Beat the 2016 AP Chinese Practice Test by Following This Crafty Guide with Sample Answers 

Are you considering taking the AP Chinese Language and Culture Exam?

The Chinese AP Exam is a great way to earn college credit, and it provides a good benchmark of your Chinese language abilities.

The exam tests all areas of

9 Virtually Perfect Sites for Finding Chinese E-books to Boost Your Learning

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22 Chinese Interjections You Oughta Know!



“Who would’ve thought!”

Finding a quick, appropriate response during a conversation can be challenging when developing ability in a new language.

Sometimes called “rejoinders,” these short, responsive words and phrases can be used to express comprehension and give …

11 Cool Blogs in Chinese for Easy, Enjoyable Reading

Got any favorite blogs you follow?

I do!

Blogs are great for fashion inspiration, home makeover ideas, delicious recipes, travel insights and more! For just about every topic and interest, there’s a great blog out there.

But—are you following …

The Quick Start Guide to Learning Mandarin Chinese on Facebook

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We sneak over to Facebook, and after a while we start feeling guilty for procrastinating our language studies. But what if we could turn Facebook into a resource for

15 Awesome Sites to Download Chinese Songs

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Now that’s an offer you don’t want to pass up—especially if you want to learn the language faster!

You probably know that music is a …

Back to the Basics: 22+ Handy Chinese Phrases for Playing It Cool in Social Situations

Socializing can be stressful. Much less doing so in a second language!

Whether you are traveling to Asia, hanging out on the weekend or going on a date, you’ll need some essential conversational phrases to help you survive.…