14 Entertaining Spanish Vloggers (Updated for 2024)

If you’re a fan of YouTube, you probably already know what a vlogger is. If not, let’s clear the air.

A vlogger is the protagonist and creator of a vlog—or video log—who uploads posts to their social media platforms in video form.

Watching Spanish YouTube channels is a great way to be entertained while also practicing Spanish!

Read on to discover 14 popular Spanish vloggers from all across the Spanish-speaking world!


1. Luisito Comunica

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, more commonly known simply by his channel’s name Luisito Comunica (Luisito Communicates), is one of the most popular Spanish-speaking YouTubers, with just under 42 million subscribers as of January 2024. 

Originally from Puebla, Mexico, Luisito’s YouTube channel has taken him all over the world. While Luisito Comunica offers content covering an array of topics, including food, supermarkets and fun challenges, travel is the main theme of this channel

You could start by checking out Luisito’s video showing the Wonders of the World or even this video of him trying to find the best pizza in Rome. Not only will you be able to practice your Spanish, but you’ll also get some great travel tips and destinations, too!

2. Gris Verduzco from Mis Pastelitos

Gris Verduzco is the driving force behind Mis Pastelitos (My Cupcakes). 

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She has a perfectly adorable little cocina (kitchen) and shares her recipes with the world. So if you’re into baking, get ready to learn more than Spanish. This woman is a whiz in the kitchen where she deals with all things sweet—including a huge gingerbread house and mouth-watering churros.

This vlogger is full of life, with a down-to-earth personality that makes viewers feel as if they’re right in her kitchen with her. Her Spanish is flawless and easy to follow, so while this may primarily be a baking vlog, it will still help you “whip” your Spanish skills into shape!

3. Alex Tienda

Alex Tienda is a travel vlogger from Mexico who goes to both ordinary and exotic places.

He’s a musician as well as an airplane pilot, and some of his vlogs bring those facets of his personality into the mix. Armchair travelers, wannabe pilots and anyone just looking to laugh with a guy who’s super friendly will love this channel.

Alex also has an impressive selection of documentaries available on his YouTube channel that form part of individual series.

What makes traveling with Alex Tienda particularly beneficial for Spanish-language learners is his easygoing style. He speaks as if he’s talking with his pals rather than to a camera. Following the conversation might challenge absolute beginners, but you’ll still get the gist of conversation based on the context even if you don’t understand every word.

Listening practice while traveling the globe? That’s a win-win situation!

4. Juca

Juca is a YouTuber from Mexico who’s totally amusing to watch. From shopping, haircuts, go karts, to customizing autos—there isn’t much this guy won’t do.

His biggest obsession appears to be cars. His knowledge and enthusiasm can get anyone excited about customizing vehicles or general auto repair.

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Over 3.4 million viewers have watched Juca’s trip to el supermercado (the supermarket)—which isn’t a dull expedition. He interacts with other shoppers and clerks and actually talks about groceries and cooking as he puts everything in his cart. Vocabulary and conversational skills? Juca delivers on both fronts!

5. elrubiusOMG

ElrubiusOMG, created by Rubén Doblas Gundersen, is one of the most popular YouTube channels in Spain, with over 40 million subscribers.

Rubén’s followers tune in to see crazy experiments, ridiculous challenges, “do not try this at home” escapades and “what happens in Japan stays in Japan” videos.

And if learning to swear in Spanish is on your to-do list, this is the place for it. This is definitely a channel targeted to mature audiences. Having said that, this guy is off-the-charts hilarious—in a totally unfiltered way.

While this channel is no longer as active as it once was, Rubén regularly posts on his gaming channel, Rubius Z.

6. enchufetv

With over 27 million subscribers, this channel from Ecuador is wildly popular!

Most videos are comedy sketches or short parodies of life and its silliness. They certainly provide lots of cultural insights in their little dramas, so it’s like a fly-on-the-wall experience into what life in Ecuador might really be like.

This is one channel that will make many Spanish language learners laugh. Think “Saturday Night Live” sketches—from Ecuador!

Cultural insights, vocabulary-building and listening practice. What’s not to love?

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7. Alanxelmundo

Alan Estrada, a Mexican actor and singer, runs his own YouTube channel called Alanxelmundo (Alan Around the World), sharing his travels through fascinating and informative videos.

Alanxelmundo offers over 900 videos, showing countries all around the world while providing useful information about the places he visits.

In addition to videos of his travels to places like the Great Wall of China and Teotihuacán, Alanxelmundo also has plenty of videos about amusement parks, flights and even restaurants!

If you’re interested in learning Spanish by watching travel content, make sure you check out Alanxelmundo on YouTube!

8. Nekojitablog

Are you interested in practicing your Spanish while learning about Spanish and Japanese culture and life?

Nekojitablog is a popular YouTube channel led by a married couple: Ernesto, from Spain, and Yuko, from Japan. With videos ranging from food and travel to cultural shocks and language challenges, you’re sure to find something entertaining!

Apart from specific Japanese-language videos, such as Ernesto’s Japanese speaking challenges, the majority of the videos are completely in Spanish, meaning you’ll get some great listening practice and be able to learn a few Japanese words here and there.

The channel’s catchphrase perfectly sums up this channel’s Japanese and Spanish heritage: Japón con jamón (Japan with Spanish jamón). 

9. Shannon Leeman

Shannon Leeman is a YouTuber from Mexico who regularly shares vlogs and other videos relating to daily life, fashion, makeup and travel.

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If you watch Shannon’s videos, you may recognize her husband, Cristian, who is another popular YouTuber originally from Seoul, South Korea who creates videos in Spanish on his own channel, Coreano Vlogs (Korean Vlogs).

As well as being a YouTuber, Shannon also enjoys singing. While her other channel dedicated to music, Shannon Leeman Music, is not as active as it once was, you can listen to some of the songs she has covered there.

10. Claudipia

Claudia, also known by many by her YouTube channel’s name Claudipia, is a famous YouTuber with 6.5 million subscribers, originally from Arica, Chile.

The videos on this channel cover everything from makeup and fashion to viral trends. In addition to this, you’ll also find some daily-life vlogs and travel content.

It’s worth noting that Claudia speaks quite fast, so some videos might be more challenging for some beginner Spanish learners. If you need a little language support, you can activate the automated Spanish subtitles and try following along.

11. Cristina Dacosta from Dacosta’s Bakery

Do you enjoy baking? Are you interested in trying out some fun and unique recipes?

Dacosta’s Bakery is a channel led by Cristina Dacosta, a Venezuelan YouTuber who lives in Mexico City with her husband, Juan (YouTuber Berth-Oh), and their son.

While Cristina mostly uploads fun baking videos and recipes recorded in her kitchen, you’ll also be able to find some vlog-style videos, like this one.

If you enjoy Dacosta’s Bakery, you could check out Berth&Cris, Cristina’s family vlog channel that she shares with her husband.

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12. Sin Postal

Sin Postal (Without a Postcard) is a Mexican travel channel led by husband and wife, José and Rubí. This channel focuses on travel destinations within Mexico, right from the northern states to the Yucatán Peninsula.

From Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) traditions and travel guides to cenotes and Mayan and Aztec ruins, the videos offered on this channel are fascinating! One of the best things about Sin Postal is their love for Mexico and its traditions, which comes across in their engaging videos.

If you’d like to learn about Mexico and get some great Spanish listening practice in the process, you could try watching Sin Postal on YouTube!

13. Ceci Saia

Ceci Saia is an Argentinian YouTuber who is currently based in Madrid, Spain.

If you want to practice your Argentinian Spanish or you simply enjoy watching travel videos, this channel is a good option.

Ceci Saia offers a range of videos, from useful tips for metro and plane travel to travel vlogs showing interesting sights all around the world.

To help you navigate this YouTube channel, you could take a look at the playlists, where most of the videos are organized by theme, such as trenes (trains), vivir en España (living in Spain), parques de diversiones (amusement parks), as well as continents.

14. Charlyokei

Do you like quizzes? What is your general knowledge like?

If you enjoy quiz shows or simply guessing answers, then Charlyokei might just be the channel for you!

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Charlyokei, also sometimes known as Súper Geografía (Super Geography), walks around the streets of Madrid, Spain, quizzing people as they go about their day.

Offering categories like preguntas de primaria a adultos (elementary school questions to adults) to banderas (flags), you’ll have plenty of videos to choose from!

These videos won’t just entertain you, but you’ll also get to expand your general knowledge and Spanish vocabulary in the process.

Bonus: Easy Spanish

For extra Spanish language practice, you could watch some of the videos available on the Easy Spanish YouTube channel.

Easy Spanish offers a wide array of content, such as interviews where the presenters ask questions to native speakers in the streets of Latin America and Spain, podcasts and videos with important Spanish vocabulary and expressions.

Most of the videos have subtitles in Spanish and English, making them accessible for all learners, no matter what level of Spanish you may have.

You can find more Spanish learning videos and YouTube channels like Easy Spanish in this post!

How to Maximize Learning via Vlogs

Watching Spanish vlogs is like spending time with a good friend—one who speaks fluently and is able to teach while entertaining.

These small (typically between five-30 minutes) clips squeeze into any schedule. They help build your Spanish vocabulary while providing listening and speaking practice.

Yes, speaking practice—if you take the time to respond to your vlog amigo (friend) with a video of your own. As adult learners, we need to take advantage of every opportunity to talk!

Many vloggers treat their audience as if they’re right there with them and ask questions or invite those watching to make comments. Respond, in Spanish! It’s fun and definitely ramps up the speaking practice part of your language-learning program.

Another thing to maximize learning is to make a note of words and phrases you don’t immediately recognize. Just jot them down and try to incorporate them into your practice. They can amp up your vocabulary and will come in handy during actual, real-life conversations.

When you find a vlogger who’s simpático (friendly), don’t stop at one vlog. Most vloggers have a ton of content available, so absolutely watch more than one video!

Additionally, immerse yourself further and combine vlog videos with other authentic Spanish videos. The more exposure you get, the more you can reinforce your skills and broaden your understanding of the language. See how much you can pick up the Spanish used in music, interviews, TV show snippets and more. 

For a more learner-friendly approach, there’s the language learning program FluentU.

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This isn’t just one way to watch extroverts chat about random topics! There are many ways to make entertaining content into valuable and enjoyable language learning resources.


It’s a fact—exposure to culture and language maximizes language learning.

It’s also a fact that we like to be entertained.

So tune into one of these excellent vloggers to grab some learning disguised as fun. Really, that hardly seems like study at all, does it?

¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

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