The Beginner's Easy Chinese Pronunciation Guide


My uncle picked us up from the airport in Suva, Fiji, around 4 a.m. local time.

As we drove to his house, I leaned my head back and looked through the sunroof at the stars.

Being from California, I was …

6 New Winning Ideas for Chinese Software Immersion


We all know that immersion is a great way to learn Chinese.

But what does immersion mean for someone who’s stuck in Omaha and can’t just pack up and move to China?

Well, immersion doesn’t always involve buying a plane …

Food Me! The Most Important Chinese Restaurant Phrases for Hungry Students


In my second week of learning Chinese, my teacher taught us the phrase “你吃饭了吗” (nǐ chī fàn le ma).

This literally means, “Have you eaten?” but it’s often used the way “How are you?” is used in English.

The …

The 7 Best Websites to Learn Chinese


What’s the recipe for Chinese fluency?

Well, if you’ve already got motivation to learn…

Then just add internet access.

The internet is brimming with amazing language tools that’ll help you master any element of learning Chinese.

All you need …

Helpful Hints to Make Your Chinese Immersion Program a Success


Tired of classes and tones and characters?

What if learning Chinese was more about tasting tea than memorizing stroke order?

That’s what immersion is about.

You might still have to memorize stroke order, but one of the best language …

Friendly Feedback: How to Learn Mandarin Chinese with a Language Partner


Finding a language exchange partner is the first step to getting truly conversational in Chinese.

And perhaps the first step to building a lasting friendship.

Who doesn’t want someone to hang out with while traveling through China?

Whether you …

How to Learn as Much Chinese as You Possibly Can in 3 Months


Do you need to learn Chinese, and now?

Don’t have the patience to wait years to have your first conversation?

Have you heard the buzz about how you can learn the language in just three months?

If so, …