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Pack These 80+ Basic French Travel Phrases for a Smooth Trip to France


Having essential French travel phrases on hand can totally transform your trip.

You won’t just be another tourist bumbling around the base of the Eiffel Tower.

You’ll be a true traveler, experiencing the country in the language of the locals.…

From Fantasy to Reality: 10 French Sci Fi Movies for Supernatural French Learning


What if you could learn French in a galaxy far, far, away?

If you could take your French out of this world without leaving your couch?

There are many ways to take your French to the next level.

You could …

How to Learn French with the News Even If You Have No Idea What’s Going On


I have a confession to make.

I suffer from FOMO.

That’s Fear Of Missing Out (it’s in the Oxford English Dictionary).

I love having the 411 on all things: weddings, birthdays, births, parties, elections, …

7 Sharp Strategies for Achieving French Immersion Online


In order to become fluent in French, you have to live French, breathe French, eat French food, sleep French, drink French.

Well, you get it.

Basically, you have to intentionally put yourself in a place where people speak

The Efficient Student’s Guide to Learning French in 6 Months


Where will you be in six months?

A whole lot can happen in that timeframe. You could switch jobs, move apartments or meet the love of your life.

And you can learn French.


It won’t be easy, but …

Suffixer-upper: 12 French Suffixes to Upgrade Your French


Imagine you possess a sleek, modern living space.

Your day-to-day existence feels smooth and effortless.

You have everything decorated the way you want.

You have all the appliances and furniture you need.

Having the right tools and organization to build

14 French Prefixes for Taking the Lead with Your Learning


I love being up to date on all things French.

But staying ahead of the French game isn’t just about listening to the news.

It’s not just about racing to fluency with the latest French music, movies and …