Droid Drama! 8 Korean Drama Apps for Android

Regardless of what Korean drama trope is your favorite, there’s one sure thing: Not much will create more drama in your life than desperately wanting to binge your favorite Korean TV shows but being unable to.

Even though you can watch Korean web series as long as you’re connected to the internet, many K-drama fans will still be left wanting all the study material and want to watch all their favorite programs (and many much more!).

With these eight Korean drama apps for Android, you can watch whenever you want—no fuss, no drama! (Just plenty of K-drama.)




Viki is a big name in Korean drama. In fact, you may have already enjoyed it online or via your Roku. You might not know, however, that Viki is also available for Android devices.

Subtitling options for the Android app are remarkable; they’re available in 200+ languages because they’re submitted by users. Note that not all languages are available for all programs, but regardless of what language you want to see subtitles in, you’re likely to find a program that offers subtitles in that language.

Another awesome feature of the Viki app is that you can actually chat with other users as you watch, which is a great way to connect with other K-drama fans and possibly other Korean students.


The FluentU program turns authentic videos like K-drama clips and trailers into learning opportunities.

Search for or sort by Korean dramas, and you’ll have many options at your fingertips. Since these are short clips, quick parody videos, commentary and trailers, they’re more approachable than full episodes, and easier to focus on for studying.

FluentU has built-in Korean subtitles and professional English translations so that you’ll understand everything that’s going on. You can turn either off, and you can interact with the Korean subtitles to get definitions, grammar info, example sentences and clips of other FluentU videos of the word—just by tapping or clicking on the word.

As you’re watching, you can also convert unknown Korean words to flashcards for later review through personalized quizzes and use the progress bar to know when each word is learned.



OnDemandKorea is another popular streaming option that you might be familiar with from using it on your computer or Roku. However, OnDemandKorea also offers a popular Android app.

The app features plenty of free content, and new programs are uploaded just hours after they air, giving you a great way to dig up a conversation topic for your next language exchange.



Kocowa is a premium streaming service that you may already have checked out on your computer, but you can use it on your favorite Android device, too.

And Kocowa’s features are pretty appealing. While some content requires a subscription, you can watch shows for free for 24 hours after they’ve aired in Korea.

Not only that, the app saves your spot between devices, so you don’t have to fast forward to find where you left off.

Korean Movies & Dramas


Wish you had easy access to over 100 Korean movies and dramas for free? Well, you do.

Korean Movies & Dramas is a convenient app that gives you easy access to programs from YouTube. Just be aware that since these videos are user uploaded, subtitling options and picture quality may vary. Some videos have subtitling or dubbing in English.

All videos on Korean Movies & Dramas are in the public domain, and the app is constantly adding new content to its stream.

SC KDrama

korean-drama-app-for-androidSC KDrama is another great source for watching your favorite Korean dramas.

SC KDrama offers both programs that are still in the process of being produced as well as older programs, so you’ll have plenty of material whenever you want to watch. It doesn’t hurt that new content is continually added. You can even request a Korean drama series if it is not already in the app.

Much of the content on the app is actually hosted on YouTube or Dailymotion. Watching programs that are still airing provides good conversation topics for language exchanges, but completed programs are much more bingeable, so you can pick whichever option works best for you.



Ah, Netflix. The very word brings such joy. And for Korean students, there’s no shortage of Korean dramas to watch on Netflix. Just search “Korean drama,” and you’ll have plenty of options.

You may be used to watching Netflix on your computer, smart TV or Roku, but you can also watch it on your Android device.

The Android app offers all the great features you’re familiar with: You can watch immediately, you can search, you can change subtitling options, etc. Additionally, the Android app will also sync with your other devices so that you can easily pick up where you left off.



Hulu is another popular streaming option with some great Korean dramas.

You can access all of Hulu’s content through the Android app. Excitingly enough, Hulu is designed to be intuitive, so if you start watching Korean dramas, the app will likely suggest more Korean dramas for you to enjoy. The only risk is that this could create a never-ending binge loop from which you’ll be unable to emerge.

Bonus Option: KDRAMA


While KDRAMA isn’t eligible for the official list here because you can’t use it to watch Korean dramas, it’s a perfect app to pair with other Korean drama apps.

That’s because KDRAMA is an app designed for fans to connect with other fans. You can share reviews, fan art, blog posts, news and more, and you can also peruse content created by other users. After all, both watching TV and learning Korean are more fun with friends.

How to Pick the Right Korean Drama App(s) for Your Android Device

Consider what Korean dramas are available (and do your research!).

Each app features a different set of dramas, so you might want to make sure that the programs you hope to watch are available on your chosen app. However, many apps don’t list what’s available or offerings may change, so you might not be able to find out what’s available on an app until you download it. Luckily, many apps are free, so downloading apps to see what they have often isn’t a huge deal.

For example, if you enjoy this video of actress Park So-dam talking about her favorite movie, you could look up her bio on Viki, which currently includes links to two dramas and one movie that are available to watch on the Viki app.

Note the quantity and variety of programs.

How many dramas are available? Are they all similar, or is there more diversity (like historical dramas in addition to modern-day ones, perhaps)? Some apps offer thorough descriptions on their download page, though for others, you may need to download the app and browse to find this information. Regardless, if you’re planning on a K-drama binge, more programs and more variety is usually better.

K-dramas are rich in drama and comedy, and they can even offer insightful commentary on modern life and society within Korea. In that way, they can be much more than entertainment: K-dramas become fruitful lessons not only on the Korean language, but also on Korean culture. With so many K-dramas to choose from, you’re bound to find one that improves your competence in Korean—and delights you along the way.

Pay attention to subtitling options.

If you’re a beginning or intermediate Korean speaker, you may benefit from learning with subtitles, whether they’re in Korean or English. However, once you’re more advanced, you may prefer options that allow you to turn subtitling off so that you focus exclusively on spoken Korean. For this reason, it’s helpful to pay attention to the subtitling options right off the bat to ensure that your preferred subtitling scheme is available.

Consider which app format you like best.

Each app has a different format and interface, and if you plan on using an app often, these things can make a huge difference in overall feel and usability. Therefore, as you try different apps, try to think about which format you’re most comfortable using. After all, when you use the app, your focus should be on the K-dramas—not the app itself.


So if you want your favorite Korean programs with you wherever you go, check out these 8 (or 9!) Korean drama apps for Android.

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