7 Funny French Songs to Add Laughs to Your Listening

French music isn’t limited to romantic crooners and cool indie bands.

The French music scene boasts a whole catalog of humorous songs. 

A lot of French comedy is about body language and slapstick, so music (and funny dances) are a natural fit.

These seven songs will have you chuckling as you brush up on grammar and pick up new vocabulary.

With everything from dry humor from the 1950s to modern YouTube crazes, there’s bound to be one that tickles your fancy.


1. “Ça plane pour moi” (Everything’s going well for me) by Plastic Bertrand

See the lyrics (in French and English)

The lyrics of this playful song sound a lot like nonsense. While you might not get the best grammar lesson from listening, there’s some vocabulary to take away.

The song also provides a great exercise for French comprehension: the more of the nonsense you can understand, the funnier it gets. Here are some words and phrases to aid your understanding:

  • Ça plane pour moi — This phrase literally translates to “That glides for me” in English. It basically means “It’s all going well for me” or “I’m doing great.”
  • Nana — While at first glance this seems like it means a nanny or a grandma, it’s actually the French way of saying “girl” or “chick.”
  • Bouffer — This is a good verb to use in place of manger (to eat), but it’s closer to “stuffing your face.” In the song, Plastic Bertrand refers to his cat eating its tongue. Pure nonsense!

If New Wave grooves are your cup of tea, check out more of Plastic Bertrand’s songs.

2. “La Tristitude” (Sadness) by Oldelaf

See the lyrics

Tristitude is a playful and informal French term that is a blend of tristesse (sadness) and solitude (loneliness). Another appropriate title for this song would have been “First World Problems.”

Some of the tragic things talked about in this song include:

If you want more of Oldelaf, check out the song “Le Cafe.”

3. “Je ne suis pas bien portant” (I’m not in good health) by Gaston Ouvrard

See the lyrics

If you’re not familiar with your body part vocabulary, then skip the songs for school children and let Gaston Ouvrard lead you through the human body.

With the song making a play on a hypochondriac’s state of mind, it’s essentially a laundry list of bodily ailments. Listen closely for these phrases (he sings fast!): 

  • bien portant — While it literally means “well running,” it refers to good health. 
  • C’est embêtant — “It’s annoying.” Most of the injuries and illnesses in this list rate somewhere on the annoying scale.
  • Ce n’est pas rigolo — “It’s not funny.” Rigolo is an informal and colloquial word that can be translated to “funny” or “amusing.”

For more oldies from Ouvrard, listen to “L’internationalisation.” 

4. “Le temps ne fait rien à l’affaire” (Time doesn’t make a difference) by Georges Brassens

See the lyrics

Des cons is a phrase used to call someone an idiot or a fool in French. This song is all about how once you’re an idiot, you’re always an idiot ( “Quand on est con, on est con” )—time and age don’t make a difference.

The song also provides a funny way to learn that sometimes French adjectives go in different places depending on their meaning: 

Vous les cons âgés (You the aged jerks)
les cons usagés (the worn jerks)
les vieux cons (the old jerks)

This song plays at the opening of the film “Le Dîner de Cons” (“The Dinner Game,” lit. “Fool’s Dinner”), which is a great film to check out if you want more laughs as you advance your French. 

5. “Moustache” (Mustache) by Twin Twin

See the lyrics

In this silly song, the singer describes all the great things he has in his life but says he’d give it all up for une moustache (a mustache). 

Here are a few things that he boasts about, which pale in comparison to having a mustache: 

This song was the French entry in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, but apparently, the judges didn’t appreciate the humor enough to choose it as the winner. It made it to the final but finished last.

6. “La complainte du progrès” (The lament of progress) by Boris Vian

See the lyrics

According to this song, the best way to woo a lady is to get her fine home furnishings. While this may be a dated way of thinking, this song provides some good laughs, a fun beat and vocabulary for household items

To give you a few ideas of what the ladies were looking for according to Boris Vian, we’ve got:

Une tourniquette, pour faire la vinaigrette  
Un bel aérateur pour bouffer les odeurs  
Des draps qui chauffent  
Un pistolet à gaufres  
Un avion pour deux

An electric mixer to make vinaigrette
A nice aerator to eat up odors
Heated sheets
A waffle gun
A plane for two

For more of Boris, check out his song “Je suis snob” (I’m a snob). 

7. “La chanson de l’humour” (The song of humor) by Natoo

See the lyrics

Funny songs can be a gateway to the world of French vlogging, as evidenced by Natoo and other popular French vloggers.

This video is a great source of vocabulary about jokes. Here are a few words to listen for:

If you like this one, check out more of Natoo’s songs and funny videos.  

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How to Learn the Language with Funny French Songs 

It’s no secret that some French songs are hard to understand. Here are a few ways to make sure that you’re getting the most out of each laugh, and getting the most laughs out of each song.

  • Sing along with the songs. Why not clear out those old windpipes and get a real feeling for their rhythm? You can use or to find the lyrics to other French songs. Listen to the song once through to get a feel for it and look up any new words to improve your understanding. Then start singing along! 
  • Use the translation to understand the jokes. While it’s normally not advised to rely on translations when learning a new language, they can be useful when you have no idea why a song is funny. If you just don’t get the joke, read the English translation of the lyrics, focusing on the jokes and the general comedic tone. Then listen again in French and see if it makes you laugh. 
  • Write your own funny French song. Find a song you like along with the lyrics. Then write your own funny version by replacing the lyrics with French slang, idioms and humor. To take it a step further, record yourself performing your parody song! 


Music and comedy make a great combination that will give you a nice break from your routine French practice.

With these songs, you can test your comprehension and pick up some new slang and casual language. 

There’s no better feeling than being in on the joke in a foreign language!

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