Satiate Your Thirst! Water in French and Its Many Quenching Forms

water in french

France is famous for its water.

Évian. Perrier. Volvic.

Trendy. Bubbly.

The stuff of life.

But there’s more to water in French than the vogue of bottled water.

Consider La Côte d’Azur (French Riviera).

The Loire. …

150+ French House Vocabulary Words Because There’s No Place Like Home!

french house vocabulary

I’m inviting you to a French house party!

It’s going to be a blast.

We’ll munch on some snacks.

We’ll rock out to some happenin’ tunes.

We’ll get our chitchat on.

Best of all, we’ll get a

Get the Ball Rrrrolling: How to Pronounce “R” in French!

how to pronounce r in french

“How does your throat feel?”

Wait a second… what does that have to do with French?

It’s not a typical question to ask unless someone has a cold, but when it comes to learning French, you might find you’ve wound …

French Lessons for Beginners: 5 Fantastic Ways to Start Studying French

french lessons for beginners

Starting French lessons as a beginner can be a lot like dishing out that first slice of pie.

You want it to be picture-perfect.

You slice precisely. You carefully lift your pâtisserie (baking) masterpiece from the pie dish.

…and then, …

“Very Good” in French: 24 Positively Fantastique Adjectives to Add Flare to Your French

very good in french

There’s a lot that’s très bon (very good) about France and its language.

Their cuisine is unrivaled, and their cafés, art museums and architecture draw millions of visitors each year.

Whether it’s the monumental novels of Victor Hugo or …

How to Talk About Seasons in French: The Complete Guide

seasons in french

What are the ingredients for a good base in French proficiency?

Start with some high-quality online French lessons and then mix in some grammar fundamentals.

But what about seasoning?

Well, that’s the vocabulary you’re going to acquire, and you …

Dreaming of French: How to Talk About Sleep in French and Bring Your Dreams to Life

good night in french

Do you dream of French?

You know, the one where you’re enjoying crêpe Suzette (thin dough filled with butter and orange sauce) at an outdoor Parisian café in spring.

Or the one where you’re exploring the sun-kissed beaches of Marseille.…