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The 10 Things You Need to Know About Belgian French


Can your French pass the travel test?

Sure, it may hold up in the classroom or in your local French language meetup, but what about abroad?

If you’ve been learning French, it’s likely that you’ve been learning Parisian …

The Current Guide to How and Where to Learn French with News


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Or listen all about it?

Watch all about it?

Tweet all about it?

You get the picture. The headline here is that French news is a great way to immerse yourself

The Beginner’s Delightful Guide to the French Months of the Year


Let me give you a language learning tip that will last all year.

It’s especially pertinent to beginners. You ready?

Here it is: Search for vocabulary that leads to more vocabulary.

It sounds simple, but it’s incredibly effective.

And …

Your Online Textbook: 35+ YouTube Resources to Learn French


What if there was a magical place that catered to all your French learning needs?

What if, on top of that, its services were free?

And what if it was already an app on your phone?

And then what if …

How the Passive Voice Is Used in French


Some voices like to whisper.

So if you haven’t heard of the French passive voice yet, don’t fret—it can be a bit sneaky that way.

To be clear, though, this is not the accent you’ll be using to speak French

12 Must-Know Regular -Ir Verbs and How to Use Them with Ease


Without verbs, we couldn’t do… well, anything.

We could only point at things and yell nouns and adjectives.

But you probably already knew that verbs were essential to language, and therefore, to learning French.

Well then, what’s the …

Be Proactive! 15+ French Pronominal Verbs to Start Using Now


The much-feared, so confusing, nightmare-inducing…

Pronominal verbs!

Okay, so it’s not like that at all. Who started all those rumors, anyway?

Trust me on this one, you’re overthinking this very useful and completely necessary sector of French grammar.

And it’s …