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Listen to French: 5 Beginner-friendly Audio Resources for Learners


It can be so frustrating to study French for a long time but still be lost when listening to it.

You might know endless vocabulary words and have your grammar perfected, but spoken French still just sounds like gibberish.…

Instant Polyglot: 6 Android Apps with Real-time French Translations

french translation app android

Android users, unite!

We’ve been mocked all over the internet for not being hip and cool.

We’ve been ridiculed for our supposedly awful camera quality that makes everything look like a blurry potato.

We’ve been condescendingly asked if our phones …

12 French Songs with Lyric Videos for Fun and Catchy Vocab Lessons


One fateful night, my beloved friends dragged me to karaoke.

It was a mistake.

After enduring many painful renditions of my favorite songs, a few headaches and possibly bleeding ears, my friends vowed to never take me to karaoke …

How Strong Is Your French Vocabulary? The Best Online Exercises to Find Out (and Bulk Up!)


I was once at a restaurant with a friend, and he asked our waitress how the menu’s “sweet surprise ice cream” tasted.

Her response: “The sweet surprise ice cream is, uh… cold.”

Very helpful.

To be fair, I’ve also had …

6 Flexible French Courses for College Credit You Can Take Online


It’s 2 a.m.

You’ve just gotten home after dabbing your night away at the bar. As you scour your fridge for your roommate’s leftovers, you feel that random surge of motivation to conquer the world.

So what do you

Can I Get You a Flesh? 10 Awkward False French Cognates


An eager traveler in Paris walks into a restaurant.

He tells the waitress that he’s very excité to be experiencing the French lifestyle.

She grimaces in horror.

Fellow diners start laughing.

One, out of the kindness of her …

We Need to Talk: 3 Steps for Beginners to Learn Spoken French


Do you know what true fear feels like?

The scariest moment for any beginning language learner is having to actually speak out loud.

You might feel like you’re at the Miss Universe Pageant and have 30 seconds to explain …