14 Cooking Shows in French You Can Watch Online in 2024

If you like cooking (or just watching people cook) and you’re a French learner or speaker, you’re in luck.

There are some great cooking shows in French that will entertain and engage you—and probably make you hungry!

Keep reading for 14 of the best French cooking shows you can watch today, organized roughly from beginner to advanced.

They’ll have you picking up new vocabulary and improving your comprehension as you learn delicious French recipes.


1. Learn French While Cooking!

Français avec Pierre Shorts (French with Pierre Shorts) is a YouTube channel specifically for people who want to learn French. His videos on cooking crêpes and la tarte a la tomate (tomato galette) take this into account, and Pierra speaks slowly with clear enunciation.

These videos are great for beginners and will teach you both common vocabulary and some uncommon words. Pierre also uses many French expressions that you can expect to hear daily in and out of the kitchen. At the end of the video, a list of ingredients is provided.

2. Learn French with Nina!

This playlist is also designed for beginner French learners who want to learn French recipes. Nina speaks slowly and is easy to understand, so you’ll get essential listening comprehension practice while building your vocabulary.

The chef spends some time talking about the specific utensils that are needed, as well as the region associated with the food being made, allowing viewers to learn a variety of vocabulary words from different contexts. Best of all, the videos include accurate English subtitles! 

3. FastGoodCuisine

In these cooking videos, the host speaks very naturally and conversationally, but not overly fast.  Intermediate learners will benefit from hearing this balanced pace of spoken French. In some of the videos, the chef references different times of day and colloquial expressions, so viewers get a nice variety of vocabulary.

Some of the videos’ recipes are more technical than others, such as the videos about making homemade Pringles and McDonald’s fries. This requires viewers to pay more attention to understand the specific instructions, but the host’s demonstrations make it easier to understand what he’s saying.

4. Pratiks’ Cuisine et Recettes (Cooking and Recipes) 

The playlist above boasts hundreds of French cooking videos, so it’ll keep you occupied in the kitchen and keep your French skills in gear! They also have another cooking playlist called “Nos idées de recettes à faire en famille” (Our recipe ideas to make as a family). 

The longer videos with a host (as opposed to a voiceover) are ideal for intermediate learners because the hosts tend to speak at a normal pace—not too slowly but not too fast. Moreover, most videos include a list of ingredients in French and sometimes the cooking instructions as well.

5. Cuisine Rapide (Fast Cooking)

In perfect harmony with the channel’s name, the host speaks very, very fast at times. He sometimes also speaks more naturally during other segments, so these videos are ideal for advanced learners who are starting to get comfortable with French spoken quickly. 

He does tend to pause for a bit before saying the next phrase, so his speech won’t overwhelm viewers. There’s an abundance of words, especially verbs, which will ultimately allow you to develop a nuanced vocabulary.

6. La petite bette (The Little Chard)

Instead of instructing her viewers, the host of this French cooking YouTube channel speaks as if she’s talking to a friend. Her speech flows naturally and conversationally, and you’ll feel as if you’re in a pal’s kitchen.

The host describes her food with several adjectives, so you can expand your vocabulary and learn how to be descriptive in French. She also uses several expressions that are specific to French and don’t fully translate to English. This is a great opportunity for advanced learners to truly fit in with the French crowd. 

7. “Chéri-e c’est moi le Chef!” (Honey, I’m the boss!)

This is both a TV show that was broadcast in 2017 and a YouTube channel where you can find numerous instructional cooking videos in French. The videos are very short (usually under two minutes) and aim to promote accessible and quick cooking that anyone can do. 

The show involved three couples competing in cooking challenges, with one partner guiding the other through an earpiece. Chef Grégory Cohen chose the winner of each episode, and that couple won €1,000 and got to defend their title in the next episode. You can watch the show on Canal+.

8. “Nailed It! France”

This is a ridiculously fun competition show where amateur bakers compete for a 5,000 euro prize. They must recreate dessert masterpieces while racing against the clock, and there are plenty of mishaps and struggles to keep you laughing throughout each episode.

You can expect baking-related injuries, accidental obliteration of a mixer, broken dishes and additional chaos. The judges poke fun at the contestants but also give them constructive feedback, so if you’re an aspiring baker you could learn some things from this show. If you’re a French learner, you can also learn commands and a lot of baking-related vocabulary.

9. “Objectif Top Chef” (Objective Top Chef)

This captivating French culinary competition serves as a gateway for aspiring chefs to realize their dreams. Hosted by the renowned chef Philippe Etchebest, the show invites home cooks from various backgrounds to compete in intense challenges, testing their skills and creativity in the kitchen.

The ultimate prize is the chance to join the prestigious “Top Chef” competition, a platform that propels chefs into the culinary spotlight. “Objectif Top Chef” not only showcases the contestants’ culinary talents but also delves into their personal stories, so French learners will get a wide range of vocabulary.

10. “Top Chef”

“Top Chef” began in the U.S. in 2006, and its French version began in 2010. It’s a thrilling culinary competition that brings together talented chefs vying for the coveted title of the country’s top culinary master. The show challenges contestants with diverse cooking tasks, pushing their skills to the limit.

The chefs face intense pressure, showcasing their creativity, precision and innovation in the kitchen. Expert judges evaluate their dishes, leading to nail-biting eliminations. With this series, French speakers and advanced learners can get a glimpse into the dynamic and high-stakes world of professional cooking.

11. “Chef’s Table: France”

“Chef’s Table” is an American documentary series that was first released on Netflix in 2015. The volume on France was released the following year and includes four episodes that delve into the lives and culinary masterpieces of renowned French chefs.

The series explores the chefs’ innovative techniques, dedication to preserving culinary traditions and the stories behind their Michelin-starred restaurants. With stunning visuals, it captures the essence of French cuisine and the profound impact these chefs have had on the world of gastronomy. It’s great for any level with subtitles, or advanced French learners without them.  

12. “MasterChef France”

The well-known cooking competition show “MasterChef” is produced in more than 50 countries, including France. The French version is just as captivating as its counterparts around the world, bringing together passionate amateur chefs from across the country to compete in a high-stakes cooking arena.

The show celebrates the art of cooking while exploring the personal stories and journeys of each participant, giving you a look into the real lives of French people and their culture. As this is another show made by and for French speakers, advanced learners and fluent speakers will get the most out of it. The YouTube channel also features short instructional cooking videos. 

13. “Le meilleur pâtissier” (The Best Pastry Chef)

“Le Meilleur Pâtissier” is the French version of “The Great British Bake Off.” It began in 2012 and is currently in its 12th season. In this competition show, amateur bakers compete to win the title of the best pastry chef. Contestants face a series of challenging tasks, from intricate cake designs to delicate pastries, under the discerning eyes of esteemed judges.

The competition emphasizes technical expertise, creativity and presentation. With each episode filled with delectable treats, the series provides a delightful journey into the world of French pastry, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate the artistry of baking (and speak advanced French!).

14. “Ricardo”

“Ricardo” is a popular French cooking show hosted by the charismatic Canadian chef Ricardo Larrivée. With a warm and approachable style, Ricardo shares his culinary expertise, offering viewers a delightful blend of delicious recipes, cooking tips and creative food ideas.

The show encompasses a wide range of cuisines and cooking styles, making it suitable for both seasoned home cooks and kitchen beginners. Ricardo’s passion for food is infectious, and his engaging personality adds a personal touch to each episode. He also has a YouTube channel called “Ricardo Cuisine.” 

Why Watch Cooking Shows in French

You might get your appetite roaring… but you’ll also get your French language skills cooking! Here’s how:

  • You’ll broaden your vocabulary. Cooking videos in French will expose you to commonly used verbs and food words, as well as specific kitchen vocabulary.
  • Many of these channels feature classic French recipes, so you’ll get a sense of popular French dishes to prepare you for your first (or next) big trip to France.
  • You’ll learn a new recipe in the process!
  • We all know that food is a big motivator for exploring a different country and culture. Salivating at these recipes will build up your appetite for French food and culture, and will encourage you to keep learning French in the process.


These cooking shows in French will help you learn the language, and they’ll keep your stomach rumbling.

Choose one that calls to you, press play and enjoy—ideally with a snack on hand!

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