3 Phenomenal Hands-on Spanish Science Lessons for Kids


Did you know teaching science is a great way to teach Spanish?

Learning is always more meaningful when it is acquired within context, and science lessons give you exactly that.

And if you are teaching young children, …

Teaching Elementary School Spanish? Here Are 5 Lesson Plans for You


“Lesson planning is the most enjoyable part of being a Spanish teacher!”

Said no one. Ever.

Be honest: When was the last time you frantically searched the web for ideas you could cobble together for a last-minute lesson?

I’m sure …

14 Awesome Spanish Presentations to Introduce Vocabulary to Beginners in Your Classroom


Presentations are amazing teaching resources! We can’t deny it.

No matter your students’ learning style and no matter how much we try to incorporate the use of all the senses in our lessons, having a visual aid that keeps …

5 Spanish Reading Comprehension Activities to Get Your Students Hooked on Books


Before getting my certification to teach Spanish as a foreign language, I taught the little ones.

You know, the ones who didn’t know the difference between an A or a B. The ones who were starting their reading …

How to Teach the Spanish Subjunctive Creatively and Effectively


High blood pressure. Goosebumps. An overwhelming urge to stay in bed all day.

Got these symptoms?

You just might have subjunctivitis.

It’s a common issue among Spanish students, but educators can get it, too. Teaching the subjunctive can …

Celebrate! 10 Fun Cinco de Mayo Activities for Kids


The month of May boasts some big-hitting holidays (Star Wars Day, anyone?), but the May holiday that takes the cake for Spanish educators is Cinco de Mayo. 

Even just a mention of it makes me want to break into the …

How to Revamp 5 Traditional Spanish Teaching Materials for Your Classroom


Get out your Walkman and lace up your Chuck Taylors.

It’s time to get old school.

In this post, we’re going to dive into some classic Spanish teaching materials.

Those retro resources that have been making teachers’ lives easier for …