Blessings and Good Fortune! How to Wish Someone Good Luck in Native Sounding Chinese


Luck is a huge part of Chinese culture.

It underlies Feng Shuigift-giving etiquette, unlucky numbers and colors of prosperity and vitality.

So it may come as no surprise that there are many different ways to wish

Using ? for Everything? How to Pick the Right Measure Words in Any Chinese Sentence


Could you get through a day without counting?

Probably not.

I’m guessing you want to know exactly how many dollars are in your bank account. Or how many minutes you have left in the workday. Or how many eggs …

How Many Chinese Characters Do I Need to Know? HSK-inspired Vocab Goals


The simple, unabridged answer:


Even if you couldn’t read or write a single Chinese character but could still have a full conversation with a native Chinese speaker, wouldn’t you be fluent?

Okay, sure…

But let’s get real.

Whether …

How Not to Act Like a Foreigner in Chinese Business: Advanced Vocab and Cultural Tips


China could be the world’s largest economy by 2030.

That’s according to the International Monetary Fund. While it hasn’t happened yet and China’s economic growth has slowed to a “modest” 6.5% per year, the country’s business scene is …

Watch Chinese Dramas! 5 Sites Where Learners Get Dramatic


It’s time to get dramatic.

Imagine grabbing your favorite snack, relaxing back into your favorite chair, kicking up your feet, powering up your TV or device… and learning Chinese!

Unfortunately, unless you’re in a Chinese-speaking country, it’s not as simple …

Whoosh! 20 Must-know Chinese Verbs for Learners in a Hurry


Do you think Chinese is hard?

Well, buckle your seat belt…

Because you’re about to zip faster than you thought possible through one entire Chinese topic.

You’re about to find out what exactly makes Mandarin one of the easiest languages

4 Friendly Chinese Chatbots for Mandarin Learning Convos


Chatbots have been a trend for as long as this old writer can recall.

Remember in the early 2000s when everyone was using Cleverbot to kill some time?

Ever tried thinking of the most obscure character or concept in existence …