Beginner’s Luck! 9 Bold Online Resources for Learning Chinese as a Newbie


Hey, beginners.

It might seem like cheating, but it’s not.

Learning Mandarin Chinese while wearing your pajamas and lounging in your favorite chair is allowed.

While learning a language in a school setting has its merits, but it …

Land That Job! How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese for Interviews


Interviews are great, right?

Who doesn’t love the sleepless night before, the panic over what to wear in the morning, the sweating in the waiting room while thumbing through your resume looking for errors?

Alright, interviews aren’t that great. But …

7 Awesome Mandarin Movies You Can Marathon on Chinese New Year


Think your last ugly sweater party was fun?

It’s got nothing on Chinese New Year.

This massive annual celebration has everything you need for an awesome party: huge family feasts, parades, music, elaborate decorations and tons of fireworks, …

10 Must-watch Documentaries for Chinese Language Learners


Want to change the world?

Make a documentary.

Just look at the impact it can have!

After Morgan Spurlock’s expose on the dangers of fast food in “Super Size Me,” McDonald’s overhauled their menu to offer healthier options. Kirby Dick’s …

How’s the Weather? 20+ Chinese Weather Words and Phrases You Need to Know


What’s the most basic conversation-starter you can think of?

Ah, yes. “How’s the weather?”

Sure, it may be a bit default and typical. But asking about the weather is one of the most common ways to break the ice with …

Chinese Language Forums: 7 Marvelous Message Boards for Learning Mandarin


Remember, if you can, the days of the early internet.

When we were online but not yet connected by social media.

Before we carried super-smart communication devices in our pockets at all times.

This was the time when chatrooms

5 Crazy Entertaining Chinese Talk Shows for Fun Mandarin Learning


Just about every ’90s kid can remember this type of glorious sick day:

Home from school, lying in bed, lazily watching talk show hosts chat about basically everything.

News, celebrity gossip, books, dubious lifestyle advice, you name it.

Shows like …