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Need School Credits? Here Are 6 Accredited Online French Courses That Offer High School Credit


I’m a freelance writer who works from home. I work in my pajamas, play with my dog throughout the day and take breaks whenever I need them. It’s amazing.

In fact, I wish I’d been able to work from home

Immersive and Intensive: 8 Intensive French Courses in France


Do you feel like it’s taking forever to make measurable progress in your French acquisition?

Whether you study on your own or take classes, you have only so much time to devote to learning the language.

You want to become …

Comme les Lyonnais: 7 Immersive Options to Learn French in Lyon


At age 21, I packed my bags and took my first solo trip abroad.

My destination: Lyon, France.

I was embarking on this journey because I wanted to immerse myself in the French language. My college didn’t have …

Why 5 Scary Parts of Learning French Aren’t So Hard At All


Have you been eyeing the French section of your local bookstore?

From afar?

Without having purchased a single book yet?

Maybe you’ve noticed all the French movies and English movies with French subtitles that are available on Netflix.

And …

The Ultimate Guide to Talking About Your Family in French


How long do you think you can last in a conversation without mentioning your family?

It doesn’t sound that difficult. Most adults don’t feel compelled to speak at length about our mommies and daddies.

Think about it, though. How often …

Be Agreeable! How to Learn French Verb Agreement by Mastering the Past Tense


Delving into the past can sometimes be painful.

Do you agree?

Fuddling through the correct conjugations for the French past tense—and all the right verb agreements—can make recalling past events even more painful.

Again, are you in agreement? Give …

J’adore les verbes français: 11 Websites for French Conjugation Exercises


It’s time to fall in love all over again.

If you’re at odds with French due to verbs, we’re here to help.

Let’s add some spark and playfulness back into the romance!

But first, let’s talk about why the relationship …