How to Teach Spanish to High School Students in 4 Enjoyable Steps


Teaching Spanish to high school students can be rewarding.

It can also be a little overwhelming.

But rather than getting caught up in the enormity of the task before you, consider the fact that you’re being given a unique opportunity …

9 Tech-savvy Spanish Homework Assignment Ideas


Assigning homework is essential to keep the ball rolling after class.

Many educators primarily rely on their textbooks for homework—but if you ask students for feedback on these tasks, they’ll let you know just how tired they get of …

Teacher’s Aides: 9 Superb Websites for Spanish Educators


There are more Spanish speakers residing in the US than ever before.

This makes your role as a Spanish educator crucial.

Teaching Spanish can even be viewed as an act of social justice for the many monolingual Spanish speakers

21 Cool Ideas for Spanish Teachers That Span All Styles of Learning


Do you know what your personal learning style is?

Want to find out?

Did you know that most teachers tend to teach in the style that they personally learn through best?

If you have always learned Spanish best through visual

How to Pass the Spanish Certification Test and Become a Spanish Teacher


You’re the type of person that corrects your friends’ pronunciation at Mexican restaurants.

The gifts you give your in-laws include “Spanish for Dummies” and Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “Cien años de soledad.”

The desire to teach is so strong, you …

Spanish Screen Time: 9 Educational Yet Fun Videos for Spanish Students


Video viewing is at an all-time high.

Video for entertainment and communication is booming, and companies like Netflix and Amazon are reaping the benefits.

Now more than ever, there’s a lot of buzz around learning and teaching languages with

5 Great Spanish Lessons for Getting Your Christmas On


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

…and we all could use some fresh, magical ideas for spreading Christmas cheer in our classrooms.

In other words, we need to entertain the masses who are chomping at the bit for …