Where to Find the Best Japanese Talk Radio Programs


How many times have you listened to awkward, artificial Japanese dialogues starring robotic office workers, stereotypical gaijin and deep-voiced, authoritarian narrators?

If you’re a typical learner of Japanese, by now you’ve been through a few years of forced listening.

And …

Learn Japanese with 6 YouTube Channels You'll Love


YouTube is only getting bigger.

This means that videos of adorable kittens in peculiar predicaments are on the rise.

It also means that there are always more resources to take advantage of on your Japanese journey.

Are you using …

5 Jazzy Japanese Lessons You Can Learn with J-pop Songs


You’re supposed to be studying for a kanji test, but instead you find yourself at the local karaoke joint.

You’re belting out the lyrics to a J-pop hit with a crisp can of oolong tea in your hands.

How …

9 Famous Japanese Singers and Groups for Light-speed Learning


How many times a day do you hear music when you’re out and about in Japan?

Convenience store jingles.

The chime before the train door slides shut.

Restaurant music.

Music is a huge part of Japanese life and culture.

This …

6 Reputable Japanese Courses You Can Take Online


So you’ve decided that you want to learn Japanese. Brilliant! You may have just changed your life forever!

The only problem is that if you’re a massive introvert like me, the notion of going out and actually talking to

19 Fun and Bizarre Japanese Idioms to Try On for Size


The cat’s out of the bag.

I spilled the beans.

And now here I am with my foot in my mouth.

And it tastes like…foot.

Once upon a time, while tutoring a fellow high school student in Japanese …

15 Japanese Kanji Synonym Pairs + How to Learn Characters with Similar Meanings


One thing that nobody has ever said about kanji is that there are too few of them.

The jōyō kanji list, with its 2,136 characters, could have been made half as long and still pose a serious challenge for