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“Very Good” in French: 24 Positively Fantastique Adjectives to Add Flare to Your French

very good in french

There’s a lot that’s très bon (very good) about France and its language.

Their cuisine is unrivaled, and their cafés, art museums and architecture draw millions of visitors each year.

Whether it’s the monumental novels of Victor Hugo or …

Dreaming of French: How to Talk About Sleep in French and Bring Your Dreams to Life

good night in french

Do you dream of French?

You know, the one where you’re enjoying crêpe Suzette (thin dough filled with butter and orange sauce) at an outdoor Parisian café in spring.

Or the one where you’re exploring the sun-kissed beaches of Marseille.…

Enchanté! Introduce Yourself to 8 Brand New Words in French


I just finished reading a ginormous book.

Last week I ate a ginormous sundae.

The Eiffel Tower is ginormous!

Merriam-Webster started including “ginormous,” a combination of “gigantic” and “enormous,” in their dictionaries in 2007. It’s just one example of how …

Translate in Context from English to French: 6 Online Tools to Get the Job Done


Who doesn’t love a hilarious translation fail?

Never seen one? Take a scroll through this hysterical slideshow of English-French translation attempts.

If you look closely, you’ll see that there’s something many of them have in common.

The translators tried …

What Happened? How to Use the Imparfait vs. Passé Composé for Perfect Past Tense French


You just can’t escape the past.

Don’t worry, we’re not accusing you of some deep, dark secret.

We don’t know what you did last summer.

But we do know that you use the past tense all the time.

It could …

Conjugation Without Memorization: 7 Patterns You Can Apply to Tons of French Irregular Verbs


“What do you want first,” my French teacher asked, “the good news or the bad news?”

Ugh… what complicated, arduous, burdensome grammatical concept will we have to surmount this time?

She starts with the good news.

“The vast majority of …

It’s No Treble! 9 Fabulous French Music Videos


Music made me want to keep learning French.

And I have my high school French teacher to thank for it.

In my last year of high school French, this teacher showed us a French music video every day at the …