Feel It Out! 20 Chinese Feelings and How to Express Those Emotions Like a Native Speaker

chinese feelings

Let’s face it; we’re emotional beings!

We can feel joy, anxiety, love and exhaustion all in one day!

As humans, we talk about our …

Take Your Basic Chinese Conversation to the Next Level with 4 Timeless Topics

basic chinese conversation

Stuck in a conversational rut with your Chinese?

Find yourself using the same introductory phrases over and over?

Chinese conversation scripts—the kind you’d find …

Chinese Language Basics: The Vocab You Need to Know Plus 5 Tips for Mastery

thank you in japanese

In Chinese, there’s a 成语 (chéngyŭ) — Chinese idiom that perfectly describes the determination of the hasty Mandarin learner: 快马加鞭 (kuài mă jiā biān).

No-stress Test Time! Chinese Quizzes from 5 Fantastic Platforms

chinese quizzes

Repeat after me: quizzes are not the enemy!

Our grade school days may have taught us to dread quizzes, which seemed designed only

30+ Must-know Chinese Honorifics for Being Polite Like a Pro

chinese honorifics

I never really liked being referred to as “ma’am.”

It always makes me feel old.

Although it sure beats hearing people shout “lady” to …

Congratulations in Chinese: How to Shower Praise like a Supportive Native Speaker

congratulations in Chinese

Life is too short to not celebrate each other and each other’s proud accomplishments—big and small!

There are infinite events and moments in life …

Get What You Want in Chinese: How to Express Desires and Needs

want in chinese

How often do you claim that you need something when it’s merely something that you want?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

People …