Learn Chinese Through Shadowing: The Simple but Effective Shortcut to Fluency


Listening and speaking are two of the hardest skills to cultivate when learning a language.

After a while, memorizing vocabulary, taking grammar notes and writing out sentences becomes easier.

But nothing compares to the frustration that comes when you can’t

Chinese for Beginners: 10 Fun Resources to Brighten Up Your Study Routine


According to Mill For Business, a company offering business solutions, about 380 new websites are created per minute.

And, as of January 2019, there were 1,518,297,412 websites in the entire world.

As for books, Forbes, the famous business magazine, …

Chinese Numbers: A No-nonsense Guide to Counting from 1 to 1,000 and Beyond!


If you recently started learning Chinese, odds are learning Chinese numbers is one of your first goals.

Numbers are one of the most basic language milestones that many beginners try to surpass in the early phases of language …

Exercise Your Mind: 10 Chinese Flashcard Apps to Build Your Mandarin Muscle


Do you work out?

Maybe you go to the gym with the aim to get swole (or at least stay fit).

Or maybe you jog around your block every morning for some light but effective cardio.

But do you work

Learn Chinese: The Beginner-friendly Guide to Studying Mandarin Chinese


It’s time.

It’s time to stop making excuses and actually do it.

It’s time to learn Chinese!

We can hear you protesting now. “But it’s too hard!” “I’ll never be able to learn the writing system!” “I don’t know where …

Mastering Chinese Pronouns: The Complete Beginner’s Guide


Imagine starting a conversation with a new Chinese acquaintance.

You might tell them about yourself: I am a teacher. We are from the United States.

You might also ask about them: Are you a student? Are they your

Just Press Play! 12 Chinese Movies with English Subtitles


Watch movies to learn Chinese, they said.

It’ll be fun, they said.

But if you aren’t already proficient in the language, watching Chinese movies is just plain overwhelming.

It’s a tricky language! How are you supposed to follow along …