Type in Mandarin: 5 of the Best Chinese Keyboards for iPhone


How many words do you think you type in a day?

How fast do you think you can really type?

According to Ratatype, the average typing speed is generally between 37 and 44 words per minute. The fastest English …

4 Chinese Grammar Checkers All Mandarin Learners Need to Bookmark

chinese grammar checker

Ah, Chinese grammar. The bane of every Mandarin language learner’s existence.

We know, English isn’t without its strange grammatical structures. But Chinese grammar is a whole ‘nother ball game.

Chinese grammar is both extremely similar to and ridiculously different …

19 Chinese Learning Tools to See Your Mandarin Skills Skyrocket


There’s a certain formula to “formal” learning.

You go to class, listen to the lecture, go home.

You practice reading, writing, speaking and listening for an hour or so.

Rinse and repeat.

Some Chinese learners might find this a bit …

Learn Chinese with Videos: From Beginner to Advanced in 12 Hours and 20 Minutes


You might already know the benefits of a good language-learning video.

You may be aware that the visual experience can hold your attention very well and the audio can help you nail pronunciation and improve accent comprehension.

But knowing …

Make Learning Fun with the 6 Best Chinese TV Apps for Android


It’s no secret that learning a new language takes time.

It’s also no secret that most of us don’t have a whole lot of time to spare.

It’s not even the actual coursework that takes so much time—it’s the practice. …

Build Your Chinese Muscles with These 5 Mandarin Online Tutorials


Online tutorials are the best, aren’t they?

You can learn everything from how to do your makeup to how to hang out with popular people to how to scratch your boyfriend’s beard, all with the help of a tutorial …

Learn Chinese Through Immersion: 7 Cool Courses for Beginners


Learning Chinese through immersion is far from a new concept.

Think about it: Immersion is the perfect way to learn a language.

It’s the way many immigrants learn the language of their new country. When you’re thrown into a totally …