9 Dazzling Flashcards Apps for Learning Russian

Russian is an inherently flashy language.

It’s always finding new ways of catching your interest:

“Hey, look at this sophisticated Cyrillic alphabet!”

“Check out these fancy sound combinations!”

“Oh, how exciting/traumatizing the case system is!”

And obviously, the flashiest way to keep working on your Russian is with flashcards. More specifically, with flashcards apps.

Flashcards apps combine the best of various learning techniques. For instance, like Russian games or YouTube learning channels, they’re fun and easy to use. Like online Russian courses, they help you learn useful vocabulary without having to crack a book or set foot in a conventional classroom (overhead fluorescent lighting is overrated, anyway).

So why not learn Russian the fun and flashy way? Give flashcards apps a try.

Why Use Flashcards Apps to Learn Russian?

Flashcards apps are easy to use. They’re designed to be easy for you, so you don’t have to put a lot of work into learning the program—instead, you can focus on learning Russian.

Additionally, flashcards apps are incredibly convenient. Like Russian dictionary apps, flashcards apps are easy to use on the go whenever you have a few minutes. You might not have 30 minutes each night to study, but you probably have 30 seconds while you wait in line, and studying even a little bit every day really starts to add up.

Finally, flashcards apps help you learn or reinforce learning quickly. Lots of Russian learning apps can help you perfect your Russian, but flashcards apps are best for learning a little bit of information very fast. Whether you want to pick up new vocabulary or reinforce words you’ve already learned, using flashcards apps will help you make quick progress.

9 Fun Russian Flashcards Apps

Learn Russian Flashcards/Voclab by Smart Language Apps Limited

Availability: iOS 


Learn Russian Flashcards (also called “Voclab”) is a helpful app that aims to teach you common Russian words.

The app starts with easier words before slowly getting more advanced, so it’s never too daunting. Plus, audio from native speakers will help ensure you get the pronunciation just right.

If you want, you can select thematic word categories or difficulty levels to ensure you’re learning the words you most need.

Helpful reminders even alert you that it’s time to review words so you never forget to study.

This app is available for free with over 250 vocabulary words. For $9.99, you can purchase the full version, which offers over 5000 vocabulary words.

Flashcards Russian Lesson by Vannala Mobile Apps

Availability: iOS | Android


Flashcards Russian Lesson is an app designed for Russian learners of all ages.

The cartoon images may look a little juvenile, but they’re also fun and engaging. Additionally, the use of images will help you connect the word to its meaning without having to think about the English word. This will help you start thinking in Russian rather than translating in your head.

Just select a themed category (for instance, numbers, letters, calendar, etc.) and enjoy colorful, graphic flashcards accompanied by music. You can tap the flashcard to hear the word again until you get it down. Rather than having to click “previous” or “next” like on many flashcards apps, Flashcards Russian Lesson allows you to simply swipe left or right to change flashcards.

To reinforce your learning, you can also play games that use the words from the flashcards.

You can download the basic app for free to see if you like it. If you do, the full app is just $3.99


Availability: iOS Android

russian flashcard apps

FluentU can do everything your average flashcards app does…and much, much more.

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

Plus, the videos are all naturally entertaining since they come from the shows, movies and channels that native Russian-speakers enjoy on the regular. You can watch documentary footage, television show clips, funny commericals and more all while learning the Russian language!

Take a quick look at what FluentU has on offer for yourself:


Didn't catch something? Go back and listen again. Missed a word? FluentU makes native Russian videos approachable through interactive captions. Tap or click on any word to see a definition, in-context usage examples, audio pronunciation, helpful images and more.


Access a complete interactive transcript of every video under the Dialogue tab. Easily review words and phrases with audio under Vocab.


Don’t stop there, though! Use FluentU’s quizzes to actively practice all the vocabulary in any video. Swipe left or right to see more examples of the word you're on.


And FluentU always keeps track of vocabulary that you’re learning. It uses that information to give you a 100% personalized experience. You’ll get extra practice with difficult words. It'll even remind you when it’s time to review what you’ve learned.

Start using FluentU on the website, or better yet, download the FluentU app from the iTunes store.

Russian Baby Flash Cards by eFlashApps

Availability: iOS | Android


Don’t let the fact that this app is designed for children hold you back; the colorful flashcards are terrific for adult learners as well. That being said, if you have a small child who you want to learn Russian, this app will effectively hook them up with the language without overwhelming them.

Russian Baby Flash Cards contains over 450 words for beginning learners. They’re broken down into 11 categories that include shapes, numbers, animals, household items and more.

Each flashcard has a high-quality image that shows the meaning of the word along with the English word, the Russian word and audio of the word. There are even sound effects for some words.

Additionally, there’s a question mode that’s a useful way to help test yourself or your children to ensure you/they have learned the words.

Perhaps best of all, Russian Baby Flash Cards is free to download. You can upgrade to “ad free” for an additional fee.

SpeakEasy Russian by Pocketglow Inc.

Availability: iOS | Android


SpeakEasy Russian focuses on Russian for travelers. These helpful flashcards will teach you useful travel phrases that you may need if you’re visiting Russia.

SpeakEasy Russian’s flashcards are grouped thematically. For instance, there are categories for greetings, basic phrases, travel essentials and more. Each flashcard has two sides so that you can quiz yourself between the Russian and English phrases.

As a bonus, this app comes with a phrasebook, so you can easily look up key phrases whether you’re online or offline.

You can download a free edition or purchase the full app for about $5. The free edition offers over 130 phrases, while the full edition offers over 850.

Flashcards for Kids in Russian by Vladimir Kruchinin/Pilowar

Availability: iOS | Android


Flashcards for Kids in Russian offers flashcards to help you learn Russian words. While it’s very graphics-oriented in order to appeal to children, it’s a great app for everyone ages 7 and up!

The flashcards that Flashcards for Kids in Russian provides are grouped thematically with topics ranging from transport to products to clothing.

Each flashcard features an image along with the spoken and written Russian word. This app is unique in that it doesn’t show the written English word. This is a useful way to connect the word to its meaning rather than merely translating in your head.

As a bonus, additional learning games can help you test and/or reinforce your learning.

Flashcards for Kids in Russian offers a free download with 60 words. Additional content requires in-app purchases. With in-app purchases, you can get as many as 1500 words.

Russian Flashcards by Movable Tech

Availability: Android


Russian Flashcards offers Russian-to-English flashcards and English-to-Russian flashcards to help you study from either perspective. It has over 300 common words and phrases.

Flashcards are grouped thematically with sets including things like colloquialisms, asking for directions and more. Plus, you can decide how many flashcards you want to see in a set: 10, 25, 50 or 75.

One of Russian Flashcards’ more unique and useful features is that you can add, edit and delete flashcards to make your learning experience more customizable. This allows you to build the app based on the vocabulary you want to learn.

The Russian Flashcards app is only $.99.

Russian Flashcards by Don Franke

Availability: Android


This app may be simple, but it’s free, so why not give it a try?

The app focuses on using flashcards to teach you the Cyrillic alphabet. It’s a helpful way for very early beginners to get down this basic, though sometimes intimidating, information.

Each flashcard shows you the capital and lowercase Cyrillic letter and then describes the sound it makes when it’s stressed or unstressed.

English-Russian Flashcards by scottshotgg

Availability: Android


This is another simple, free app that’s good for beginners.

The English-Russian Flashcards app focuses on basic vocabulary and phrases. Each flashcard shows the English word or phrase and its Russian equivalent.

Vocabulary is organized into “chapters,” allowing you to learn in order or focus on particular chapters. Additionally, you can create your own custom lists to help you learn whatever vocabulary you want to learn.


Give these Russian flashcards apps a try—you’ll be speaking Russian in a flash.

If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Russian with real-world videos.

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