14 Best Korean Flashcard Apps for Easy Vocab Practice

When it comes to learning Korean, a specific tried and true method always comes up: flashcards!

Flashcards boost our memory with visual association. They also encourage repetition and instant correction, both of which enhance our learning.

Let’s look at 14 excellent Korean flashcard apps that can help you learn the language on the go.

Most of these apps offer much more than just flashcards and can serve as a well-rounded language-learning tool to add to your toolkit.


Korean Flashcard Apps

1. MemriseCover art

Price: Free; Premium subscription for $8.49/month, $59.99/year or $119.99 lifetime 

Available: Android | iOS

Memrise is a popular language-learning app that stands out for its extensive flashcard features and wide range of Korean content covering vocabulary, grammar and expressions.

The app offers seven course levels, so you can keep using it as your Korean knowledge expands.

Moreover, Memrise incorporates multimedia elements such as images, videos and audio clips featuring native speakers. This multimedia approach facilitates quick and effective word retention. 

Additionally, you have the option to create your own flashcards, enabling a fully personalized learning experience tailored to your specific needs and interests. 

2. FluentUfluentu-logo

Price: Free trial account; $19.99/month

Available: Android | iOS

FluentU offers an immersive experience that’s actively tailored to your needs.

The program’s library includes a wide variety of contemporary videos featuring native Korean speakers. This means you’ll be able to experience modern Korean as it’s spoken today in a variety of contexts, such as K-pop music videos, commercials, sketch comedy, inspirational talks and more.

FluentU lets you add any word from any video as a flashcard to decks of your making. You can do this either by searching for specific terms (this will also let you see all the videos that use the term) or by clicking on a word as the video plays.

The flashcards are multimedia, which means that they’re supported by different types of content: images, example sentences, audio pronunciations and even clips from other videos where the word appears.

simply-learn-korean-app-logo 3. Simply Learn Korean

Price: Free; In-app items for $1.09 – $4.99

Available: Android | iOS

Offering 300+ free Korean words and phrases covering 11 different categories, this app focuses on vocabulary that’s essential for surviving in Korea. All terms are offered with high-quality audio recorded by a native with adjustable speed.

You can train your brain with flashcards using the app’s spaced repetition system, so all your flashcards are presented to you in optimal order intervals.

The app offers quizzes and progress tracking. There’s also the option to adjust the quiz and flashcards settings for Korean to English, English to Korean, phonetics to English or English to phonetics.

The Pro version lets users access 900+ phrases and words from additional categories, including “Advanced Conversation,” “Business Talk” and, for the particularly curious, “Romance.”

4. Drops drops-app-logo

Price: Free limited version; Premium subscription for $13/month, $89.99/year or $159.99 lifetime

Available: AndroidiOS 

Designed for quick and intuitive learning, Drops provides visually appealing flashcards that help you memorize Korean words and phrases efficiently. Each flashcard includes a vivid image, the corresponding Korean word and its pronunciation.

The app’s gamified approach keeps learning enjoyable and motivating, offering various challenges and rewards to keep you engaged. Drops also utilizes spaced repetition, gradually spacing out the appearance of flashcards for optimal retention.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, Drops’ flashcards and other learning features offer a convenient and effective method to expand your Korean vocabulary and enhance your language skills.

5. Quizlet quizlet-app-logo

Price: Free trial account; $7.99/month; $35.99/year

Available: AndroidiOS 

With Quizlet, you can create customized Korean flashcards or access pre-existing flashcard sets shared by other users.

The flashcards display Korean words or phrases on one side and their English translations or definitions on the other. This interactive feature allows you to practice vocabulary, test your memory and reinforce your language skills.

Quizlet offers a variety of study modes, including games and quizzes, to make the learning experience engaging and enjoyable. Additionally, you can track your progress, review difficult cards and collaborate with fellow learners.

Quizlet’s flashcard feature provides a flexible and effective way to learn and retain Korean vocabulary in an interactive and user-friendly manner.

6. Brainscape brainscape-app-logo

Price: Free version available; Pro version for $19.99/month, $59.94/6 months, $95.88/year or $199.99 lifetime

Available: Android | iOS 

With Brainscape, you can access a vast library of Korean flashcards created by experts and fellow learners. The platform also allows you to create your own custom flashcards tailored to your specific learning needs.

As you study Korean with Brainscape’s flashcards, you can rate your confidence in each card, and the algorithm will adjust the review schedule accordingly.

Plus, the flashcards are intelligently designed using spaced repetition to maximize retention and long-term memory.

7. Lingvist lingvist-app-logo

Price: Free trial account; Full access for $9.99/month or $79.99/year

Available: Android | iOS 

With Lingvist, you can study Korean vocabulary and phrases through interactive flashcards that provide definitions, example sentences, audio pronunciations and associated images. These flashcards are intelligently designed to reinforce learning and improve memory retention.

Lingvist’s adaptive learning algorithm tracks your progress and adjusts the flashcards based on your individual needs, ensuring efficient and personalized learning.

The flashcard feature allows you to practice and review Korean words and phrases in a structured manner, helping you build a solid foundation in the language.

anki-logo 8. Anki

Price: Free (Android); $24.99 (iOS)

Available: AndroidiOS 

Using spaced repetition, Anki optimizes your study sessions by intelligently scheduling flashcards based on your performance. This means you’ll review words or phrases just at the right time to reinforce your memory effectively.

With Anki, you can create your own flashcard decks or download pre-made decks shared by other users. The app supports various multimedia formats, allowing you to add audio, images and example sentences to your cards. Additionally, Anki offers a wide range of customizable options to suit your learning preferences.

By consistently reviewing your Anki flashcards, you can expand your Korean vocabulary, improve grammar and reinforce language patterns. Anki’s flexibility and adaptive learning system make it a valuable companion for Korean learners at any level.

If you decide to give Anki a try, check out our in-depth guide on how to use it.

9. Korean Flashcards korean-flashcards-app

Price: Free (Android); $4.99 (iOS); in-app items for $4.99 – $14.99

Available: Android | iOS

Korean Flashcards by BH Inc. provides a simple interface for a flashcard system that integrates text, image and audio.

With over 4000 pre-made flashcards, you can learn common phrases and words from 9 main categories. You can also make your own flashcards, access cards from Super Flashcard or import card sets from Course Hero, Quizlet and Flashcard Exchange.

To spice up the challenge, the app also boasts different learning modes: study, slide show, matching, memorize, quiz, spelling and rearrange. The games, which review the material, can be played on your own or with other users. A nifty statistics feature also enables you to track your learning progress.

For a reasonable cost, premium users have access to a text-to-speech feature, the ability to download flashcards for offline study and the ability to customize the text color, background color and images of cards.

10. Bravolol’s Learn KoreanBravolols-Learn-Korean-app

Price: Free; In-app items for $4.99 each

Available: Android | iOS

With Bravolol’s Learn Korean, beginners will have a smooth experience learning essential vocabulary for 23 different topics, from weather terminology to emergency situations.

A search feature lets users find phrases by keyword, and if there are some you’re particularly fond of, the app lets you store and manage them for your use.

Studying is made all the more fun when you interact with Bravolol’s mascot, a parrot that helps you practice your speaking and listening skills. But the parrot won’t be the only one talking since you have the option to record and compare your pronunciation to an authentic one.

Conveniently, the app doesn’t require an internet connection, which makes it perfect for spontaneous, on-the-go learning!

11. Flashcards Deluxe Flashcards-Deluxe-app

Price: Free lite version; $3.99

Available: Android | iOS

Flashcards Deluxe is a powerful tool for learning with a wide range of features. It seamlessly integrates with Quizlet, providing access to over 4 million flashcard sets in 18 languages with text-to-speech audio.

The app offers two study modes: one that focuses on cards you don’t know well and one with advanced spaced repetition.

Assessments include multiple choice and spelling tests, and you can gauge your comfort level with three response options. If you consistently get specific cards correct, they’ll be automatically pulled out of your study session.

The app allows for personal customization, with options to organize decks, customize colors, and add images and audio. Additionally, the app supports backup to Dropbox, Google Docs, and USB transfers, ensuring your flashcards are safely stored.

Note that the free lite version has a limit of four decks and six cards per deck.

12. Learn Korean Vocabulary Words & Phrases FlashCards korean-vocabulary-flashcards-app

Price: Free; Unlock all Korean LingoCards for $9.99

Available: iOS

This is an attractive, colorful flashcard app designed to teach you words and phrases related to basic conversations, numbers, colors, foods, sightseeing, travel, body parts, weather and so much more.

Cards feature the word, an associated photo and audio of a native speaker pronouncing the word.

There are also several modes that users can enjoy. One mode plays one card at a time. Another mode gives you an overview of multiple cards.

Want a challenge? Change the setting to “shuffle.” Plus, as you level up, you unlock more content, so using the app could feel more like playing a game than studying.

13. Korean Vocabulary Flashcards korean-vocabulary-flashcards-app

Price: Free; Remove ads for $0.99

Available: iOS

Korean Vocabulary Flashcards is an invaluable resource for mastering Korean vocabulary. With a comprehensive collection of flashcards, this resource covers a wide range of words and phrases to enhance your language skills.

Each flashcard features a word or phrase written in Hangul along with its English translation and an associated image, allowing you to practice and reinforce your knowledge effectively. The flashcards are thoughtfully designed, providing clear and concise information to aid in memorization.

The flashcards cover a nice array of base vocabulary, including foods, languages, countries, seasons, clothing, body parts and more. Korean and Chinese numbers are used in Korean, and this app teaches both sets.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, these flashcards offer a flexible and convenient way to expand your Korean vocabulary.

14. reword reword-Korean-app-logo

Price: Free limited version; Full version for $2.99/month, $5.99/3 months or $16.49/year 

Available: Android | iOS 

Designed to enhance vocabulary acquisition, this app presents Korean words and phrases within context-rich sentences, aiding comprehension and retention.

The flashcards provide a visually engaging and interactive learning experience. With each flashcard, you can view the Korean word, its English translation and hear audio pronunciations.

The app also incorporates a spaced repetition system, intelligently scheduling flashcards for review based on your learning progress to ensure efficient memorization and long-term retention.

With Reword’s flashcard feature, you can systematically expand your Korean language skills, reinforce your knowledge and confidently use Korean in real-life conversations.

How to Choose the Right Korean Flashcard App

Since there are so many app options and there’s only so much memory space in your smartphone, you might want to be choosy. Here are some things you should check out in a flashcard app before tapping that install button:

  • Easy interface: If you want to use a digital app effectively, you’ll probably want some sense of order. At the very least, the app’s interface should feel intuitive to you. Unfortunately, there are plenty of apps that are visually or functionally cluttered. Look for an app that has an easy-on-the-eyes, clean interface that doesn’t bombard you with information or confusing items.
  • Personal touch: Many flashcard apps will provide you with pre-made decks, but naturally you’ll also want to make your own. A good app will let you create cards and even better apps will let you organize and customize them. By using a system that accommodates your mental palate, you ease the digestion process for your brain as it consumes information.
  • Image and audio: Humans aren’t just text-based creatures, and the best learning experience involves the use of multiple senses. So take advantage of apps that let you interact with images and audio. The more points of reference you have when memorizing something, the better your brain can access that information later on.
  • Access to more, flashcards: That great feeling of successfully reviewing a flashcard can become addictive, and soon you’ll probably use up all the cards you were initially given. A great app gives you access to hundreds of more flashcards, usually via web integration. Don’t get overwhelmed—this feature will keep things fresh and let you continue making steady progress.


Learning Korean is an enriching adventure, and with helpful apps and determination by your side, the journey can be made fun and stimulating.

Remember to go at your own pace and take advantage of the resources around you. With consistent effort, you’ll soon be basking in the opportunities open to you as a Korean speaker.

Good luck, or as a native Korean friend would say, 화이팅! (hwaiting! — fighting!)

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