

Each video features JDG playing a game while acting in a parody sketch based on it. This unique twist on gaming content along with his witty commentary and love for classic gaming have earned him a dedicated fanbase in the online gaming community and beyond.

9. Jeremy Nadeau

Jeremy is an actor, comedian and YouTuber. He’s made a significant mark in the digital entertainment realm with his wit and humor. Known for his clever sketches and comedic commentary, Nadeau’s YouTube channel serves as a hub for hilarious content that resonates with a diverse audience.

With a knack for satire and relatable humor, Jeremy Nadeau has become a celebrated figure in the French comedy scene, continually delivering laughter to his viewers and establishing himself as a prominent comedic influencer. He’s appeared in a couple of French shows and movies and is also active on TikTok

10. Les Parodie Bros

Les Parodie Bros (The Parody Bros) is a popular French YouTube channel celebrated for its humor, creativity and entertaining parodies. Run by two brothers, this channel boasts a wide variety of content, including clever spoofs of movies, music videos and everyday situations.

Their witty takes on pop culture and daily life have earned them a dedicated following, and their unique blend of humor and satire keeps viewers coming back for more. Les Parodie Bros has established itself as a go-to destination for laughter and comedic commentary in the world of French YouTube.

11. Sananas

Sananas (real name Sanaa El Mahalli) is a French YouTuber specializing in fashion, beauty and lifestyle content. She shares videos in popular formats such as GRWM (Get ready with me), tutoriels maquillage (makeup tutorials), unboxing of new clothes and beauty products, shopping hauls, favoris du mois (favorites of the month) and more. 

Sanaa has served as an ambassador for various beauty brands including Yves Saint Laurent and L’Oréal. In 2018, She launched her own makeup brand, Sananas Beauty. If you’re looking for a French vlogger and beauty advice, you might give Sananas a follow.

12. Horia

Horia shares captivating content covering an array of topics including true crime, unsolved mysteries, all things paranormal and the dark stories of some prominent figures, living and dead, such as Marilyn Monroe and Lady Gaga.

Horia’s personality and the unique topics of her content attract a diverse audience who want something a bit different than the typical fashion advice or wild pranks that many other famous YouTubers provide. If you’re into the darker side of society, check out her channel @UnMondeAuFeminin (A Feminine World). 

13. Lena Situations

Lena Mahfouf is a young French social media personality who also happens to be dating another vlogger on this list, Sebastien Frit. Her YouTube channel “Lena Situations” has over 2.5 million followers and covers various genres including fashion, home decor and travel adventures

In 2021, Forbes France ranked Lena in their annual 30 Under 30 list in the Cinema & Entertainment category. In 2020, she published a book titled Toujours plus (Always More), a practical guide for young people to reject negativity and find joy, self-acceptance and success. It quickly became the #1 bestseller in France. 

14. Caroline

While lesser known than some of the big names above, Caroline Bassac (formerly half of the duo, Caroline and Safia) has developed a devoted following on YouTube. She offers lifestyle videos ranging from fashion and shopping to vacations and party planning.

With a charismatic and relatable approach, she connects with a wide audience seeking inspiration and entertainment. Caroline’s engaging presence, creative content and commitment to authenticity have established her as a cherished figure among French-speaking viewers. You can find her on social media platforms with her handle @beauteactive (active beauty).

15. Bruno Maltor

While he doesn’t have millions of followers, Bruno is a great vlogger to follow if you like to travel. His YouTube channel and social media platforms are dedicated to exploring the world’s most fascinating destinations, sharing travel tips and immersing viewers in diverse cultures.

Maltor’s charismatic personality and immersive storytelling have earned him a dedicated following of travel enthusiasts and adventurers. Through breathtaking visuals and insightful commentary, he inspires and guides his audience to embark on their own journeys of discovery, making him a leading figure in the travel vlogging sphere.

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Where and How to Find French Vloggers 

Finding French vlogs and vloggers has never been easier! Here are a few ideas for where you can start:

  • YouTube: For French vloggers, YouTube is the universal go-to platform. Just connect to YouTube.fr, and some famous vloggers should already appear as recommended channels. They garner millions of views, and YouTube makes sure they’re easy to find. You can also check out our post on the top French YouTube channels to learn French
  • Dailymotion: Dailymotion is like a French YouTube. Many vloggers keep accounts on both, but sometimes you’ll find very specific content here that doesn’t appear on YouTube. French vloggers sometimes put a few posts on YouTube, then encourage viewers to visit their personal website or Dailymotion to see the rest.

Keywords to Find Vlogs

If you’re looking for a vlog on a specific topic, try some of these search phrases:

Key word/phraseDescription
Relooking (Makeover)Vlogs about beauty and cosmetics
Mon haul (My haul)Shopping vlogs and opinions on products
Mon voyage à... (My trip to...)Travel vlogs
Tuto (Tutorial) + activityTutorial vlogs
Mon room tour / tour de ma chambre  (My room tour/Tour of my room) Room tours
Mon house tour Je vous montre ma maison / Je vous fais visiter ma maison / Visite de ma maison (My house tour/I'll show you my house/Visit my house)House tours
Déballagede... (Unboxing of...)People opening a package to show a product
Mon avis sur... (My opinion on...)Opinions on movies, songs, etc.
Let's Play frVideo game vlogs

How to Use French Vlogs for Language Learning

To benefit from vlogs as French learning material, you have to find a way to use them that works best for you. Here are some useful strategies: 

  • Find vlogs on interesting topics. Don’t spend all your time watching videos on French grammar and vocabulary. Check out vlogs made by and for French speakers to get some exposure to more authentic language, and make sure it’s a topic you’re interested in so you’ll stay motivated to keep watching (possibly more than once).
  • Find a few vlogs you like and stick to them. Keeping a short list of vlogs that you watch consistently will improve your listening comprehension. This is especially useful if your vloggers speak quickly, use lots of slang, or have a distinct accent. Little by little, you’ll come to understand them with consistent watching.
  • Rewatch confusing parts and keep a list of new vocabulary. First, watch the vlog once through to get the gist of it. Then, watch again and pause and rewind to rewatch any parts where you lose the thread. Make sure to jot down any unfamiliar words and try to determine their meaning from the context, then double-check with a French translator app


Vlogs are some of the most accessible and valuable French videos out there.

There’s something for everyone, and they pack a ton of great practice for French learners into a small package.

Follow a few of the French vloggers on this list, and get ready to be entertained!

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