How to Radically Improve Your Listening in Russian: The Ultimate Guide


So let’s say you’ve started watching Russian movies, listening to Russian music and tuning into Russian radio…

And you’ve noticed a little hitch.

Despite all you’ve learned, you’re still not understanding as much as you’d like.

I could tell …

Tune In to Russian: The Top 10 Radio Stations for Language Learners


When you’re traveling, it feels like there’s something different in the atmosphere—as if the air itself is soaked with the region’s language.

Every time I’ve returned to the U.S. from Russia, I’ve thought, man, wouldn’t it be nice to be

Order an Extra-large Serving of These 9 Russian Translator Apps!


On tonight’s menu, please try a delightful app.

No, not an appetizer—a Russian translator app!

They may whet your palate for learning, but they won’t leave you wanting more like the apps you get at restaurants.

And let’s be honest …

The Top 10 Sources to Learn Russian with Audio


A picture is worth a thousand words.

The person who coined that phrase clearly never attempted to learn Russian.

Russian is infamous for its difficult pronunciations, dense groupings of consonants and impossibly long words.

You can, of course, learn a …

10 Authentic Vloggers to Teach You Real Russian


What do you get when you mix viral videos, makeup tutorials and an incredible Russian learning resource?

No, it’s not a bizarre but enjoyable party. It’s YouTube.

YouTube may be your go-to place for kitten videos or help …

Easy Reading: How to Find and Enjoy Russian Short Stories for Beginners


Classic Russian literature is one of the best reasons to learn Russian.

If you dream of reading in Russian (or enjoying some sweet audiobooks), you’ve got some of the best material in the world to choose from.

From …

Level Up Your Russian Skills with These 6 Intermediate Courses


Хотите улучшить свой русский язык? Вы пришли в нужное место!

Don’t understand a word of what was written above? Then, young grasshopper, you aren’t quite yet ready for the wisdom this article has to impart.

For those who didn’t catch …