129 Exciting Japanese Travel Phrases for Having Real Conversations Abroad


Many people like to say that it’s easy to travel in Japan.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s relatively easy, but not for the reason people think.

Japan is a gorgeous country inhabited by helpful and friendly people, but English …

11 Top-notch Audiobooks by Famous Japanese Writers


If there was a contest for “the most challenging written language in the world,” Japanese would easily win it.

It has three scripts, thousands of characters and infinite spelling variations that frustrate the best efforts of would-be readers.

Being …

Learn Japanese with Video Games: A Starter Guide


Chances are, if you’re learning Japanese, you’ve played some Japanese video games.

Playing video games in the original Japanese may even be one of the driving forces behind your quest for fluency.

And that’s perfectly okay.

In fact, it’s …

How to Learn Japanese Just by Watching Videos


In Japan, there’s a proverb: “継続は力なり” (けいぞくはちからなり).

It means “in anything you do, persevering every day will reap rewards.”

What I love about this idea is that it doesn’t proclaim that we must take enormous steps or knock down significant …

The Best 3 Japanese Radio Stations and Their Top Talk Radio Programs


How many times have you listened to awkward, artificial Japanese dialogues starring robotic office workers, stereotypical gaijin and deep-voiced, authoritarian narrators?

If you’re a typical learner of Japanese, by now you’ve been through a few years of forced listening.

And …

6 More Great YouTube Channels for Learning Japanese


YouTube is only getting bigger.

This means that videos of adorable kittens in peculiar predicaments are on the rise.

It also means that there are always more resources to take advantage of on your Japanese journey.

Are you using …

5 Jazzy Japanese Lessons You Can Learn with J-pop Songs


You’re supposed to be studying for a kanji test, but instead you find yourself at the local karaoke joint.

You’re belting out the lyrics to a J-pop hit with a crisp can of oolong tea in your hands.

How …