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How to Say “Sorry” in French: 6 Sincere Apologies for All Types of Faux Pas


I’m sorry, over-achievers.

My apologies, perfectionists.

When it comes to learning a language, making mistakes is inevitable.

Sometimes those mistakes will be embarrassing. Sometimes, they might even be offensive.

That certainly doesn’t mean that you should stop trying out …

Just Press Play! 7 Fresh Sites to Learn French with Subtitles


I get it.

Not everyone likes subtitles.

Take my mom. She finds them distracting from what she’s watching. She generally avoids foreign films unless an English audio track is available.

But if she were a French learner like you, I’d …

How to Use “Il y a” in French: The Basics, Negation and Questions


They’re just three little words.

How could they be so important!?

I really didn’t appreciate il y a at first. In fact, when I first read about this phrase my French 1 textbook, I found il y a downright peculiar

Fine Tune Your French Reading: Top 6 Sites for French Reading Comprehension Exercises


Ever see one of those annoying bumper stickers?

“If you’re reading this, you’re too close.”

Do not worry, I am not nearly that obnoxious a driver.

But… if you are reading this, you will probably agree that reading is …

Que-stions, Anyone? When to Use Qui vs. Que in French


Word-for-word translation does not work.

J’ai dû aller au supermarché pour acheter du beurre et des fraises, mais comme j’ai trouvé les fraises si chers, je ne les ai achetées pas. 

I had to go to the grocery store for …

Always, Sometimes, Never: The Demystifying Guide to French Adverbs of Frequency


Ever taken a survey?

Maybe it was one of those annoying phone surveys.

Maybe a business lured you into doing one online with promises of being entered into a raffle for $500. Or maybe you filled one out to help …

The Role and Controversy of the Académie Française: A French Learner’s Primer


“I would like to thank the Academy for giving me this award.”

Some people dream of strutting down the red carpet and winning “Best Actress.”

But others have a different dream:

Receiving a Grand Prix de Littérature (Grand Prize for …