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Naming, Buying and Enjoying Fruits in French: A Delicious Guide for the Knowledge-hungry Learner

fruits in french

Can fruit teach you French?

Sure, fruit is delicious and certainly healthy, but how will this help your French in the long term?

It’s not just about memorizing the names of different fruits, although that’s a necessary foundation.

It’s …

The French Passé Composé: Sometimes Looking Back Is a Good Thing!


“Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” —George Santayana

I’m definitely a history buff.

Sure, you should “live in the present.”

But at the same time, you can’t escape the past. Whether it’s your nation’s history, …

8 Ways to Say You’re Welcome in French: From Polite to Casual and Beyond


Sure thing.

No problem.

Don’t worry about it.

You’re welcome.

It’s often the simplest words that best illustrate the nuances of language.

Just consider English: There are, in fact, many ways to greet someone (hello, hi, good morning), bid farewell

6 Easy French Short Stories You’ll Want to Read Again and Again


Ready for story time?

Some of my fondest memories from elementary school were the weekly trips to the library for story time.

During each visit, we would sit on the carpet while the librarian read us a story, modulating her …

French Listening Practice That Works: Top Exercises and Tips to Improve Comprehension


You’re picking up a few items at a grocery store in France.

You were able to find your way around, read ingredient labels and even mentally keep track of how euros compare to dollars.

But then it’s time to …

Enchanté! Introduce Yourself to 8 Brand New Words in French


I just finished reading a ginormous book.

Last week I ate a ginormous sundae.

The Eiffel Tower is ginormous!

Merriam-Webster started including “ginormous,” a combination of “gigantic” and “enormous,” in their dictionaries in 2007. It’s just one example of how …

Don’t Be so Literal! 6 Online Tools That Translate English-to-French with Context in Mind


Who doesn’t love a hilarious translation fail?

Never seen one? Take a scroll through this hysterical slideshow of English-French translation attempts.

If you look closely, you’ll see that there’s something many of them have in common.

The translators tried …