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Got an Intermediate French Grammar Guide? How to Create One


It’s okay to idle for a bit and catch your breath.

But if you let your intermediate French rest for too long it may be hard to start it up again.

With the basics behind you, now’s the time to …

38 Conversational French Phrases to Help You Cozy Up to the Language

conversational french phrases

You may have heard some rumors that you need to talk a lot to become fluent in French.

Well, the rumors are true.

French fluency can only be achieved with loads of great conversation practice with native speakers.

But …

9 Online Resources for French Lessons You’ll Love

online  french lessons

Tired of being tied down to one spot during French study time?

Whether that spot’s a desk, an old couch or a classroom—you yearn for more freedom.

French language learners, we know your pain.

No matter when you started learning

A Treasure Trove of Awesome Intermediate French Audio Resources


Shhh, can you hear it?

Really focus on the sound—can you hear it now?

Smooth, gorgeous French rolling off tongues of natives, landing warmly in our ears—an instant reminder of why we’re working to hard to learn this incredible language