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9 Pitch-perfect Online French Pronunciation Tools


How eez your French accent?

Struggling with those silent letters, nasal consonants and vowels that make you sound like you’re underwater?

You and every other French learner!

French is a notoriously difficult language for newbies to pronounce. And that’s …

A Pocket Glossary of 140 French Medical Terms for Healthcare Workers or Patients


Doctor, doctor!

Imagine the pâté you ate at that restaurant didn’t agree with you.

Your lovely French vacation has turned into a rendez-vous between you and a porcelain bowl.

Even worse, imagine being sick in a foreign country and not …

5 Strong Defenses Against French Reflexive Pronoun Confusion


The first rule for mastering reflexive pronouns: don’t get discouraged.

The second rule for mastering reflexive pronouns: don’t get discouraged.

It’s all about attitude!

So become your own grammar boss and porte-toi bien (hold yourself well).

The truth is, you’re …

6 Smart Strategies for Learning French with the Bible


Did you know that the Bible is the most read book of all time?

Yes, yes, it’s even more popular than anything Balzac or Proust wrote!

So why not read it in French?

The source of a whole bunch

From Fantasy to Reality: 10 French Sci Fi Movies for Supernatural French Learning


What if you could learn French in a galaxy far, far, away?

If you could take your French out of this world without leaving your couch?

There are many ways to take your French to the next level.

You could …

8 Fresh French Rap Songs for Language Learners Who Love a Good Beat


You’ve probably heard the same song and dance over and over.

Say it with me: Music is a great way to learn the language of love.

And it’s true. I’m not here to deny this.

But if you really …

11 Test Day Tips for Rocking the French AP


The AP is just around the corner.

Whether you have six months or six days, preparing for tests is a highly personal endeavor.

We all learn differently.

You and your perfect study guide are beginning to tire of one …