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The Role and Controversy of the Académie Française: A French Learner’s Primer


“I would like to thank the Academy for giving me this award.”

Some people dream of strutting down the red carpet and winning “Best Actress.”

But others have a different dream:

Receiving a Grand Prix de Littérature (Grand Prize for …

Merci and Beyond: 8 Ways to Say Thank You, French Style!


What’s the most generous thing someone’s ever done for you?

Maybe someone hosted you in their home while you were apartment hunting.

Or maybe someone got you the most thoughtful gift for your last birthday.

Or maybe you’re simply thinking

40+ Descriptive Words to Take Your French Beyond Basic Statements


Have you ever tried eating a dish without any seasoning?

No spices. No salt. No sauce. Just the main ingredient.

Imagine trying to eat even something as simple as rice and beans like that. It wouldn’t be very enjoyable, would …

No Way! How to Turn Down, Negate and Deny in French


“Hey, do you want to work late tonight?”

“Could you help me move?”

“Would you like to continue struggling with French gender rules?”

Uhhhhh… no.

Sometimes you have to say no. And it’s OK to say no.…

Stand Tall! The Guide to Confidence with French Word Order


Is your French still in pieces?

Learning French can be like drawing up plans for a new building.

And what would a building be like without structure?

It probably would not be very safe.

It probably would not serve its …

7 Online Grammar Exercise Sites for Strong, Beautiful French


I get it.

No one wants to be called a “grammar nazi.”

You know, that annoying friend or acquaintance who spots every “who” that should be “whom.”

That one guy who insists on correcting you when you say “less” instead …

From Tutorials to Real-world Learning: 21 French Video Tools


What’s France’s greatest contribution to society?

Is it their exquisite art?

Their world-famous cuisine?

While there are many possible answers, there’s no question that one of the most influential French creations has been film.

Several of the …