5 Animated Movies That Will Help Teach You Chinese


What kinds of movies did you first start watching in your native language?

Serious, tear-jerker dramas? Complex narrative-driven movies with overlapping plots?

Probably not.

I’m guessing it was more along the lines of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs…

10 E-learning Tools for Reading, Writing and Speaking Chinese


Ever hit a bullseye before?

Thrown a strike at a bowling alley? Scored a basket with nothin’ but net?

It’s a nice feeling—aiming, executing and getting that perfect, precise result.

Learning a language doesn’t always feel that way. Sometimes it …

The Real Deal: 6 Native Chinese Podcasts for an Authentic Learning Experience


“Culture” is a funny word.

It can refer to “capital C Culture,” also called “high Culture.” If that’s what we’re talking about, we mean philosophy and literature and movies and music.

All of the things that we think someone should …

Begin Reading Mandarin Chinese with These 5 Great Learning Books

read-mandarin-chinese 5 essential chinese learning books beginners

The story is all too common. You’re psyched about deciphering written Chinese but don’t know where to start.

Does reading Mandarin Chinese seem like an impossible feat?

Don’t beat yourself up—the Chinese language is a challenge even for Chinese people.…

A Personalized Intermediate Chinese Course That Exercises All of Your Skills


The intermediate phase of learning Chinese can be awkward and filled with growing pains.

You’ve outgrown your beginner resources and start feeling a little boxed in.

You still aren’t comfortable enough to just pick up a book, and watching …

Amazing Audio: The 2 Main Ways to Learn Chinese with Audio Resources


There’s this strange stereotype in many cultures about the language learner.

When you mention that you’re learning Chinese, the image that pops into people’s heads is most likely one of you hunched over textbooks and complicated-looking dictionaries, all by yourself.…

The Independent Student's Guide to Learning Chinese in China


China is a country with 5000 years of history, more people than anywhere else on the planet and an economy growing faster than anyone would have thought possible.

It’s also, of course, the logical place for all serious students