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Feeling Special? How to Use the French Restrictive Phrases “Seulement” and “Ne…Que”


The one, the only.

Unique. Special.

A diamond in the rough.


A once in a lifetime opportunity.


We like feeling special. We like being unique.

Whether applying for college, a job or simply meeting someone new, we are …

What Happened? How to Use the Imparfait vs. Passé Composé for Perfect Past Tense French


You just can’t escape the past.

Don’t worry, we’re not accusing you of some deep, dark secret.

We don’t know what you did last summer.

But we do know that you use the past tense all the time.

It could …

Conjugation Without Memorization: 7 Patterns You Can Apply to Tons of French Irregular Verbs


“What do you want first,” my French teacher asked, “the good news or the bad news?”

Ugh… what complicated, arduous, burdensome grammatical concept will we have to surmount this time?

She starts with the good news.

“The vast majority of …

It’s No Treble! 9 Fabulous French Music Videos


Music made me want to keep learning French.

And I have my high school French teacher to thank for it.

In my last year of high school French, this teacher showed us a French music video every day at the …

10 Quick, Captivating Commercials in French with English Subtitles


You just made a big bowl of popcorn and sat down to watch your favorite TV show.

The protagonist gently leans in to finally kiss your favorite character when…

Commercial break!

Or you eagerly click the link your friend …

Get Your Fill of French for Free with These 11 Awesome E-learning Resources


Aaaaaaaah, the internet.

You get on for just a second to check your friend’s status.

Then you get sucked in by those memes (you know the ones).

Next thing you know, it’s midnight and you’ve been online for hours.…

Fine Tune Your French Ear: The 5 Best Listening Tools, Plus Expert Practice Tips


You’re in the café, waiting for your French language partner to show up.

Might as well eavesdrop on the table next to you.

But as you listen in, you notice something peculiar.

Neither person is responding to what the other