Are You a Kid at Heart? Learn Chinese with These 9 Cartoons


“I don’t think of cartoons or comics as being for kids.” – Jeff Kinney, author of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”

What a true statement!

Cartoons can be just as entertaining for adults as they are for children.

Not …

Writing an Introduction? Here’s How to Introduce Yourself in Chinese Pinyin

how to introduce yourself in chinese pinyin

How would you describe yourself?

It depends on the context, doesn’t it?

Are you filling out a social media profile? Meeting someone face-to-face for the first time? Writing a cover letter for a job application?

For Chinese language learners, writing …

The Top 15 Chinese Online Courses for Next-level Learning

chinese online course 2

When you plan a road trip, you use a map.

When you go grocery shopping, you prepare a shopping list.

When you perform in a play, you study the script.

But in spite of all the guidance you use throughout …

5 Handy Chinese Tests Online for the Challenge-loving Learner


It doesn’t matter how strong of a student you are.

Taking a test is never fun. Especially if there’s something at stake.

Even if you enjoy a good challenge, there’s a lot of anxiety that builds up before an exam.…

Have You Heard? These 9 Resources Are Perfect for Chinese Listening Practice

chinese listening practice 2

When you’re studying Chinese, learning to listen can be a bumpy road.

When I first started learning Mandarin in high school, it amazed me how many roadblocks I hit when it came to listening.

I was a master at …

Calling All Beginners! 10 Resources for Learning How to Speak Mandarin Chinese Just for You

how to speak mandarin chinese for beginners

Starting anything new is overwhelming.

Taking on a new job? The anxiety for the first few shifts is paralyzing.

Going to the gym every morning? You’ll probably hit snooze more often than you’d care to admit.

Learning a new language?

Traditional vs. Simplified Chinese: What They Are and Where to Use Them

traditional vs simplified chinese 2

Note: Chinese words in this article will be written in simplified characters, then traditional characters, then accompanied by the pinyin and meaning, e.g., 中国 / 中國 (zhōng guó) – China.




What do all these …